Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

I hope you all had a great Christmas.
If you read my last posts post you already know that I was not feeling the Holiday Joy this year but for my kids I did my ultra best.

They had a great Christmas.   I always start the Christmas shopping early and so I had most of their presents bought before we got the bad news about Bill's job.  The boys were spoiled by my parents and Bill's dad.  We are healthy, just that is a big gift.

Duke Duke Duke!!!
Happy boys!  Thank you Grandpa!
 Jonathan said he would marry the box !!

I have a hard time to just relax and not worry even during the Holidays.  I actually worry more, if that is possible, because not much is happening in the job search during the Holiday break.

I have been running every day.  We have the perfect weather right now.  Sunny and cool.  It is so nice!  I hope this will last a long time!

Look what came to visit my backyard:  A hawk!

Christmas was complete with the annual.... "Now what do you want for your birthday?" question from my mom....  My birthday is in 2 weeks from today.  I used to hate having my birthday so soon after the Holidays because well,  nobody cares.  Everyone is tired of gifts and celebrations by then.  For a kid it matters of course but now I don't really care..this year a new job would be nice for my birthday!!! :)

Yesterday I got a great news!  I won a $125 gift card giveaway to Road Runner Sports from Just a Colorado Gal!  I am going to get new shoes!  

***I am watching ROOTS as a type this.  Have you ever seen it?  I remember when it was on TV for the first time.  I was just 8 and my parents would not let me watch it.   On Christmas Eve there was a ROOTS marathon on TV and I taped it all.  ROOTS was the first book I read in English.  I am watching the TV series for the first time.  Of course I know the history and what happened during that time but still makes me angry and sad to watch it.   The first 3 hours are hard to watch.  I can only imagine how hard it was for the actors to play these roles...ALL of them....***


Carrie Skoll said...

It sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I don't think I've ever watched Roots all the way through, but now I want to.

Good things are going to happen in the new year for your family, I know it.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture when your son is hugging the box, sooo cute!!!

Kate Geisen said...

Cute pictures of the kids with their presents. :) Christmas is always stressful for me bc I wait til the last minute, so much family, so little $$. This year, though, we drew names with our brothers and sisters. Much better! I was able to enjoy LOOKING and spending a little more on one person instead of bargain shopping for a bunch.

Good luck with the job search in the new year! :)

Yo Momma Runs said...

My boys would marry those Legos too. I always have a problem throwing out the boxes because they say they NEED the box. I have to sneak it into the trash. Glad you had a great Christmas despite the job search continuing. And congrats on winning that gift card! They usually have 10% off codes too. If you can't find one online, message me, and I'll send you one (on my phone right now so can't find it).

XLMIC said...

Your kids are awesome! I love that your mom asked you about your birthday :)

Roots...I remember watching it on TV. I remember it being so good. Recently I bought the DVD set. It didn't seem as "epic" as I remembered it, but yeah, those first several hours are heart-breaking.

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I am so glad that the boys had a great Christmas! They are so adorable and have the most beautiful smiles! Congratulations on your big win!

Lisa said...

Clearly your level of worry hasn't touched your boys, so that's a huge success (and I'm sure very difficult). I wish for you a 2013 that includes a new job and lots of positive stuff for all of you.

BTW, I cannot believe how things like Star Wars is back in force. My brother was your boy about 30ish years ago, ready to marry the box too!

Christina Williams said...

I understand the worries ... I also know there are not a lot of words one can say to ease the worries during these tough times. On a positive, everyone I know who has been laid off lands a new position eventually. This will pass and the good days will come back. Congrats on winning the RRS deal! That is a sweet win! :)

lindsay said...

i love that duke tank!!