Monday, July 16, 2012

Vega Energizing Smoothie Review

Several bloggers have had the chance to review this product already and so far I only read good things about this product.  I was happy when I received an email asking me if I would like to try the Vega Smoothie!

I received one sample of each flavors they have: Tropical Tango, Vanilla Almondilla, Choc-a-lot, Bodacious Berry and unflavored.

I am always looking for new healthy products that my stomach can handle.  It is not easy for me to find new food items to add to my strict diet.

When I got the samples I knew that the Choc-a-lot would probably not be OK for me so I did not try this one.

Vega is made from all natural, plant-based ingredients.  The Vega smoothie is dairy, gluten and soy free and contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. 

This is the Nutritional info :

I tried the Bodacious Berry  first.  It is very easy to make.  All you have to do is add water or juice, shake and voila!

I decided to go with a little juice and cold water.

The result was more like a beverage than a smoothie to me so I decided to add ice and took the blender out for a spin!

 and I got this:

How was it?
It was good but I think it could be better with fruits added to the mix.

I like that is all natural and that it has 10g of protein and only 90-100 calories.
It is very easy to prepare another plus for people who are on the go all day!

Tropical Mango was my favorite flavor.

Thank you to Christina over at Vega for sending me the samples!

Have you tried Vega yet? What did you think?


I ran two 5 milers over the weekend.  Saturday was very hot and my pace was not great.  Sunday I did the exact same route 3 min and 4 sec faster and with negative splits!  It was cooler and that helped a lot. 

I am focusing on my form trying to reduce eliminate the heel striking.  I am also counting my steps: chasing the magic 180 number.  That was one of the advice I got from my PT in Quebec.  It helps me in taking shorter steps.  It also forces me to speed up.  I am at 178 most of the run.  I do have to pay attention though and I count every mile to see where I am at.  I don't think I could be at 178-180 for a long run at this point because  I could not keep the pace I need to be at for 8 miles and up.   I need to get to a point where that pace is my comfortable pace and I am not there yet but I will keep doing this to get there.

Today I went for a 3 miles run and it was my fastest run in a long time and I had very little pain.  I have a black toe nail and that is causing me more pain than my injury these days :)


Kate said...

Stupid toenails...I think Marshall Ulrich had the right idea! :) Glad you're feeling better.

I haven't tried Vega yet, but those flavors sounded good. Bummer the chocolate wouldn't work for you...that would be my favorite! :)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

My favorite is Mango too!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I never tried Vega products but have seen lots of reviews about them lately. I will have to give them a try.I am glad that you had a run that was less painful. That is good news. I have two toenails that are not quite right at the moment. I never seem to have a complete set of ten toenails!

Lisa J said...

i keep seeing these reviews floating around the blogosphere, going to have to try them!!

Coy Martinez said...

Ohh the dreaded black toenail. I've had a few of those, then they fall off and it's just gross looking! HA!

I'm trying to get to that point too of taking more steps and correcting my form. I'm finally where I can wear minimalist shoes and not be hurt by them. That's taken well over a year but no more heel striking :)

Thomas Bussiere said...

Smoothy sounds good.
Your running looks strong and improving each day. Keep it up.

Terzah said...

I've tried some Vega products but not this one. So far I'm impressed. I won some of the one you tried in a blog giveaway--looking forward to it arriving.

I tried counting my steps on a run the other day and was appalled by how many fewer than 180 steps I take. Have to work on that....doesn't it seem like there's always something to work on? I guess that's part of the fun.

Neon Blonde Runner said...

YUM looks delicious!! I've tried some other Vega products that I loved. I'll have to try this one too!

Anonymous said...

I need to check out that smoothie, it looks delicious. I'm glad you are feeling much better with your running!

Anonymous said...

I need to check out that smoothie, it looks delicious. I'm glad you are feeling much better with your running!