Sunday, July 31, 2011

How do I compare

Christy posted this survey not long ago about the typical US female runner.  I thought that was interesting to see how we compare to the average. 
This comes from this website

Typical U.S. Female Runner:  Ever wonder how you compare? 

This is the typical "core" runner.  Core runners are  active adult participants who tend to enter running events, train year-round, and purchase 2-4 running shoes each year.

  • Average Age: 38.5     I'm older.  I am 42.5 
  • 63.2% Married      YES
  • 78.2% College educated    Yes
  • 70.3% Earn a household income of $75,000+     yes
Running History:
  • Average number of years running: 9.9 years  Just 1 year and 4 months! 
  • Average number of running events participated in during the last 12 months: 7.2 events   16
  • 51.8% have completed 1 marathon or more in their lifetime Not yet..
Running Routine:
  • 70.4% Run/Jog 4+ hours each week 4-5 hours for me
  • 77.7% run 12 months a year  Yes
  • Average number of days run per week: 4.0  NO, 6 for me
  • Average number of miles run per week: 21.9  20-28 miles
  • 66.1% describe themselves as ‘Frequent/Fitness Runners’ I guess? 
Running Preferences:
  • Favorite race distance is the Half-Marathon (39.0%)  Yes
  • Interested in entering next year: Half-Marathon (77.0%), 5K (57.3%), 10K (56.0%), Marathon (43.3%) Half- yes, 5k- yes, 10k-yes, marathon- not yet....I am thinking about it 
  • Primary motivation to start running: For Exercise (25.0%), Weight Concerns (14.5%), Needed a New Challenge (9.3%)  Exercise and changing my lifestyle 
  • Motivation to continue to run: Staying in Shape (76.8%), Staying Healthy (74.2%), Relieving Stress (64.4%) All that plus having something that is just for me!
Product Preferences:
  • Average number of running shoes purchased in last 12 months: 2.9 pairs 3 pairs 
  • Last running shoes purchased: ASICS (26.4%), Brooks (16.6%), Saucony (14.2%) 2 Mizunos and 1 mistake Nike. 
  • 65.3% spent $90+ on their running shoes and 47.9% purchased their running shoes at a specialty running store  I spent less then 90! and I bought online.
  • Favorite brands of running apparel: Nike (64.8%), Under Armour (45.7%), Champion (34.3%), adidas (30.7%) Under Armour and Nike
  • 80.4% spent $100+ on running apparel in the last 12 months and 59.6% purchased running apparel at a specialty running store probably less than 100...and Sports Authority clearance rack for me!
  • Average Weight: 137.6 lbs      Yep close enough 
  • Average Height: 65.01 inches / 5 feet, 5 inches 5'11"
  • Average Body Mass Index (BMI): 22.9  19.3
  • 40.9% are content with their weight I am OK, my husband says too skinny
  • 42.3% are content with their fitness level  Yes but better is always good
I am older and taller.  No surprise there.
I lack experience but race more then average.  Living in California does help with the racing part.  Experience..well I am way below average on that one!!!

Yesterday I did my long run. 
My second 9 miles on my plan.  I did a little faster this time.  I am happy with both these runs.  I easily stayed under the McMillan pace suggested for me for LR.  I ran negative splits.  I drank more and did not have any problems. 

For those 2 runs I went with this plan for fuel:
  • No coffee before running and I only drank water with small bowl of dry cereals.
  • Took 2 salt tablets before leaving.
  • Brought  Nuun to drink: my 2 10oz bottles on my belt plus 1 extra 16oz in my hand.
  • Brought a pack of Sports Jelly Beans Watermelon flavor with caffeine.
  • Brought 2 salt tablets but did not take any during my run.
 If I had longer to go I would have taken the salt tablets at mile 9.  The salt was all over my skin when I came home.  I could feel and see it.

My last 2 LR have been great because I had a partner.  Rebekah, my babysitter is now joining me for about 6 miles of my LR.  This is GREAT.  I love having her with me.  First, it goes by faster.  Also  I run faster with her there.  Mentally it makes a huge difference.  I still struggle with the mental part of the LR.  I know the pace is good because I can talk to her and not be out of breath.  She is training for Long Beach so she will stick with me!  She told me she started running because of me and that I inspire her.  That is always nice to hear right? Her dad is an experienced runner and she got some of his talent for sure.  I am sure she will be WAITING for me at the finish line in LB!!!

I signed up for that 5k race next weekend!

Last week of summer vacation for my I sad?

Will have a lot of free time...a work at home job would be good for me now.  Any of you  work from home? What do you do?



Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I love that your babysitter started running because of you! That is so awesome, and you are one tall lady! Fun to see how you compare, thanks for sharing.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I think this survey is so interesting, it's neat to see how you stack up to other runners!

I a work from home! I am able to do most of my writing/editing work at home, which is such a blessing!

Kate said...

Cool survey and post. I'm taller and heavier than the avg, juuuuust a bit younger, and way less experienced.

I love that you're an inspiration to your babysitter...and that it's given you a running partner. As slow as I am and as my progress has been, I've had so many people tell me I've inspired them. Such a neat feeling. It's what keeps me posting on facebook about my training even when I'm sure half of my friends are sooooooo sick of reading how far I ran or rode. :)

mfranks said...

Hello fellow Canadian!

misszippy said...

You are tall! And you do race quite a bit!

I do work from home as a freelance writer. I've been at it for 14 years and I can't ever imagine going back to an office. It's the perfect mix for me--flexible and I'm home w/ the kids. I'm very lucky, I know!

Christine said...

Thanks for sharing the information about the "core" runner, so interesting!! :)

Carrie said...

Interesting survey. I'm shorter and less experienced than average. But measure up in most of the other areas.

How awesome to inspire your babysitter!

Great job on your long run - I'm enjoying following your training up to a race that I'm doing as well. I had 10 on my schedule today. I'm totally working on the nutrition front - Nuun is working well. I still do have coffee before I go. Good work!

Black Knight said...

Interesting survey we have many things in common.... but I am not a woman!
You are following a good running plan. Glad that you have a mate to run with.
Good luck on the next week end!

XLMIC said...

Ha! These surveys... I never fit the profile much :P

So great that you are figuring out what works for you on those long runs :)

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but I'm surprised you haven't been running longer than that! Oh, and can you reach that top shelf for me?

Penny said...

I love having a running partner for my long runs. It the run much more enjoyable. Thanks for stopping by and following. Look forward to read more of your blog. You have a beatuiful family. I have 2 boys to, but mine are 17 and 20.

Fruit Fly said...

Well that settles it ... I am NOT your average runner! I can live with that. I mean why fit the norm, right? ;)

Colleen said...

I'm jealous of your height! :) That was really interesting... thanks for sharing!

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