Friday, July 15, 2011

Q&A !!!!

My battery is still looking like this

Here you can read why.  Tomorrow going for 9 miles.   I hope I have enough energy left for that in the morning!!!

With Caro

OK so XLMIC tagged yours truly for the newest hip thing around blogland: the Q&A
 Chris K stole the idea from the lovely Colleen, yes yes I know Chris, with her blessing and he had the brilliant idea to turn this thing into a "blogger award".   And then he had the nerves to put ME on probation over at his manly blog. 

So how does this work? Very easy: ask me ANYTHING  you want.  I will answer.
I accept questions in English and in French.
There is no limit to how many questions one can ask. 
It can be about anything; moving to the states, my life pre-wedding and pre-kids, health, motherhood,  loosing weight,  Duke, am I an American citizen, running, likes, dislikes...OK you get it.

I have to pass this to other friends

Kate because she is SUPER
The so not boring Adam
Michael because well Jim got it and she should do it also!!!
My fellow Quebecer Anne

Oh and then you Missy, you did not think you could escape this one did you? Come Arizona friend....your turn!!!

All right ready, set, GO!!!!


Amanda@runninghood said...

Oh I love love love these! Um, let's see....when was your first kiss? Did you always want kids? Were you a good kid or did you get in trouble a lot?? Biggest trouble you've ever been in?

You deserve like 100 questions...ha ha..I've seen all the questions you ask. :) I can't wait to do this!!

Teamarcia said...

Manly probation? Why??

What was your wedding dress like?
First job?
Ever been fired?

Adam said...

Hooray! I'm tagged. I love it.

Questions, always always questions.....

You're an 18 month runner (kicking ass), if you had a flux capacitor and could go back to March '10 and tell yourself 2 things, what would they be?

Are there any french phrases that you just cant seem to articulate well in english?

Nelly said...

How do people from Quebec compare to people from California? Are we California's weird?

Why are you a Duke fan? Did your husband go there? You are as passionate a fan of them as anyone I've ever met for any sport.

What is your favorite running moment?

What is my all time running dream goal?

Lisa said...

I feel for you w/ your low charged battery. Sometimes a long run (albeit slower) is exactly what recharges me. I wish that for you!

Nelly said...

Sorry my question above should have said:
What is your all time running goal?

Chris K said...

I hope you don't yell at me like XLMIC did when I originally asked my questions.

1) Why Duke? Did you go there?
2) What does Bill think of you Blogging?
3) Will you Coach Bball again this year?
4) Why is the WNBA still in existence?
5) Can you vote? If so, do you generally vote Democrat or Republican, or, are you more non-partisan?

RockStarTri said...

Are your sons nicknames "Coach" and "K"? Do they speak "Quebecois" or "Socal dudeze?"

Are your dreams in French or English?

Is your Garmin set to miles or kilometers (or kilometres)?

Black Knight said...

Good luck for the 9 miles today!
1- Have you ever raced outside USA and Canada?
2 - When will you race in Europe?

Have a good week end.

XLMIC said...

I got into Duke... would I have liked it? Why or why not?

Would you like for your kids to go to a French-American school?

What did you like about basketball?

Did you ever get hit in the face with the basketball?

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?

Who is your celebrity crush?

And.... who is your blog crush :P

Jenn said...

Yay! I wanted to get over here last night but my battery was ALSO low and I fell asleep with my computer in my lap! Good Luck with the 9 miles!!

1.) What is your favorite food item you can get in Canada but not the US. (I have MANY of these)

2.) Is French your first language or do you just speak it

3.) How long did you date your husband before you got married?

4.) Do you talk to your husband about your blog or your blog friends?

5.) What is your favorite brand of running gear?

6.) Do you ever wish you had a girl? (I love boys, just curious)

Anne said...

Quelles bonnes questions tu as eu à date. Premièrement, merci pour le "tag" :)

Alors, voici mes questions.

Est-ce que tes enfants parlent français?

Est-ce que ton mari parle français? Sinon, est-ce que c'est compliqué quand vous êtes au Québec?

En fait, je me demaindais justement si tu as ta citoyenneté États-Unienne? :)


Kate said...

Ooh, these are great questions. Looking forward to reading the answers.

What about your husband's job requires such insanely long hours?

Is your husband a big supporter of your running or does he just tolerate it?

Something that surprised you about being a parent?

Jill said...

Good luck with your 9-miler, I hope it all goes well. I hear ya on the energy levels...ugh.

Ok, mine will be simple -

- don't you wish Chris K would go on probation?

- why did you leave Canada and move to California?

- I am in Southern California next weekend and the following weekend - not sure where you live but some of us bloggers are getting together on the 29th in San Diego, can you come?? Please??

Happy Weekend!

Chris @ Heavy Steps said...

My wife and I are training for different races. How do you juggle family, training, and life?

Colleen said...

Fun fun... and yes, he stole the idea from me! :) Just kidding!

Do your boys speak french and will you raise them to speak it?

What's your favorite way to unwind after a long day?

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Do you miss the Montreal Expos? Do you have any idea who that is?

Why does my wife think she's always right?

What's your favorite Keith Urban song?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

With Gordie Howe being the best player of all time, followed by Wayne then Yzerman, make your dream team, 2 forwards, center, 2 dmen, and a goalie minus the above players.

The Unexpected Runner said...

Who did you cheer for in the Gold medal hockey game?

Do you like poutine?

You've lived in Cali for a while now...huh or eh?

Terzah said...

Is your son Will named after someone? (My son's name is Will too. He's named after my husband's dad, who goes by Bill. But I like Will better.)

What's the best part about blogging?

Emz said...

What do you really say to Chris in French?
What was your first job?
What would you do w/$10k ?
How long was your engagement to bill?
Describe your perfect day.