Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pulling a Double shift and PT visit #2

It's Back to School week here !!!

My kids are so lucky! They both got great teachers.  Jonathan is in the 1st grade and was placed in a 1-2 combo and he has the wonderful teacher Will had for 1st and 2nd grade.  Will is in the 3rd grade and he also has a great teacher.

I am still doing my PT exercises every day, I am making progress with those darn planks :) and I have been good at following the PT's order of not run more than 3 miles.  AT THE TIME. You see he actually never said that I could not do more than one 3 miles run per day.  So....Sunday is when I do a long run usually.  3 miles is not a long run.  I went for 3 miles in the morning.  It was so hot....the hottest day so far.  All day I kept thinking that I should go for another 3 in the evening.  I thought it would be good to prepare for Hood to Coast and I would put more miles in that way.  So at 6:30 pm I went back out for another 3 miles.  I felt fine during the run.  I actually felt LESS pain while running than  I did walking that day; legs felt a little heavy at first but other than that and the heat it was OK.  Later in the evening I did feel pain in my groin and also on the side of my leg..not sure if it was the IT band or not.  I used the foam roller, that was painful but I still did it hoping it would help and it did.  I did not have that pain the next day or today.  

Monday I rested. 
This morning I went for 3 miles in 94 degrees oven...it is the worst week so far for the heat; yesterday it was 107 when I went to get the kids at school.  After my run, and a shower of course, I went for my 2nd PT appointment.  Another 2.5 hours of exercises and stretches.  I did confess to the PT that I went out twice Sunday.  He asked how the weekend went.  I told him I had a race Saturday and that Sunday I went running twice. I said "You said 3 miles max but you never said how many 3 per day!"  He smiled and he said that if I had no pain doing it it was OK as long as there's some rest between the 2.  He told me to stay at 3 until Friday and we will discuss the weekend plan then.  Today he added new exercises to my routine using a fitness ball.   One was squats with the ball behind the back and rolling against a wall.  The other was on the floor, shoulders and head on the ball and in a bridge position, this one looks easier than it is!  Also a series of exercises for balance.  Some are not easy..made my legs shake like leaves!  I got out of there really tired. 

Next appointment Friday! I have decided to do 6 weeks with 2 sessions instead of 4 weeks with 3 sessions.  Jonathan, the PT, said it would be a better plan for me and I am happy with that.

Olympics: I am sad Lolo Jones did not make it.  I am beyond upset at how the Canada-USA soccer match went down,  I don't think that ref should plan a vacation in my country anytime soon.  I think it is pretty great that 2 brothers were on the podium for the men's triathlon and that they are British.  Looking forward to the men's marathon!!


Jill said...

Glad the runs are going well and so glad the PT gave the thumbs up on the double days - yay! Looks like things are finally turning a corner :).

My boys start back to school in two weeks...summer sure went by way too fast (as always). Your boys are just adorable!! :)

Gracie said...

Nice improvements in the injury area. Hope you are 100% soon! I feel bad for Lolo but her time was over. She peaked years ago - just bad timing and one bad race. The hurdles are so fickle!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

what a good PT..he understands runners are a little nuts. Would love if you shared some of the exercises! I know some but wonder if others wouldn't help keep building that strength so I have no relapses1

Yo Momma Runs said...

Sounds like a great PT. I went for the first time last week, and I'm looking forward to more visits. Mine practices myofacial release, so it's one giant stretch session. Hope you feel better by Hood to Coast.

XLMIC said...

Awesome stuff...you are getting healthy :) Play it smart...no more hurting!

Christina Williams said...

I think 3 mile runs are actually a great distance for keeping "maintained" for half marathons. As long as you aren't speed racing them, you usually get 30 minutes of solid cardio, the legs keep mileage on them, and it's still a short enough distance to keep most injury at bay and allow some healing time. Basically - it is my favorite distance for "maintenance" and keeping things good! Hope the healing gets complete soon and you are back to where you want to be :-) We start school this coming week and I think we got a great teacher too. It's a big weight off my Mommy shoulders each day, knowing my baby is with a great educator :-)

Anonymous said...

Love you did 2x3 milers a day! You are addicted to running - in a good way! You are so lucky to have this PT, he sounds amazing!!!