Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Treadmill: to have or not to have

Last week I did all my runs on this
The treadmill.  
A whole week on the machine.  Just the thought of it made me crazy.
I find it harder to run on a treadmill than to run outside.  The main reason is that it is hard mentally to stay on it for more than 5-6 miles.  I try to look at people and ignore the screen but it does not always work. 

How do you fight boredom on the treadmill?
Last week, I would touch the speed button every 0.25 miles, going up until I reached my goal of 180 steps per min.   Also took the mandatory walking break every mile and increased the incline for that..not for running because PT said to stay on flat as much as possible.
I am convinced that if I had a treadmill at home I could stay on it longer than I do at the gym and I would love it more.  At my gym we have TVs but no sound.  Here at home I could watch this guy becoming the greatest Olympian of all times while I run. (Here's to hoping the media will NOW leave him ALONE!..Enough already..Today he won a silver medal and one headline I read said "Phelps looses gold" WHAT??

If I had a treadmill at home I could also watch these folks over and over again. THEY give a good show!

I have a gym membership and I pay every month to use their treadmills and I am ashamed to say not much of anything else.  I am thinking I would be better off with one of those at home...only problem is where to put it.  I would use it, I know I would.  When it is too hot I have to run on the machine and also when the Santa Ana winds come to disturb the peace in California I run inside. 

Do you have a treadmill?
Where do you keep it?  In the house? Garage? On the roof?
What brand do you have and do you like it?
Oldrids & Downtown sell Horizon treadmills you can find them here.

Tomorrow I am going to the taping of the new Ricki Lake Show!  Will let you know how it was. 

Today I got a referral from my Dr to go see the PT.  I had to go in to see her, waited over an hour, was with her less than 3 minutes total. Ridiculous.  Anyway, I went over the PT clinic right after and I have an appointment Thursday morning.


Anonymous said...

I bought a good treadmill last year and it was the best decision ever. At first I was a little nervous if I really use it since I dread it at the gym, but once I set up a tv/laptop in front of it, I changed my opinion! I watch all my shows while running, I love it, time just flies by! The important thing is to buy a good one, I got mine at Costco with delivery and assembly included. I also love the flexibility. I can go at night or early morning or jut sneak in a 2 mile run. I save so much time by not going to/from the gym. I could go and on why I love mine :)

giraffy said...

I don't have a treadmill at home, but there are some in our complex fitness center, and I use them all the time. I've done tempo on them, intervals, long runs, hill programs.... Everything. I think my longest run was 22 miles?? I LOVE it. But, it has an attached tv that I can watch.

Good luck with the PT!

Erica Elia said...

Your gym has tv's but no sound!!! That would drive me crazy. I actually had to bring my run into the gym two weeks ago because the heat in my city was killing me. It was mentally bringing me down and beating me up. I am training for my 3rd half marathon this year and I am finding I feel so much stronger being out of the heat. I do get bored staying on it for more than 3 miles so like you I also move the speed every .25 miles. Just so I feel something different is coming up soon. I just cant wait for it to cool off! Erica

Michelle Dragoo said...

I joined a gym so i could get my running in during extreme weather. Unfortunately this summer it is as hot in the gym as it is outside, so I'd rather be outside! Great job getting your miles in!

Kathy said...

I've got a mill - Sole 80 with I absolutely LOVE!!! Being in Colorado, I've got a big old basement complete with TV that I can blast which is super nice.
Don't get me started on the lash back on Phelps. Seriously, world, how dare they come down on him so hard. He is a freaking S-U-P-E-R-H-E-R-O!!!
And Natalie Moales parents??? I didn't even believe that it was real the first time I saw it - almost peed my pants!

Raina said...

I have a treadmill, but it is pretty beat up. It hardly gets used though. I can't seem to make it past 5 miles either. Good thing it doesn't freeze here too much!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I bought one a few years ago and rarely used it. I kept in my garage and my garage would get so hot that I would dread going out there to use it! I think for me I need to get out of the house or else I might not finish what I started and just walk back into the house! I am not a big treadmill fan either but sometimes it is my only choice. Let us know how your PT appt goes. We need to get you feeling good for HTC!

XLMIC said...

Treadmill...ugh. I cannot stay on those for any length of time. But give me an elliptical.... ;-)

Teamarcia said...

We bought a mill when we moved into this house, which is 11 years ago. It's in the basement and has been a godsend, especially when the kids were little and sat in their swings/bouncy chairs while I squeezed in a run. I've been on it more than I've liked this summer just because its been so hot. Right now the TV is not working so I stare at the wall when I run. Not the best, but you know what? It can be done. CHalk it up to mental training.

Sandra said...

We got a treadmill when we bought our new house. It is downstairs (split level house) in the rec room. I love it! I still find it hard to stay on, but will often watch a good show/movie to distract me. I go through phases where I will just wanna run on the treadmill. I do too find it much harder than running outside (even though my pace is slower on it).

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i trained for my first marathon on nothing but the treadmill which is so weird to me now because I prefer being outside.

i do try to use the treadmill when I want to do hills or intervals because I can keep switchign things up and then it doesn't bother me so much

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Yes I have no problem with the treadmill! For awhile I watched HULU or Netflix on the Ipad while I was on the treadmill but my last 2 runs were sans that and the runs were better.

Runner Maybe said...

I have what I call the ultimate set up. I have a treadmill that I bought of craigslist for $300 froma very overwight man. It was hardly used. I had it serviced and it had less then 100 miles on it. I have a 42 inch tv on the wall infront of hooked to netflix, our DVD collection, tv or music. I have a huge fan in front of it. We keep it in the garage and it folds up so if I need to I can get it out of the way. Usually it is left down though. I also bought a GREAT Spin bike of craigslist used which I have right next to it. Easy to switch back and forth if I need to. I heart my treadmill as I hate running in the rain.

Emz said...

I'm sooooooo not going to

Pretty sure you know my stance on the topic.
You. Rock.

Terzah said...

I think the treadmill at home is a useful thing for moms (as long as you can get the kids to leave you alone for the time you're on it--otherwise the gym is better). If I could afford one, I'd absolutely get one.

Shannon said...

LOL! On the roof! Too funny! :)

I've been thinking about the treadmill thing because I don't live anywhere near a gym, and I'm worried about winter.

I'll be watching to see if you go through with it!


lindsay said...

Haha. I loved the camera watching Aly's parents during gymnastics. They were all over the place!! Definitely entertaining.

Usually tv/a movie is enough to keep me chugging along on the treadmill.

Christina Williams said...

I have a YMCA membership but also have my own treadmill at home. I LOVE having a treadmill at home. It solves run training dilemmas like child care, too hot outside, too too cold, etc. I do run into boredom on it as well and I have been finding that if I do Crossfit style workouts on it, the time FLIES! I like to do this: 0.5 mile run for speed, 25-30 traditional pushups, 25-30 squats (or crunches) = repeat until 3+ miles reached. :)