Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cypress 10k Race Report

Yesterday, I ran the Cypress 10k race.

It was not my day but it's OK.
The weather was......PERFECT. No  complain from me for that. It was overcast and in the low 70s.
The course was a double loop, not my favorite, the one positive to that is I get to see the kids more during the race.  It was 100% flat.
Volunteers were GREAT.
I will do this race again.
Even with all this in my favor it still was not my day.

I still have major congestion, it sucks, I get the chills even when it is 90. 
I started the race really fast.  I am still running races like I don't have a brain.  I stop thinking for some reason.  I knew this pace was too fast. I knew I could not run 10k at that pace and I still kept it.  So I ran the first 5k faster then my best 5k in a race.  Yep that is dumb.  I ended up with "positive" splits of course.

At mile 4 I had a really bad cramp in my right calf.  I had to stop and stretch, first time this happens to me in a race.  I was able to get back in the race and run but not without pain.  About one mile later I felt pain on my big toe..burning...and I knew I had a blister there (and I did...huge one on the side of the toe between big and 2nd toe..aouchy)  Well great just what I needed...! 
But the icing on this crappy cake arrived at the end.  With 0.5 mile to go...I got stopped at a light by a police officer who was directing traffic.  What?????? Really???
I was kind of alone and he let a group of 6-7 runners that were in front of me go and when I got there he decided to let cars go! Well thanks! I wonder if he did the same for the "elite" runners that were leading the race....I am betting on NO.  I did stop my watch there. No way I am adding seconds to my time because of freaking cars!  I know that I am not fast and I did not place in the top 3 of my AG but they should let everyone go even if they are isolated on the course. 

So no PR for me.  It is OK.  It was also not my worst 10k, that would be hard to beat now!!
I did 1:03:32.

My babysitter Rebekah, ran her first 10k with her dad who is an experienced runner and she finished with an impressive time of 54: something!
I was really happy for her!

After the race I saw blogger Girrafy from 365 days of awesome and I went to say hello.  Was nice to meet you !

Other than the police who made me stop, this race was pretty great, well organized and really nice folks working at all the stations and packet pickup.

Will be back with the conclusion of my Q&A for the next post!
If you missed the first 3 parts you can find the links here
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Pictures from the race:


Mile 3

Someone was yelling on the side near the finish line and we all turned our heads!

In pain and ready to be DONE

Announcer called my name, that made my smile!



Christine said...

You look great, would have not noticed you were in so much pain! Good job!!

The Unexpected Runner said...

That is retarded! Stopping a runner during a race??? I would be furious! & I am a back of the packer! (& I can see your sidebar just fine :))

Colleen said...

Wait... they made you stop to let cars through??? That's totally uncool!

You did great lady... be proud!

Kate said...

You always look SO good in your race pics. I'm jealous. Wow, I'd have been ticked about being stopped. It kind of stinks when you've been running long enough that new PRs aren't automatic, huh?

I can see your sidebar.

Laura said...

Still a great race and you look awesome.
I was stopped in a race...actually have been in a couple of races. Don't they know every second counts?
In the 30km race here, I had to stop because of a train....THAT is brutal.

Anne said...

Sidebar and video - Check! :)

I can't believe that you got stopped DURING the race to let cars through, that is unacceptable. It would really frustrate me. I'm definitely at the back of the pack...but, we're all running our own race and we pay to do this! :) OKay done ranting.

Congrats on your race Caroline...and great photos!

SupermomE12 said...

Great pics! You LOOK awesome. :) So sorry about the congestion and chills (can't believe you ran anyway!) and that cop that stopped you needs a lesson in racing etiquette! You never stop a runner. Sheesh.

Even without the PR you did a great job and should be proud.

And yes, I can see you sidebar and the video. :)

giraffy said...

You look fantastic, I would not have guessed you were running in pain!

I can't believe they let the cars pass!!

Terzah said...

That stinks about the cops! Maybe they were just scared of the California traffic. :^) Good job running when you didn't feel well. Make sure you rest!

Kovas said...

If Jamoosh was ahead of you he probably gave the officer some money to stop you so he wouldn't get chicked.

Jenn said...

You seriously got stopped by a police officer in a RACE!! My God, I would be SO pissed. I understand the fast start. I'm much better with that now but took some trial and error and a NUMBER of positive splits-ha!! Great job on the race. Love the pics. I hate ALL my race pictures. You would think I didn't even know how to run if you saw them. You look great!

I see your sidebar. Video?

JulieJ16750 said...

As a resident and volunteer for this race I am so sorry that the cop did that. One year a cop pushed me out of the way for the elite 10k runners and I twisted my ankle and received a DNF for the race. Some cops just have a different (jerk!) mentality than others and think they can make their own rules.

XLMIC said...

You do look awesome in the pics…no visible evidence of pain :) That officer needs a spanking.

Your kids are just adorable!

I see your sidebar w/ no prob at all…on my phone so can't check the video.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

AH such fantastic photos C!! Glad you enjoyed perfect weather and a fun race--your smile is beautiful!! And the whole fam joined you. Seems like wonderful day regardless of a PR or not!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the race

I cant believe that the cop felt the cars were more important then the race, geez

Teamarcia said...

Stopping a runner in a race is just WRONG! Love the pics. You are so photogenic!