Thursday, July 14, 2011

Low Battery

This is me these days.
The battery is at low and needs to be recharged.
I feel like I am 42.   Yes I know I am but usually I don't feel like it.
My husband has been working CRAZY hours lately.  By crazy I mean INSANE.
Here is an example:
Leaves the house at 6 pm on a SATURDAY and comes back home at 3 pm on the SUNDAY.
I'll give you a sec to do the math......
OK time's up: 21 hours.
That is WRONG and on the WEEKEND  well even worst.
This week he left the house at 1 am every day and comes home at 6 pm.
This is obviously hard on him but also on me and for the kids well it is confusing and frustrating for them because he is not available for the few hours that he spends at home.
So they act out.  I get why. Does not mean I like it though. 
I am a super light sleeper so the alarm at 1 am well I hear it...and it takes a long time to go back to sleep...
And all this crap is 7 days a week.  Oh Yeah the complete package.
So that is why the battery is at low.
OK I am done venting and complaining if you read that, well thanks.

The good news is even though I am exhausted, I did not skip one single run this week and we had lessons every day!
Mon 3 miles hills
Tue 4 miles at 10k pace
Wed 3 miles tempo
Today: 5 miles : 10x400 at 2:10
tomorrow rest for me

So I have been looking at  pacing charts.  I looked at the McMillan and also the VDOT tables (Jack Daniels formula)
They both give similar numbers when I plug my times.  I used my 10k time of 1 hour flat.

For the 400 intervals
My training plan says 5k pace.  That would be too slow.
McMillan says 2:06 to 2:14 I am at 2:10 so good. 
VDOT says 2:14, that is slow for me now. 
McMillan numbers make more sense.

For the long runs:
Training plan does not give pace, just to go slow.
McMillan says 11:15 to 12:15
11:15  is  slower then what I do now for LR over 8 miles.
VDOT: 12:22: even slower.

Both tables give the same projected time of 2:13 for Half Marathon.  That would be a PR for me.

Now I am confused (yes the hair on my head is blond and it is natural).  If I run at that slower pace for my LR how will I run a 10:12 pace on race day and for longer?

Shouldn't I train at faster pace (I can do it)  to be faster on race day?  
Do you use these tables?

This made me happy: GO USA!

Last night I watched this:

Have you seen it?
Did you see the other movie "Prefontaine"? Is it better?
I did like this one.  Donald Sutherland is fantastic in it.  Billy Crudup also very good.
I knew the story of course but it still made me sad to watch it. 
What a waste of a life and of talent.


Terzah said...

Wow, that's quite a schedule for you and your husband right now. And I'm like you--if I wake up at that hour, it takes me a long time to go to sleep too. Great job getting your runs done--I don't think I could do that on so little sleep and less help at home. Hope it gets back to normal soon!

Jenn said...

Ish on the crazy work schedule. I totally understand this. So tough!!

Great job with the runs though!! I don't ever do long runs slower than what feels natural. This is not advice, just me. I don't think one needs to go out and SMOKE their long runs like a race but I don't think running where they feel uncomfortably slow is overly beneficially either.

I love ALL running movies. Netflix has a good selection of running documentaries too!!! Have a good night girl! Get some rest!!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Remember, race day is THE day. The excitement and adrenalin will help you run faster no matter what you were training at.

Although 12 min miles does sound really slow...

Kate said...

Wow, you weren't kidding about a crazy schedule for your husband! Poor guy...and poor you! Is it always like this? I sure hope not.

XLMIC said...

I think 12 sounds awfully slow for you, too. Where do you feel comfortable? I know that people do often go a bit faster than they ought for those long slow runs. I know I usually do... unless it is boiling hot and hillier than a freakin mountain range!

That schedule should be outlawed... poor guy and poor you is right! Hope you get a little relief soon :)

Kovas said...

From my understanding, to go faster you do speedwork, to go farther, LSD. The slower pace gives you the strength to complete the race, the speedwork makes you finish quickly.

SupermomE12 said...

Thanks for following me! I loved your first long comment and I will never put you on probably like that mean toga guy. :)

I am sorry about your husband's schedule. Mine works 16+ hour days Mondays and Tuesdays every week and then is gone most of the time from January to May with his regular job and then coaching track. It's hard being a single parent! Hang in there!!

With the training, I have been told the key to getting faster is to run alower than your race pace for long runs and easy runs, and to run faster than your race pace a couple times a week (tempo runs, speed work). Sounds like you are doing great! :)

Tricia said...

I'm with you on the the pacing questions for LR's though it looks like you got some answers that make sense. Still not sure I entirely believe it though. :)

Your husband's schedule is nuts -- here's hoping it doesn't last too much longer.

Black Knight said...

About the too much work here we have a saying: "we must work to live and we must not live to work".
I love running movies.

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

with all thats going on in your life, I am amazed that you get in all your runs. But then again, you probably need that time more than ever. Its your time. Time to be by yourself in quietness.