Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mezamashii Project part 2

Running this week has been a challenge.
It is so hot here and today on top of the heat we got humidity, something that is rare here in Southern California.

Yesterday, I "braved" mother nature and went running outside.  It was very over 90 hot before 9 am.  I had a hard time finishing my run.  I think I should have ran inside instead because my run was not good.  I wondered: Is it better to run outside and have a crappy run..with a crappy pace or just head to the gym and run on the treadmill at a decent pace?   I am not pain free yet but I am better, it does not hurt at every steps anymore.  Until it gets 100% pain free I will continue to keep the mileage lower than usual and also not run more than 3-4 days in a row.  This crazy heat is making dealing with dehydration a lot worst of course and as a bonus I get a headache after each run.  So summer you can go, I have had enough of you.
3 more weeks until school starts...but who is counting....

Ok now a  follow up on the Mezamashii Project.

When I got back home from Quebec my new Mizuno shoes were waiting for me.  I picked the Nirvana 8 and I was looking forward to trying them.

I thought they looked great! Love the color!

I was a little worried about the heel though because it is pretty high.  It is a stability shoe and after seeing the PT, I was told that I do NOT overpronate like I thought I did. 
I wanted to love these shoes.
They are very light and at first I thought they were comfortable, the forefoot feels really good.  I went running 4 times with them both outside and on the treadmill.  After the first run I thought these were OK and that I would rotate them with my Ravenna 3.  Unfortunately after the 2nd run I started having plantar fasciitis again.  Also I noticed that my left foot was sliding towards the outside of the shoe even when I was just standing.  After the 4th run I came to the conclusion that the Nirvana 8 are not for me. 

I called Mizuno to see what I could do and I talked to Matt who was so nice and very helpful.  He asked me some questions and I told him I have a high arch and he did say that this was the reason why my foot was sliding to the outside of the shoe.   So he recommended that I returned the Nirvana 8 in exchange for the Wave Rider 15.  I am so happy that they are letting me exchange my shoes and I am looking forward to getting the Wave Rider 15.  This is fantastic customer service, I do feel terrible that I made the wrong choice and grateful they are letting me do the exchange.  Thank you Mizuno!

Les Mizunos Nirvana 8 sont disponibles chez Activinstinc ici.  Nirvana 8 are sold on Activinstinc website here.


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

So wonderful of them! I haven't tried mine out yet but hope to soon and this is good to know if I don't like them. I talked to a Matt too and he was so nice, maybe it was the same guy!

Jill said...

I'm a huge treadmill running (like buddy Emz :)) so I say treadmill. I start having all sorts of mental problems when I can't complete a run, even if it's heat related. Hope the new shoes do the trick for you, girl!!!

Terzah said...

It's humid here too!! I'm kind of glad my runs are all still short, with half of them indoors.

Raina said...

It was SO hot yesterday! Even in Oregon it was 86F when I went to run at 6 PM. I have been trying to run by heart rate, bu tit was impossible to stay in the easy zone.
That's some great customer service by Mizuno! I bet the wave rider would be a good choice for me too- high arches and neutral.

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I have been running in the Wave Rider 15's and I love them!! Glad to hear that the pain is not as bad. That is a good sign. It has been horribly hot and I have been on the TM for my runs this week. I am hoping to get a 13 mile run in this weekend but I will be out the door no later than 6am! Good luck with your Wave Rider 15's!

Amanda@runninghood said...

So glad you got such good customer service. I think I have a pair of wave riders. I liked them. That was before Brooks but they seem like a good shoe. Hope you get 100% soon. I say treadmill but I do so many of my runs on there that I'm used to it. :)

Anonymous said...

The weather is crazy! The heat we had went now est to you! We had 100+ for 2 weeks, I couldn't run outside and did all my runs on the treadmill (except my long runs). Be safe and hydrate!

kristen said...

i love good customer service :)
Hope you enjoy the wave riders!

Elle said...

Terrific. I hope you like the new shoes. I spoke with a customer service rep at Mizuno this morning named DREW and I got a really good feeling about the company by speaking with him.

Nice to hear another good service story.

Pam said...

That's great that they're letting you return them! Such a shame. They ARE pretty. :)