Thursday, December 1, 2011

The storm

This is what my yard looked like this morning.
That table is heavy and it moved more then 20ft. 
The lid of the sandbox flew from the other side of the yard
The pool is full of crap.
Today is trash day...all the trash cans in my street were knocked over and the trash is now everywhere on people's front yard and driveway.
We are in the middle of a wind storm. 60-80 km winds.
Did not sleep much last night, the winds were so strong it was scary.
This morning I drove the kids to school and we saw broken trees everywhere.  My neighborhood looked like that. 

A few people at school were saying trees fell on their houses.
Power lines are down also.
Some streets are closed near me now but not mine and we have no damage on our house.
From the city website:

Do not approach any downed power lines or leaning trees! Be sure to exercise additional caution when traveling through Rancho Cucamonga during the strong wind event due to blowing debris and the presence of tree branches and other items that may be found on the roadway.

From what I read we did not even get the worst of it, Pasadena is the town that got it the worst.
Schools are closed and they have a lot of damages.

The bad news is that there is more to come.
Right  now it is much calmer but tonight should be bad again.

Ran Monday 3 miles tempo, I was fine.
Ran Tuesday 5 miles, again fine.
Ran Wednesday 3 miles, still fine.

This morning when  I got up.  I could barely walk.
My right foot is killing me.
I have a really sharp pain under the arch and if I put weight on the ball of my foot at the big toe level.
So today no running.
Went to the gym, and elliptical for me today.
I hope this is nothing serious.  I have never had that before, not sure what to do? ICE?

In looking for info about the storm I found an article from the local paper about an accident that happened on Saturday morning.  A woman fell asleep while driving and hit 3 people; 2 cyclists and 1 runner.  The runner suffered multiple leg fractures. The female cyclist was flown to an hospital with critical injuries that required surgery. Her husband was able to walk away from the collision.  This was at an intersection on the trail where I run every day and it happened around 8:15 am. 
That was the morning I did my crappy 11 miler. 
I usually go east first and then west when I am alone. 
The accident was at the 1.5 miles mark EAST.
 I left my house right before 8 am.
I would have been right at that spot
if I had not decided to go WEST first....
I don't know why I went the other way first..maybe because I was not sure I would do 11 miles or maybe because I got an angel watching over me.


Emz said...

Angels. For. Sure.
That storm is crazy!!
Stay safe my friend.

XL said...

It is super duper windy here, too. Take care. Glad you are okay :)

Teamarcia said...

Yikes! Wind like that is scary--holy fallen tree!
We had 60mph winds here too. No fun.
Cannot believe my neighbor went out running in it. Insane.
Hope the foot is ok! Definitely ice. Can you roll it on a tennis ball?

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

oy. Sounds like Plantar Fasciitis. Ice, Roll frozen water bottler. Lot's of stretches for it. I hope it feels better soon! Try to nip it in the bud so it doesn't become really bad!

Nelly said...

The wind storm was pretty crazy up here too, but seems like it was worse down south! I felt like I was in the Wizard of Oz driving home yesterday with all the leaves blowing around!

Scary about that accident on the running path, sometimes things just work out it seems like.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Yikes, so sorry about your yard and neighborhood.

I remind myself when running, that drivers are stupid and it's my job to keep myself out of their way. I'm so glad you are safe.

Jen said...

Hope you are feeling better and those winds have calmed.

I'm so grateful to hear that you decided to go West that day - how scary.

Christine said...

OMG, not sure which story to comment first. The storm and fallen trees look scary, so glad nobody got hurt and no major damages!

The accident story is scary! Can you imagine! So glad you decided to go the other directions that day!!

Laura said...

Very scary...on all fronts.
Stay safe and take care of all of you!

Kate said...

Wow, that's a lot of wind. We've had some of those straight line wind storms that do some serious damange to trees. So far we've been lucky as far as no damage to our house. Glad you were, too...and REALLY REALLY glad you weren't at that intersection!!

Elle said...

Oui, vous avez une ange, certainment!

And I am so glad you do!

Those darn Santa Ana winds... and I hear more coming on Friday. Stay safe.

Sorry to hear about the foot, too. Yes, ice, I would think, for a start.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am glad you and your family is safe. We get some tornados over here, I know how scary it can be

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

That storm was crazy! I had a friend visiting family and her poor granddaughter was so scared. Thanks for posting this and the safety tips at the end!

Tricia said...

Our wind has been crazy too (as others have said) but nothing like that. I did, however, wimp out on a run yesterday because of it.

Glad you picked west. Angles for sure.

Terzah said...

I'm so glad you went the OTHER way and I hope your house stays safe it comes back. My brother in Pasadena posted similar photos--fortunately their house was OK too. Fingers crossed for all of you (and that the pain in your foot goes away).

Black Knight said...

I hope your house stays safe. Here this is the 3rd day of rain storm but the main problem is the flood.

Anonymous said...

Glad your house and vehicles were spared!
Sounds as if you are developing some plantar fascia problems. Ice and stretch!