Thursday, July 28, 2011


This has been a good training week so far for me.
Allergies are not so bad that helps a lot and it is not AS hot as last week...well in the early morning at least..after 11 am it is over 95.

Today I had speedwork. I did 11x400s.  That is the most reps I have done so far.  According to McMillian I should be between 2:08 and 2:15.  Today I did 2:11 and 2:10.  I am making progress A month ago I was at 2:15. 

Last weekend at my 10k race I picked up a bunch of flyers for all kind of races in the LA area.  One was for a new RnR Half Marathon in Indian Wells, on  NEW YEAR'S EVE!  How cool! I have never done a RnR and I would love to run one,  they look like so much fun!  Indian Wells would be a good place for us, Bill's dad lives in Palm Springs so we could have seen him at the same time...but....Yep there is a but...when I went to look it up and I saw the fees I thought I had read that wrong but no...$175!!! For a HALF!  That is way too much for me!  I am not good enough to justify that !!  And I thought Disneyland was expensive!!

Since my last race,  I have been thinking about signing up for a 5k race on August 6th.  The race is just 30 minutes away, for California that is super close!!! They have a kids race and my boys would love to do it.  At my 10k last week I ran the first 5k faster then my best 5k in a race (very stupid I know) and so now I want to do a 5k to see where I am at with that distance.  I would still do my long run next week.  The race is on Saturday and I would do my 10 miles on Sunday.  I have to make up my mind soon before registration close!!!

7 more followers until I get to 150! That is pretty cool!
I think I will do a giveaway when I get there!  Yes Chris, with lavender candle!!!!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

11 x 400s! You are so awesome. Isn't it fun to look back on your interval workouts and see how far you've come?

$175 for a half is outrageous. I agree with you, that's like half ironman prices.

Sign up for that 5k, time to PR!

Chris K said...

I hope NO ONE signs up for that half. Amazing.

Maybe you can give away free virtual french tutoring via Skype for someone's kid.

Michael said...

That is a completely insane price for a marathon, much less a half!!

Hope you get to 150 soon!

Laura said...

175??!! Do you get diamonds after?
Come back to Canada for some races. :)

Kate said...

You're doing awesome with your running, and you're being so consistent with your training. Way to go!

St. Louis is having a RnR marathon/half this October, but there's no way I could justify $115 for a half. $175 is insane.

The nearby race sounds like it'll be fun, especially with your boys getting a chance to race, too.

SupermomE12 said...

You are doing such an awesome job! The RnR races are FUN. :) And I love doing races when my kids can run. That is the best.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

WHAT!?!?! $175!!! That is outrageous, I have tris cheaper then that and I get a swim and bike on top of the run.

Fruit Fly said...

Only 4 more until 150 now! :)

I think Disney races and the Portland Half marathon this year are my most expensive. RnR Vegas was steep, too.... but I make exceptions for Las Vegas!