Monday, July 18, 2011

Q&A answers part 1

I completed week 5 of Half Marathon training for Disneyland.  I had to run inside all week and got to go out during the weekend.  I am pretty happy with my week considering that I was very tired and the family schedule has been pretty crazy because of my husband's insane work schedule.  The poor me post on that is here.

Week 5:
Mon 4 miles hills
Tue: 3 miles
Wed 3 miles temp0
Thu: 5 miles Speedwork 10x400
Fri: rest
Sat: 9 miles went really great.
Sun: 3 miles recovery...wasn't great...stiff and pain in calf and groin.

Was supposed to run outside and get a mommy break today....but it did not happen.  Will had a low fever yesterday and this morning was at 101 when he got up so I did not send him to camp even though by 8:30 he was down to 98.9  So we dropped Jonathan at camp and I went to the gym for 4 miles.  Of course when we got home and I checked Will's temperature is was 98.2!!!  And now he is asking to go in the pool!

Thank you all for leaving such great questions for me!
Here is part 1 of my answers!  You can still leave me some questions here
Unlike other people who live not too far away from me, I will answer ALL the questions and I did not put anyone on "probation"

Amanda@runninghood  asked:

When was your first kiss? It was when I was in High School  with a guy from the swim team.   He was my first real boyfriend.  He was 2 yrs older and my parents did not approve of us dating.

Did you always want kids? Yes always.  I never thought of the possibility of NOT being a mom.

Were you a good kid or did you get in trouble a lot?? Boring good.  Straight A student.  On the swim team so too busy training to do anything dumb.  Never smoked a cigarette or pot. Did not drink.  I did not even drive until I was 25!   My brother took care of the trouble for both of us!

Biggest trouble you've ever been in?  One year, our coach decided to take the team to a training camp in Florida.  My dad did not want me to go and he said he would not pay for it.  I "forgot"  the part about him saying I cannot go and decided to find the $ on my own.   There was no way I was going to miss this, it was the training camp before the Olympic trials plus it was in Florida.  So I told my coach about my dad not wanting to pay but not that he said I cannot go.  I did the most fundraising out of all the swimmers and I raised enough to pay for my trip.  I paid for it without telling my dad.  Then came the monthly parents meeting.  Well when my parents came home that night they were furious.  I was grounded for a month and I had to paint the garage but I did go to the training camp.

Teamarcia asked:

Manly probation? Why?? Well because somebody is a delicate flower and cannot handle 2 very innocent blonds making fun of him being hmm older. 

Ever been fired? Nope

What was your wedding dress like? Very simple, bought it off the rack for $99.  On my 10th anniversary I posted this pic of me wearing it.  It is a bit  big now.

First job? Basketball Coach

- Adam asked:

You're an 18 month runner (kicking ass), if you had a flux capacitor and could go back to March '10 and tell yourself 2 things, what would they be?
1 Those are not running shoes, get a good pair of shoes, NOW. 2. You are capable of more than you know.

Are there any french phrases that you just cant seem to articulate well in English? Oh yes.  I still translate in my head and sometimes it does not come out like it should.  It happens a lot when I am frustrated.  We have some expressions that have no real translation. 

- Nelly asked

How do people from Quebec compare to people from California? Are we California's weird? Oh boy, is that going to put me in trouble?  I said I would answer all OK.  I should say that I lived in Quebec for 31 yrs and here for 11.  Now this is only based on who I know and I have met of course.  I think people in Quebec are less interested in what others have, how much money people make, the kind of car, size of houses and all that STUFF.  Here people are very interested in STUFF and other people's STUFF, who has more than who.   I remember my first day at work here, a group of people took me out for lunch, they asked to see my wedding ring, how much did my husband make, what kind of car he drives and the size of our house.  I was shocked.  Nobody would never ask any of this back home.  The social standing is important here.  Also Californians are always in a hurry.  In Quebec the pace is slower, people enjoy the little things more. 

Why are you a Duke fan? Did your husband go there? You are as passionate a fan of them as anyone I've ever met for any sport. My husband went to  Cal State and Pepperdine.  When I started coaching I developed a certain style like most coach do.  I went to a coaching clinic and Coach K was a speaker and I wanted to be just like him as a coach.  I love Duke because of their program and their coach.  People can say all the crap they want, what they are doing there: and not because they get the freaking calls.  They recruit to make a team, not just to get ONE superstar.  They get players that will stay for 3-4 yrs and will graduate and they do that while staying in the top teams in the country.  He talked a lot about having a relationship with his players and focusing on that over X and O and I was like that as a coach also.   He said 2 things that I always remembered and this is over 20 yrs ago now. 1. "I don't look at myself as a basketball coach. I look at myself as a leader who happens to coach basketball. "  and 2. “Making shots counts, but not as much as the people who make them.”   Now I do also like the way they play the game.  The way he coaches would have been a perfect fit for me as a player as well. 

What is your favorite running moment? Crossing the finish line at the Carlsbad Half Marathon.  It was my first half and I was so proud.  I collapsed at the end and it was hard but in the end I cried tears of JOY.

What is my all time running dream goal? To have the courage to run a marathon.

- Chris K  asked:

Why Duke? Did you go there? I like the color blue. (Nelly asked that same question 3 comments above you).   No I did not go there, I went to LAVAL Univeristy in Quebec.
What does Bill think of you Blogging? I don't really know actually.  We don't talk about that much.  He does not read my blog, well I don't think he does!

Will you Coach Bball again this year? Probably, because I coach my kids for now, I let them have a say in this. 

Why is the WNBA still in existence?  I don't get it.   I have zero interest in it.  They are not making any money..most teams are loosing some every year.  I like to watch NCAA both men and women more then the NBA and I never watch the WNBA.

Can you vote? If so, do you generally vote Democrat or Republican, or, are you more non-partisan?  I can only vote in Canada.  If I could have voted in the last election, I would have voted for Obama.

Thank you for reading part 1!


Carla said...

I totally hear you on the California mentality! My mom (and dad, now deceased) moved there years ago and every time I visit, I am struck by the same things you mentioned.

Enjoyed reading your answers!

Nelly said...

Great answers!

I hear you on Californians being way too interested in material things and stuff like that. I will say that I think Southern California is more obsessed with that than Northern California though - especially in Orange County where I think you live. Those questions that your coworkers asked you are totally out of line!

Didn't know that you were a basketball coach, that is cool! Coach K does indeed know how to coach.

And not sure if anyone else already asked you this or if you have talked about it in the past, but what brought you from Quebec to California originally?

Amanda@runninghood said...

Love your story about getting in trouble for the fundraising. That is cool that you still got to go. Yay! Did they just have grace and realize how important it must have been to you if good ol' you was willing to break the rules so much? ;)

My dress was $99 too! :)

XLMIC said...

So fun to find these things out! I was boring in high school too... in those ways anyway :P. Love that fundraising story... and SO glad that you did get to go!

Cari Mugz said...

Great Mileage this week.. I love to see it on Twitter... Keeps me motivated :)

Jenn said...

First of all-congrats on the positive 9 miler!!!!

OK-LOVE reading this post. A LOT I didn't know about you so far! I kinda figured you weren't the "get in trouble" type but I love the training camp story. Joe doesn't read my blog either. I don't think he really has much interest in it. I totally agree with the WNBA. I played basketball but I have NEVER watched a WNBA game. I'm also much more a fan of college sports in general, not just BB.

OK-back to work. Can't wait for part 2!!

Laura said...

I love reading all of these!

Kate said...

What great questions and interesting answers! Great story about your trip to camp. So determined. :) I was like you in high school, too.

It's not just California with that mentality. My 17 year old and I were just talking the other day and he was talking about "snobby people" who think they're better than you bc their house is bigger or they wear this label or whatever. And it was like that to a degree when I was in school but it's so much more blatant now with kids. I'm so thankful to have friends who don't worry about the size of my house but just love the people who live in it!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

This was fun!!

Adam said...

Dang, I should have asked if you dream in french or in English. Cest la vie I suppose.

I have a strange fascination with people who are 100% bilingual. I'll be sure to add that to the list of my strange fascinations.

Teamarcia said...

Hmmmmm delicate flowers can be pretty...especially if they smelllike lavendar.
Loved reading this!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Adam's questions rocks and kudos to you for getting exposure at training camp!! Rebel!