Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good deals

We had a mini break from the heat...I mean really mini and it is over.  Sadly, the heat is back.  This morning was brutal...98 when I was done with my 4 miler.  I started OK..still focusing on my gait, counting my steps..but at mile 4..the darn heat beat me

I found some good deals online recently.

First this:
Skirt Sports Cover Girl Skirt in small.
Same kind as the one I wrote about here.
So reg price for this: $55
I paid $19.31 including shipping and tx !

I really like those skirts, they are perfect for me.

Also found a good deal on these:
Brooks Ghost 4
Reg Price: $100
I paid $59.99

I wear Ravennas right now but since my PT said I do not overpronate I thought I would try a more "neutral" shoe.  They arrived yesterday.  I took them out today.  Too soon for the Caro verdict but I can say today I liked them.  It will be interesting to compare those to the Mizuno Wave Rider 15 that I am expecting soon.

I don't like shopping but I do like a good deal! :)

My kids are at soccer camp this week.  It is from 9 am to noon and the coaches are all from England.  They are loving it and learning a lot.  This is hard stuff...3 hours of soccer in 90+ degrees heat.  That is followed by swimming lessons for both of them.  Can I tell you that we are having quiet evenings at home? I don't hate that!

and after that...they need to do some of that


Cotter Crunch said...

cheers to happy worn out kids and a quiet home. Best of both worlds, yes?

Michael said...

Oh man that pool looks so refreshing. It is so hot in Kansas City it's awful. Well over 100 every day this week. 110 this weekend!

Love that skirt and what a deal!

kristen said...

I love the print on that skirt :)

We're just getting a couple of days off from the heat as well. I think the humidity will be back tomorrow, but for now it is lovely.

I love the look of pure joy and fun in that last picture.

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I love that you are getting into running skirts! That one is pretty cute! Nice job at keeping those little cuties busy! I bet they slept well after all of that activity!

Carrie Skoll said...

I need some of your sale shopping mojo. Nice deals.

Sorry the heat relief didn't last.

Looks like your boys are having a wonderful summer.

Anonymous said...

Love the skirt and you can't beat the price!!

lindsay said...

Look at your thrifty shopping! Cute skirt.