Sunday, December 30, 2012


Do you ever write reviews on the website of the products you buy?
Do you read the reviews before you buy something?
Do you ever wonder if someone working for the company actually reads them?

I rarely write reviews myself but I do read reviews before buying something new.
I usually look for the ones that have 1 or 2 stars not the ones who only say "this is the best thing ever" with no reason as to why it is.

I know that everyone has different taste and reviews are not always useful but when I shop for running apparel I look for reviews posted by women who are tall.  At 5'11" I am on the taller end of the spectrum and some clothes are made way too short for me. 

For the answer to "Is someone working at those companies reading the comments?"...well I cannot say for all the companies but I can say that at LULULEMON someone DOES read them.

I don't know if some of you remember this but my brother got me a really nice Lululemon shirt.  It was my first piece of clothing from that store.  I was so impressed that he actually went to the store to get this for me and that it was the right size!  This was the first time he got me something to wear since I had lost all the weight I lost, the first gift that had to do with running also.  I loved the shirt! I was the perfect color and it was really pretty.  Also it is made long and for me that is a huge +.

I hand washed it (no dryer) and waited for cooler days to wear it.  Finally the weather got "normal" around here for this time of year and I wore my new top.

I hand washed it again.
Well that was it for the shirt. 
Washed twice and 1 run and this is what it looked like after

I was so disappointed.  That is a pretty expensive shirt to be worn just once!  I did not want to tell my brother about it, this was a special gift that meant a lot to me.

I decided to post a review on the Lululemon website.  My reason was to help/warn others of what could happen with these shirts.   For sure don't put in the washing machine!  (On the tag it said it was OK to wash in the machine).  It was a gift and when I got it I told my brother it fitted perfect and no need to keep the receipt.  I had also remove the tag before wearing it for a run because their tags are really long and I knew it would bother me.  My review was just explaining the facts like I just did here but much shorter of course and I attached the picture showing the holes.  I wanted to share because this is something I would like to know before spending my money on this pretty but also expensive shirt.  I did not think I would get any feedback from Lululemon, I did not ask for an explanation of anything else.

Well I got a response the next day from their A+ customer services called Guest Education Centre.    They offered to help me with this by sending me a return form for the item and have the value of the shirt put onto a gift card so I can get something else I like.  I could not believe this.  How great is that?  Made my day, that is for sure.  I worked in retails for 6 yrs when I was in school and I can appreciate good customer service.  Lululemon has showed me outstanding customer services!  Yes their products are more expensive then other brands but to know that they offer good care to their customers counts in my book.  

So I wanted to share this positive experience with you.

***Lululemon did not ask me to write this post.  My blog is not mentionned in my review so they did not know about it before contacting me.***


Lisa said...

I love when people take the time to write about something positive that happened (even if a result of something bad). Good for you for doing that and giving them the opportunity to do the right thing.

Just like "they" always say, you judge someone/company in the way the handle problems (anyone can shine when things are going perfectly).

giraffy said...

Wow!! that's so great of Lulu, and so happy that it wasn't a waste for you!! I don't have any of their tops, but all of the bottoms I own have held up really well - I'm kind of surprised that the shirt did that?!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

That is so great. I love it when companies take care of their customers.

Neon Blonde Runner said...

WOW that's THAT is excellent customer service!

RockStarTri said...

Makes me feel better about the yoga pants I bought there as presents for my girls this Christmas.

XLMIC said...

I am super impressed. Go, Lulu! Whatcha gonna get?

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Now-a-days it's great when a company does the right thing, it seems like most of them give you the finger when they screw up.

Elizabeth said...

impressive! i have several of the run swiftly tops (thats what i think yours was from what i can tell) and never had a problem. and, i’ve machined washed and air-dryed everything over and over again. glad you can get something new!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Awesome! I don't have any of their shirts but I am so in love with their skirts.

Carrie Skoll said...

I love when companies have excellent customer service especially when they're doing it quietly.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding customer service, so happy for you!! Thanks for sharing, this is always good to know.

Raina said...

That is great customer service, I would say!! I hope you find something nice to get with the gift card.
That reminds me...I have a review to do on my Nathan Hydration belt. :/

lindsay said...

I am glad they took care of you! With the price of their merch they ought to have stellar customer service.

Boston Bound Brunette said...