Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Shoes: Brooks Ghost 4

First I want to thank you for the encouraging comments on my last post.  I appreciate the support.  This is my very first time dealing with an injury.  I know it could be much much worst.  In my bad luck I am lucky it is not something that prevents me to run.
Today one comment made me stop and think and it will stay with me

"--focus on what you can do and not what you can't. You'll get there!" 

I am guilty of not doing that all the time.  Who is the very wise person I have to thank for this reminder?

Well it is Miss Zippy!  Thank you Amanda.

This week I have to do all my runs inside because the boys are doing swimming lessons and are not going to camp.  Yesterday, I decided to start strenght training and my goal is to keep doing it and not skip it anymore.  I don't like strenght training but I know it is important.  I will also follow my PT's advice and add some bike at least once a week.   Today I ran 5 miles.

I ran in my new Brooks Ghost 4.
I really like them.
I have 3 pairs of shoes in rotation now.
All Brooks: Ravenna 2, Ravenna 3 and Ghost 4.

The Ravennas are "control" shoes and the Ghost 4 is neutral.

I am loving the feeling of the Brooks Ghost 4.  They are light and have more cushion than all the other shoes I have used so far.  This is new for me.  Gives a feeling of lightness!  I like feeling a bit of spring at the midsole. 

I have had no plantar fasciitis problem with those shoes and no shin splints either.   The toe box feels more roomy than on my Ravennas and I do like that since I tend to get blisters on the top of my longer toes.   The are closer to the Ravenna 2 I think..the heel is almost the same height..both lower than the Ravenna 3.  I have high arch and the support on the ghost 4 is good for me, my foot is not sliding to the side. 

So these are a keeper.  It will be interesting to compare them to the Mizuno Wave Rider 15, another neutral shoe.

I am planning on wearing my Ghost 4 for my 10k this weekend.
Brooks already have the Ghost 5 out and they look very different than the 4.  I never quite understand why the shoe makers always feel the need to change shoes that are selling good and getting great reviews.  Why can't  they just change the colors?  The 2 Ravennas I have are very different and the Ravenna 2 was a great shoe (Got RW award like Ghost 4) and they decided to change too many things on it I think.  It is frustrating because we spend time and $ looking for THE one shoe that is great for us...and when we do they go and change it and not always for a better version.  The good news right now is that the Ghost 4 are on sale because the 5 are in the stores.

I got mine for $59.99 at 6 pm.com they are also available here at Nothern Runner.com



Linda W. said...

I love Brooks shoes! I ran on them in high school (a million years ago...) Hope they help with your injury. I'm sending healing thoughts your way! :)

Darlene said...

Great quote. I need to remember it, for sure. I am still looking for the right shoe.

Gracie said...

I love getting a deal on last year's shoe model. My husband just got the wave rider as well; interested to hear what you both think.

Corey said...

I always have wondered that too. Clearly they have never heard the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Also, I don't like strength training either, but lately I have been thinking that (from a vanity standpoint) the best I have ever felt/looked was when I was lifting in college 3x/week. Hmm...maybe that's a little incentive for me?

Laima said...

I have a pair of Ghost 4's in my rotation also - love Brooks:) Hope you heal quickly!

Carrie Skoll said...

The best part about the new shoe model is that the old ones go on sale and if you know it'll work out, they're great deals. Otherwise it's so super annoying.

Good job on the strength training, I'm so so horrible at keeping up with that. I get going and then flounder.

Pam said...

I'm in my 3rd pair of Ghost 4s now. :) They're hands-down my favorites.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

YAY for new shoes and at a fab price! I love getting last years model on sale. I run in the Trance's and love them. I think they are a bit more shoe than I need but I run on gravel so I like the extra stability.

Anonymous said...

Ahh I so hear you on the shoe thing. I was running in Saucony all the time and then they came out with a new model (Guide 5), which was completely different than the Guide 4 I have. Updating a shoe is one thing, but completly changing it and then just change the number is really bad. Why not just come out with a new name?