Sunday, July 29, 2012

City if Cypress 10K race recap

City of Cypress 10k was yesterday.  This was second year running this one.  I really like it for the most part.  It is well organized.  The volunteers are the nicest...every single one of them.  The residents offer support, there is a house on the course where they set a mister for the runners.  They did it last year also.  That is pretty awesome!  On the second lap I stopped to thank them.  With all the craziness that is going on in the world these days it is pretty great to be reminded that kindness is still going strong.

The only thing I don't like about that race is that it is a double loop.  It is a small complain really.  The course is flat.  The race is not  big...yet.  Start was at 7:30...sun was shining since 6 am.

So I was at a race but I did not race.  I ran with a bunch of runners.  I knew I would not do well as far as time goes but even if I knew it, I did not like it.  It was a good lesson of humility.  Running a race still injured and still very much in the recovery phase of the process comes with limitations. 

I had ran 6 miles only once since my last race.  That was June 2nd.  I felt it.   I did loose some fitness over the summer even if I have kept running.  I ran less and I ran slower all June and July.

Her coming on mile 3: see I was not THE slowest!!! ha ha!

The kids were holding signs for me, so sweet!

I had 2 goals,  well 3 if we count finishing as one!!
I wanted to focus on shorter steps and less heel striking and I did that so I am happy.
I wanted to run the second 5k faster than the first one and that was a huge FAIL.
I ran positive splits from 1 to 6 miles.  Boooooo to moi.

Here at the finish: on the left no heel...on the right....yeah well you can see ...

Today I went for another 6 miles.
That was a bad idea.
Back to back 6 milers...I am not there yet and I am paying for it as I type this.
My groin is not good.  I am an idiot.  Too much too soon.
I need to find a local PT.
I looked up my insurance and they cover some of it so that is a good news.  I found 2 places that look OK for sports injuries.  The only problem is that to use my insurance, I need a referral from my Dr.  This makes me mad.  If I had HMO I would understand but I have PPO!  I will pay the copay to go see my Dr just to get a paper to go see the PT.   My Dr will be of no help, I will just waste $20 and my time.  Stupid system to make Doctors profit even more from us.  I will do it because I need some help and I want to make sure I don't have an hernia.....anyone had that?  and I want to be better for Hood to Coast!

I was very sad to read the news about Paula Radcliffe (and MAYBE..Desiree Davila) pulling out of the marathon in London.  This sucks big time.  For Paula it is "the end of the dream" she said...heartbreaking after 4 Olympics...I cannot imagine the disappointment.


Pam said...

Do you know your doctor well enough to just call and ask for the referral? I think I'd try that before I went through the unnecessary appointment process...

10Ks are a hard race to negative split. It's hard to find a pace between 5K and HM!

Kate said...

I was going to suggest the same as Pam. Try calling and asking for the referral. The worst they can say is no.

I LOVE the picture of you running and seeing the sign! You have such a sweet, supportive family. :) The on-course misters sound awesome, and I can see where the double loop would be a bit of a drag, but I guess it also makes it easier for your family to see you.

Good luck with the injury!

XLMIC said...

Lookit you, all skirted out :)

Take good care of your groin...patience is so key. Can you do other cardio to keep your fitness level up? Or does everything hurt it?

SupermomE12 said...

Great pics! You look beautiful as always. Sorry about the groin. i hope it heals up quickly. Don't push it!!

Nelly said...

Nice work on the race! Bummer about your injury, sounds like it's your groin? That is a really hard injury to heal, I think the only cure is straight rest. And a lot of things can aggravate it. Like they suggested above, maybe you can call your doc and get a referral to a sports doc or PT. Though sometimes I think its useful to see a sports doc first instead of a PT person since the sports doc can diagnose exactly what you are dealing with. (unless of course your PT person is also a sports doc). I always say sports doc before PT.

Yea, I think Franklin will have a great Olympics. Vollmer also seems really strong. And Schmidt is a very strong swimmer. Yea, Phelps has done enough - even he said that he is racing for himself this Olympics!

I'm with you on Andy Murray, hope he wins or makes the podium!

I had no idea that Davila might not even run the marahton, that really bums me out. She is a really good runner that doesn't get as much press as Goucher or Flanagan. I thought she had a shot at a medal because of her strength. Now it's all on Flanagan. And I still think Flanagan has a good shot.

Yea, after what happened with Lolo in the hurdles in 2008, hope she gets on the podium.

For Penn State - bummer they didn't shut down the program. While the penalties the NCAA imposed are harsh, the program is still playing football next year which is a travesty. Shows the NCAA is indeed gutless.

Nelly said...

And huge bummer about Paula Radcliffe too, I was hoping she could run in her home country. She is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) womens marathoners ever, I'm curious to see if anyone comes close to her world record.

Linda W. said...

Your hubby takes great race photos (I assume he's your photographer!) Congrats on another race finish.

Boston Bound Brunette said...

You are sure looking good out there and I love the skirt! I sure hope Davila makes it to the Start if not Flanagan has a good chance. I think you really need to take a break and let that pain heal. I know it is hard but running through pain can lead to worse things...take it from me!

Denise said...

She's not a PT, but I'm gonna tell you one more time that you should go see Dr. Jenn at Bellwood Wellness Center on Haven.

She is a miracle worker. She has found the source of all my knee/foot pain and its deep in my hip/groin area -the psoas.

For $25 a pop, it is well worth seeing if she can help you with trigger point therapy.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I hope you found a good doctor and feel better very soon! Did you consider massage or a chiropractor? My chiro charges $50/hour and with insurance it is $40, so I just go straight to him. I'll keep my fingers cross you feel better soon!!