Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Spirit of the Holiday

I am not in a Jolly Holiday Spirit this year.
Yes I decorated the house.
And I put on a tree.

That should do it..but it does not.  It works for the kids so that is a really good thing.  I did it all for them.  Me I am in a funk...I was already in it before Friday because I had hope that our family situation with Bill's job would be in a better more hopeful place by Christmas.  We are getting close to the 3 months mark.  I worry a lot.  The Holidays are here.  It is now.   People are busy with planning, shopping, parties and they are not busy with hiring.  So things are now dragging....He has a few things in the works but the next steps will not be until after Christmas. It is the waiting game.  I hate it.  Wondering if the next step will come and when.   But I think about all those families in CT who are going through hell right now and I know I cannot complain.   I don't complain...but I worry.   One of the possibilities that are in the works is out of state in a really small town called Sparks Nevada....I looked it up.  I don't want to live there.  Bill went there last week for an interview.  Now we wait.  He does not want to move there either.   I worry....if he gets it...should we take it...and risk being unhappy...should we pass and risk not finding anything else in the near is a gamble either way and I am not a risk taker... 
Thank God for running.  I have taken more rest days lately to try to let my groin heal.  FOR REAL.  I have not gone over 5 miles since the last race.
I need to get back on a training plan soon because I have 2 half marathons in February.
This came in the mail and made me happy
And I saw the official pictures from the Holiday race and I love them!  Will has the best one! (middle)


misszippy said...

Hey--sorry to hear you so down. The holidays are a tough time when things aren't going well, and the CT tragedy has really hit home for so many people. Take care of yourself and have faith that brighter days are ahead!

giraffy said...

I'm sorry the job situation hasn't been resolved yet, I know how stressful that is.

Years ago, when we moved to CA, I actually moved out here first, because I got a great job offer, and we were running low on options back in FL. I'd been out of work for months. I moved out in December, while my husband and the kids stayed in FL finishing out the school year. It gave me a chance to see if the job would be what I was hoping for, and if this was a place we could be happy living. Maybe if he gets the offer, letting him check it out for awhile and get a feel for things is an option, rather than uprooting everyone mid-year?

It certainly wasn't ideal, but sometimes you just do what you have to do.

Hoping something comes through for you guys soon.

Kate said...

I hear you on the lacking holiday spirit. I'm there, too. We aren't going through the same job stress you guys are...I can only imagine how difficult it is to have everything up in the air like that. Just a lot of small stuff and one big worry about how the heck we're going to come up with $$ for Nathan's school semester until he can finish healing from his surgery and enlist in the National Guard, at which point I can relax about college $$ and start worrying about him being called up to serve. But like you, I'm staying mindful of how blessed I am that these are the problems I'm facing and not something so much worse.

Merry Christmas...and I hope both of us are able to say that this year with joy and really feel it.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have joined the club, I am just not into Christmas this year, I think I know why, anyways.

I love the additional bling, too bad there is no close RnR races by me or I would totally be after that

Jennifer K. said...

I'm rarely into Christmas, and the CT horror is a cloud over the nation. It's awful.
I hear you on the job thing. I changed careers a few years ago to teach and I've been substitute teaching for three years now. I'm also considering moving to a more rural area if a job presents itself. It wouldn't be forever. I think if your husband is offered a job and it's financially possible, letting him check it out in the short-term before moving the family is a wise idea. Best of luck to you!

Elizabeth said...

proud of you for pushing through for your family (one of my loved ones is going through a hard time right now and doesn’t want to do a thing for christmas). thinking of you and hoping that BIll gets the job he (and you) want. I have faith that it will all work out the way it is supposed to. hugs.

Marc Nelson said...

Nice to see the Christmas preparations. I like the Christmas tree decor.All the best for the two half marathons in February!

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Tricia said...

December is such a tough month under perfect scenarios and with a stalled job hunt, I imagine it is so much more. Sending good thoughts that quickly after the new year something works out for your husband's job.

TeamRamsden said...

I've not been to Sparks Nevada but I have met the most wonderful running blogger who lives there!

I only met her once but loved her immediately and feel like she's a friend already. So whilst I hope you don't have to move...if you do, you have a friend there!

Michael said...

Things will turn around after the 1st of the year. Company budgets come to a halt at the end of the year and it's so difficult to get hired this time of year. Things will open up after everyone is back to work. If you don't mind me asking what does your husband do? My sister lives in the area. Just message me privately if you want.

Nelly said...

Bummer about how things are going. Generally December is one of the hardest months to get a job since everyone is on vacation and like Michael said above company budgets generally don't start over until January. I'd try again in Jan once the new year starts.

As for Sparks Nevada, I've driven by it on the way to Reno, it is right next to it. Very quiet town, not too much going on. Not sure if you are okay with living where it snows - as it gets a lot of snow in the winter. Living in Sparks likely would be way different than what you are used to in terms of activity in So Cal.

As for the holidays, I've had a Xmas where I just wasn't into it - makes it tough. You can't force yourself to feel better, just got to let it happen over time.

Nelly said...

also I think Page is from Sparks: