Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011: First 6 months

The year end post...
That was a good running year for me, I learned so much.
It was my 2nd year of running and racing and I feel like I have made progress.  That is a good feeling.

17 Races this year:
  • 5K: 6
  • 10K: 6
  • Half Marathon: 5
  • I improved my times in all 3 distances.
I met some famous people
  • Dean Karnazes
  • Jeff Galloway
  • Drew Carey
  • Keith Urban
Some highlights of 2011 (click on race for race recaps)

Race: I ran my first Half Marathon!  I made a lot of mistakes, wrong clothes, wrong shoes, wrong fuel, wrong pace, you name it I did it... but I finished.

Races: 10K in Pasadena and
I ran with Dean Karnazes 5k that ended up being 8k because we got lost in the trail!
This was a great experience! What an inspiration this guy is!

Race: Susan G Komen 5k Race for the Cure.
Saddest month of 2011.
This guy ruined my month
 and I cried.............

but I am over it now.  Be afraid of the Blue Machine....
WE still have THE Sportsman of the year and Arizona still has...hmmm whiskers? Meow!

and I went to the Royal Wedding...
just kidding...I had to decline: no babysitter...they were crushed of course.

Race: Half Marathon #2: OC Half Marathon.
Took 7 minutes off my first one.  I did a lot better in every aspects of the race compare to what I had done in Carlsbad except for the finish....I ended up in the Medic tent...

I celebrated 10 yrs of being married to Bill and I tried my wedding dress on...turns out it was a bit big!!

I went back home to Quebec!
I wrote a few posts on that on course! Here and here and also here

Race: La Descente Royale 10k (pics here.) That was my 10K PR.  1:00:00.  I am still chasing a sub 1h...2012 goal....This was my first time racing in my hometown, my family was there and I ran with one of my best was really nice!

I had my 25th High School Reunion in Quebec.  That was a awesome night! I am so happy I went!

Next Post July-December!

Oh! Remember the family I mentioned in my previous post? I found them yesterday!
I got to give them all the groceries that we bought for them!
I was so happy to be able to do that.  It is a good feeling to help people even if it is just a little.


Emz said...

Holy. Amazing. Six. Months!!
Must say......
March....was pretty awesome.
Got to love that January...first 1/2!! Awesome!

Love the Dean photo!

Shawn said...

More in 6 months than some do in a lifetime! Good for you.

Terzah said...

Awesome, Caroline! So many races and such great photos.

I love your home city. It was the first place I visited outside the U.S. (well, there and Montreal). I was a sophomore in high school and I thought all the men were so good-looking up there and that it was such a romantic city. :^)

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Looks like you had a great year! I hope that 2012 is even better for you!!

Eleanor Burns said...

Love the running recaps, but most of all, I love you found the family in need of the groceries! Awesome!

Christine said...

What great 6 months!!! Can't believe you did 5 half marathons this year! Wow, good for you!!

Michael said...

Great recap. You ran a ton of races this year! Look forward to part II.

Jill said...

Love your recap! The first 6 months of 2011 were spectacular (well, except for that med tent episode). You are making huge strides in your running (ahahaha, that was a pun. I'm so clever!! :)). 2012 is going to be nothing short of amazing! Can't wait!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

17 races - sacre bleu! What a first 6 months...

SupermomE12 said...

I LOVE your recap. the pictures are so much fun. You look amazing and you have had SUCH a great year. Hugs!!!

Neon Blonde Runner said...

First half and then cutting 7 minutes off your half just such a short time later.....amazing!!

And a wedding dress that you're swimming in! You are gorgeous.

Susan DeBruin said...

You did more in 6 months than I've done it 6 years! Strong work lady!

Kate said...

I remember reading almost all of these posts as they were posted. :) It was fun to look back at them. You are making such huge improvments...all your consistancy puts me to shame. I definitely need to take a page out of your book!

Happy New Year!

Black Knight said...

Amazing 6 months with many great events beyond the races!

lindsay said...

i'm glad you found the family!

busy 2011 for you. too bad about the royal wedding, lol. i hope my wedding dress still fits in 8-9 years!

Colleen said...

It's hard to top a year when the first 6 months start out like that! Fabulous!

And super big yay that you got to help that family out! Love that!