Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Q&A part 4

Thank you to all of you who left comments on my last post.  Made me feel better about being so mad at that cop!!! :)

Week 6 of my half marathon training plan is in the past.  This means I am half way done.  This is the 3rd time I use this plan and this time it is going by really fast.  This was another week on the TM for the week days.

Week 6
Mon: 4 miles
Tue: nothing: My son was sick :(
Wed: 5 miles
Thu: 5 miles: Speedwork: 5x800s.  This was my first time doing 800s, those are hard.
Fri: Rest
Sat: 10k race report is here
Sun: 4 miles recovery run
TOTAL: 24 Miles.
Ok now more answers to your questions!
A lot of you have participated in this Q&A thing and I have enjoyed reading all of your posts. This is an interesting way to get to know the bloggers!

This is part 4 for me.
Part 1 here
Part 2 here
Part 3 with video of me talking if you are curious about my New York accent go here.

- Big Daddy Diesel asked...
 With Gordie Howe being the best player of all time, followed by Wayne then Yzerman, make your dream team, 2 forwards, center, 2 dmen, and a goalie minus the above players.

All right mister.  First this was one of my favorite question.  For those of you who don't care about hockey or don't know anything about hockey: first I feel sorry for you, you are missing out, second BDD is so wrong, Wayne Gretzky IS the best player of all time.
So I thought a lot about this one, so many great ones to pick from, right?
Here are my choices

1. Goalie: EASY I pick a guy from my hometown: Patrick Roy.  4 Stanley Cups, 3 Conn Smythe Trophy and
remember this?

Stanley Cup Final against LA Kings 1993.  I still remember screaming at the TV :"He winked at him!!!!!!"  It was just awesome!

2. Center: That is hard...Béliveau..Crosby..Sakic..but I pick "The Magnificent"  Mario Lemieux.

3. Right Wing:  Lafleur..Bossy...no...I pick Maurice "The Rocket" Richard.

4. Left Wing: Mark Messier..my kind of player..team player, intense, talented.

5 and 6: Defensemen: Raymond Bourque and Paul Coffey

That's my team! All from Canada with 4 French Canadians (Coffey and Messier were not born in Quebec).  Did you know P. Roy and M. Lemieux were born on the same day?

 Who did you cheer for in the Gold medal hockey game?  Please..I will always cheer for the best team in the world!!!!  What a great game this was and a great day for Canada.  Crosby was an instant national hero!!!

Do you like poutine? Love Poutine! Sadly I cannot eat poutine anymore because of my health problems.  It sucks!

You've lived in Cali for a while now...huh or eh? Neither.  French Canadians don't say Eh.  We say "la" a lot or "en" at the end of sentences " Ben la c'est vrai ca,  "en" Anne?".  I do say it when I speak English also and I get a lot of bizarre looks!

Terzah asked
Is your son Will named after someone? (My son's name is Will too. He's named after my husband's dad, who goes by Bill. But I like Will better.)  I always wanted a son and I always said I would name him William, this was way before meeting my husband.  Then I met my husband and his name is Bill.  I don't get why people named William go by Bill. It makes no sense to me, ruins a beautiful name.  Anyway we decided that we  would name our son William and that he would go by Will and or William but never Bill.  They have different middle name.  My son is William Patrick.  He is the 4th William in the family.

What's the best part about blogging?  That is easy.  The people.  I get great support and advices because of my blog.  I learned a lot from the ones who are more experienced, from others I get motivation.  I like reading stories about people who ran their first marathon, they make me believe that I could do it too. 

Emz asked
What do you really say to Chris in French? 
CK: " You know I am really scared of doing that abs contest with Emz, she will woop my butt"  Me: "I know, what were you thinking?"  CK: "I wasn't, that's the problem"  Me: "So how bad is it?"  CK "Well there is no 6 packs, it's more like a 2 packs and even that is pushing it a bit" 


CK: "I am on team Edward but don't tell anyone I really did read the ALL Twilight books OK, it is TOP Secret"  Me "Who is Edward?"

CK: "Do you think Brad and Angie will ever get married?" Me: "CK stop reading US Weekly"

That's about it.

What was your first job? Basketball Coach.

What would you do w/$10k ? My dad is from Hungary.  He never got the chance to go back with his kids because he could not enter the country because of the communist regime.   When politics changed in Hungary and he was allowed to go back we were already in College so we never went with him.   So all this to say that I would take my dad and my family to Hungary and make his dream come true while there is still time.
How long was your engagement to Bill? 3 weeks

Describe your perfect day.  Christmas Day.  Nobody sick.  Kids not fighting every 10 minutes.  No family drama. 

Jim ... 50after40 asked
Okay, I have a serious question and something I have never understood. As a French-Canadien, do you feel more of an allegiance to France or Canada? For example, there are a ton of Irish families in the Boston area, but I think most of them would have an allegiance to the United States first, but with a fondness of thier Irish heritage. Is that similar to how French-Canadiens view Canada? I've just always been curious about that.
To Canada not to France.  For me, it is all about where people were born.  I always find it amusing when people say things like "I am half Irish and half Italian" and when I asked where were their parents born they say "USA"!  That makes them 100% American in my book.  I understand that they have family that came from other countries and that is a part of their heritage.  In  Quebec we have French heritage and influence and the city has a Europeen vibe for sure but I have been to France several times and we are very different nations.  Our language is the same but with differences kind of like the Americans and the British.   If you ask an English speaking Canadian where he is from, chances are he will say CANADA.  If you ask a French Canadian,  he will most likely say QUEBEC.   There is a lot of political issues between Canada and Quebec and I won't get into that but me personnaly I am proud to be a Quebecer AND a Canadian. 

Thank you all for reading and for the great questions!
This was fun for me!



Chris K said...

The abs contest has been cancelled. Actually, technically I won it since EMZ chose to run a race in AZ rather than show up in Long Beach for the contest. I would have won anyway.

Chris K said...

Allez Chris K. Le Champion.

Emz said...

CK: " You know I am really scared of doing that abs contest with Emz, she will woop my butt"  Me: "I know, what were you thinking?"  CK: "I wasn't, that's the problem"  Me: "So how bad is it?"  CK "Well there is no 6 packs, it's more like a 2 packs and even that is pushing it a bit" 
Love this.
Whatever Chris. Time & place. I'm there.

SupermomE12 said...

Ok, if I didn't love you before, you being a hockey fan and giving the "Mark Messier" answer seals the deal. :) I grew up in NY and my family are all crazy Rangers fans.

And, I am sure this is all sorts of wrong, but here is my best attempt without cheating on the internet (and after not studying for over 15 years!!!)

Je etudie le Francais pour six ans dans l'ecole mais je parlez Francais une petite maintainent.

Teamarcia said...

WTG Supermom above!
Loved your Q and A.
The abs contest needs to happen.

XLMIC said...

It has been such fun reading all your Qs and As :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

WHAT?!?!?!?! Ok I will give you some of them, the debate is on, your defenseman are WEAK!! I can not believe you did not put Nicklas Lidstrom in there, the best defenseman we will ever see, period, hands down, better then Ray, better then Coffey!!! *shaking head*

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Ah, you make me laugh!!! I enjoy your witty responses!

Caroline said...

@CK: like the new pic
@BDD breath breath...
@Jess..Wit? no no I only tell the truth here...

Anne said...

T'es tellement drôle Caroline :) Tu me fais sourire le matin...en! :)
Although, since I always went to english school, when I speak english I say Eh!

Loved your hockey team!!

Laura said...

More lovely A's! I work with people in Longueuil and just realized how much they say 'LA'.

Shawn said...

You have now pissed Grapes (Don Cherry) off.....what about Orr as a defenceman?

For what it is worth...I am a Canadian that believes Quebec is a part of our great country...but funny, where we live... right close to the ON/QC provincial border, there is a distinct difference between Ontario French, Quebec French and Acadian French...I never realized it while living in the Keystone province but I sure do now!

Meg said...

WHAT no family drama on Christmas? What kind of family do you have? That's the most "special" time for our drama :) ....
WOW you live so close! I see that we do the same races, it's fun reading a new Cali blog(well, new for me!).
PS, cute kids!!

Annet said...

I've recently started following you - i've "seen" you around on the RLAM fb page (like your classic race photo with hairy chested guy), then in comments on Erin's blog, so then I thought I really should read this CDN's blog! I am a Canadian in exile in Australia, so similar, except a whole lot further away from home.

Had fun reading your Q&As, and I love Gretzky too - one of those classic "where were you when" moments in Canadian history "where were you when you heard Gretzky was traded?" I was only 15 or so, but I still remember clear as a bell! I met him once, our whole Gr 8 class on a trip to toronto, flying home we bumped into him and he was nice enough to give all 14 of us autographs - one friend got him to sign her hockey weekly magazine - and he signed on a picture of Mario.

Living in Oz I can't follow hockey or "ice hockey" as they stupidly call it! Sorry, it's field hockey and hockey. Not ice hockey. But I come from the same community as the Staal bros (went to the same school as all of them) and so I try to keep up.

But google Darwin hockey vegemite and you will crack up at the youtube ad.