Thursday, August 2, 2012

My first trip to the PT Clinic

If you are a loyal reader you know that I have had some problems with my left groin since June.  I saw a PT in Quebec and was diagnosed with adductor tendinopathy.

It is not better and I decided to go see a PT here to see if I could get help.  I don't want to stop running because 3 weeks I got the most important event of "my running life" to attend.  3 weeks until Hood to Coast people!! I cannot wait.....OK back to the PT.

How did it go?
I am VERY impressed and so happy I went.  It was worth waiting 1 hour and 20 min at the Dr office to get the referral for PT treatment.

My insurance covers 100% I only have to pay my usual copay for a specialist.  I can go 60 times in one year.  That was great news because if I had to pay I think I would have gone less than what I need.

My appointment was at 11 am and I left the clinic at 2:20 pm!
First I met the PT, Jonathan,  he is super nice, I had a good feeling about him right away.
He asked a bunch of questions.  I told him I do not want to stop running and I explained that I have the relay in 3 weeks.  He had the perfect reaction.  He did an exam to evaluate the situation and he said I am a classic case of adductor tendonitis.  I prefer being a classic case than a unique one that's for sure!

He explained what we would do during this session and we got started.
First I sat on a table legs straight and they put a large heated pad on my groin for about 20 min.  That thing was hooooot.

After that I went on the treadmill to run one mile for warm up.
Then I started the exercises and stretch he prescribed.  His assistant came to show me what to do, the reps and she also took pictures of me doing all 14 of them.  That took a while.  Several reps on each side.  Those are the exercises to do at home.  Some were a bit painful and it was confirmed once again that  I  hate to do planks...I really really hate them...but I will do them.

I did another set of exercises:  balance, squats and strenght for ankles and calves also.

Once I got done with all that workout I got a 15 min massage for the lower back.  That was nice.  The PT came to stretch my legs and he used the stick to roll my groin.....AOUCHY...that hurts but it works better than rolling that area with the foam roller.
We had a little chat and he gave me my daily homework in a binder with all the pictures of me doing the exercises I need to do at home.  Looks like that:

I bought the stretch strap and the yellow band

Now notice what he wrote at the bottom of the last page....
I don't like THAT part.
1 to 3 miles!
I gave him that look
So of course it will be min 3. 
Saturday I have a 5k race.  I will be good and not go crazy even if this course is 100% flat perfect to go for a PR..... I got my eye on the important stuff....HTC and Long Beach.
I  cannot promise that Sunday it won't be 6 or 7 miles.
We will see.

Next appointment is next Tuesday.
I am happy with this visit and I think this will help me a lot.


Boston Bound Brunette said...

I love this place already! I wish my PT would have given me a notebook. They did give me a piece of paper to illustrate the exercises but the pictures would have been better! Some of those exercises look very familiar! I think you better take it easy for a few days or else it might get worse. Take care and I am glad you found a PT you are comfortable with and have confidence in.

Kate said...

I'm glad you found someone you have confidence in. That binder is fantastic...I'm always forgetting what I'm supposed to do. Good luck with your 5k and getting healed for HTC!

Gracie said...

I love that they gave you the binder. I think right now I have exactly what you have! So please share lots :) I will steal all of your ideas :)

Jill said...

I am a firm believe in a good PT - I went to one for over a year with my foot and was very happy (and we became friends-ish...I helped pace him on his first 50k last fall). I hope you see great results...remember, it's a process and doesn't happen over night so don't do anything crazy to prolong the healing! :)

Canuck Mom said...

I loved my PT when I hurt my hamstring in March. Best thing that ever happened because my PT did the same thing. Gave me pictures, taught me stretches, and watched me run run to assess my form. Definitely listen to what they say. I kept my mileage where they said, even though I wanted to run faster and more. I was told though if I pushed I could cause worse injury and, well, I did not want to go there. I had been doing core exercise and strength before, but when I got injured I was told to really add more. I have and now even have a ton of it in my marathon training, plus continue to do my PT strength and stretches, it makes a HUGE difference. So glad you have an awesome PT and are getting some answers.

Corey said...

I LOVE hearing stories like this! It seems that so many runners are having difficult experiences with doctors and PT's lately so it is nice to see when someone can get the help (and support) they need from insurance AND the PT's. My running buddy who is also one of my best friends is a PT and so I get kind of personalized PT when I need it :) But I do believe it works as long as we put in the time and do what they ask (in terms of stretches/exercises, etc.)! Can't wait for HTC!!!

Denise said...

TEAM is the best in the area. Nice to hear you are in good hands.

I tried to go to them, but they don't take HMOs and even paying cash, I would have had to have a referal from my Dr.

I noticed huge improvements thanks to my PT when I was religious about my homework (all those exercises were like a part time job) and I did reduce my mileage to the 1-2 mile mark at the start.

macnic said...

A good PT is worth their weight in gold. Getting better takes a model patient though. You should only run 1-3 miles if that is the plan. I had to take two full weeks off of running twice per my PT and it worked. You have to ask yourself - would you rather run now and run for the rest of your life.

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring! Please please please continue to share your rehab story! Sharing the exercises and tips to recover from painful adductor tendonapathy can help so many of us. I, for one, am very grateful :). Thank you!

Caroline said... are welcome..why no name.

Denise: they accept HMO I am pretty sure..they did not ask if I had PPO before taking me in

Terzah said...

60 PT visits a year!! That is wonderful. My insurance stinks in comparison--I get only 20. I've been hoarding the last five or so, in case I need them. And it looks like a fantastic place. You are on your way. Don't sweat the short runs. It will be worth it to get that groin healed. And you'll still rock Hood to Coast!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my name is Sandy :). I'm new to the runner blog world (dont have one of my own but found so many wonderful ones to read/follow). I was gearing up for training for NYC marathon 2012 and got knocked out with an injury (two actually, adductor tendonosis being one of them). I have found such hope and inspiration in many of the blogs I've found while searching the web for injury information. I am so grateful to have found such a sharing bunch of people!


Glad to hear that your appointment went so well. I'm seeing a chiropractor about a knee issue and I can't tell you how happy I was that he told me I could keep running with treatments at my lowest point. I hope your okay by the Hood to Coast race.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is impressive! Love the binder! My pt told me what to do and I forgot half of it by the time I was home :-) hang in there, better to run less now and feel good in 3 weeks

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I would have given him that look also. Hahaha. I am going to a PT in a couple weeks, for my lateral hip pain, I hope I get a cool binder too!