Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Homemade arm warmers and Biggest Looser

That is the elevation chart for my half marathon Sunday.
I showed it to Bill, he said  "at least the worst is at the beginning".
That is true.  I predict that my legs will be hurting after that one. Yikes.
I checked the weather online, it says partly cloudy and low 50s for the morning.  That is pretty good for me. No mention on the wind situation online yet but last night on the NBC news the weather dude said the 3 words I do not want to hear for Sunday's forecast: SANTA ANA WINDS.
It is still early, I will not panic....YET.

I don't want to overdress for this race.  I decided to use arm warmers.  I don't have any fancy ones so I went to Target and got some socks for $2.50, cut the toes and voila!

Bill is making fun of me but I think it looks OK.  He said that those would be itchy once I get warm.  Well yes and that is when they will find a new home in a lovely trash can!  So today I had 4 miles tempo to do and I took them for a test drive like Jonathan would say!  I think I will wear that plus my gloves and minus the capris, I will wear comp shorts instead; this morning it was 38 when I went out so a bit chilly.

It went OK with the arm warmers.  Not too itchy, I am sure the fancy ones are more comfortable but for a couple miles those will be perfect.  I took them off at mile 2 and kept just the gloves. 

Did you watch the Marathon on the Biggest Looser? I did! I was impressed with Courtney the most.  I expected Ramone to win this.  He did great.  I am not a fan of his, too cocky for me.  I think this is Antone's to loose.  I hope he wins.  I used to be a fan of John's but yesterday, I did not like what he said at the weigh in.  I hope Vinny wins the at home prize.  Watching this last night, I realized that for the second season in a row, I have lost more weight than the person who is 4th.  Becky lost 66 lbs and I lost 75 lbs.  I know it is the % that counts but still.  Back to the marathon, I felt so bad for Jessica...she had this and darn stomach...this sucks.  I would have punched that Doctor if he would have tried to take me out of the race at mile 21! WTH?  He should have just walked the last 5 miles with Joe and RESPECT his wish to finish the marathon.  Watching these guys run...well the ones who did run, that made me believe that I can do this.  If they can, I can.  The last 2 who came in walking together, that is great that they did finish and made the effort but to me that does not count as running a marathon.  Their time was over 10 hours if the clock they had was correct, but good for them for finishing and supporting each other and  bonus point to Johnny for his hat, it resisted that crazy wind storm!

We have new chef in our family!
I present Chef Jonathan. 
Speciality: Gingerbread cookies!


Kate said...

I KNOW you could do it. All it takes is commitment and determination, and you have those to spare. The time commitment is a big one for the long runs and might be tricky with Bill's crazy schedule, but it's just that one run a week that's so long. If you can get that figured out, it's yours.

Good luck in your upcoming half. Yikes, a lot of hills, but at least after the beginning it's kind of rolling. My friend calls those ghetto arm warmers. Lol. All I know is I wore my sock arm warmers for about 24 of my marathon miles and was glad to have them!

Jen said...

Good luck with your upcoming race!

I love your idea for the arm warmers and I'm so doing that for when I need a 'throw away' arm warmer!!

I love the bl marathon too - i just posted a similar post as a matter of fact. I'm hoping that Antone wins too.

I felt so bad for poor Joe for being pulled. I agree - they could've let him walk.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Good luck this weekend. Love the arm warmers. Hey, it doesn't have to be the expensive kind...does the same thing. Same with those old man compression socks...who needs the fancy ones? :) I have mixed feelings about the marathon thing on biggest loser. I suppose he could have finished it but it could have caused more harm than good and affected him in the long term...maybe even preventing him from being very active in the future. xo

Jenn said...

Armwarmers are SO handy. I got free ones at the race expo for my marathon. My husband ran off the course to pick them up when I threw them at mile 2 of the race (he was also running). He's so cheap and would rather run with the free armwarmers in his hands for 24.2 more miles than just let them be on the side of the road-ha!!!

Hope the winds stay down for you this weekend!! I watched the BL last night but I've never seen the show before so I don't know all the drama involved!

Sweet picture of your little dude as always! Best of luck to you this weekend!!!

Laura said...

Don't freak out yet!
I really haven't watched BL much but obviously tuned in for the marathon. I actually thought the guy who DrH pulled was crazy to even try to get that far...serious knee issues and bone on bone injuries? Recipe for disaster in my opinion.
And Ramon....irritating..

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have a secret, I collect arm warmers, I think what you did is brillant since they are toss away items (which still fascinates me at running races)

IT WAS MILE 23!!!!! 5K TO GO!!! I saw the mile 23 sign when he finally stopped, I felt so bad for the guy

misszippy said...

I love the homemade arm warmers--the best part is you can ditch them when you are finished with them. And don't worry about the winds--you can't control it, so don't expend energy on it (really, this is rich coming from me, who worries about everything!)

Carla said...

I do the Target sock arm warmers too, but I just cut off the toes and cut a hole in the heel, so part of my hand is covered and my thumb sticks out of the heel area.

Good luck at your half! Of course you can do a full! I love BL and watched that episode too. I thought they were all awesome for persevering in those awful winds. And what's up with making them run through sand?

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Good luck in your next half. That elevation would make me nervous. However, I'm starting to think that little rollers aren't so bad. I hope that's what yours translates to.

Does Jonathan deliver?

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Good Luck on Sunday! I will be tackling the hills with you too!!

Laima said...

Love your arm warmers - so resourceful! good luck Sunday - hope the weather cooperates:)

Fruit Fly said...

I've never seen this show ... but 10 hours? Good gravy. That's um, hell I could do that with zero training.

SupermomE12 said...

I totally agree with everything you said about the marathon!! And I was thinking the same thing... she is in the final four on the biggest loser and lost 66 lbs, and I lost 78lbs all on my own. Pretty cool! We rock. :)

Good luck on your race and I love the cute Gingerbread baker pic!

Jill said...

I just ran though your Santa Ana winds...why there were in Colorado I'm not sure but they were here and I survived, so you will too :). But hopefully you won't have those nasty winds (that was CRAZY windy on TBL marathon - crazy!).

The arm warmers are perfect! I got some "real" ones as a gift once and I don't care for them at all, I bet I would like the ones you made just fine!

Good luck, girl...I'll be rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

Pretty much over the wind as well.

I think the Target socks cum arm warmers is genius. Well played.

Teamarcia said...

You are a racing machine girl! Good luck and have fun. Of course you have a full in you. just a matter of being ready to pull the trigger.

Cutest chef ever!

Black Knight said...

2 new jobs at home: a fashion designer and a chef!
Good luck with your upcoming race.
Are Santana winds the worst? Here the wind from NW (so called Maestrale).

Rach @ Girl on the Run said...

good'll rock it!