Thursday, July 21, 2011

More answers. Part 3..with VIDEO of me talking

Good news...on day 5, Will's fever finally went away.   What a looooong week so far.  I love him to death but he is the worst patient.  "I don't know" is the answer to ALL my questions.  I am just about to install a fine for each time my sons say "I don't know" or "Because".

I ended up skipping just one run this week, a 3 miles on Tuesday so yesterday instead of doing an easy 3 I went for 4 miles tempo and today 5 miles speedwork. 
I did 800s intervals for the first time.  Those are HARD
5x800.  I used the McMillan chart to see what should be my target pace.  It shows 4:25 to 4:37.  I did 4:29, 4:29, 4:28, 4:28 and 4:30.  I am happy with that.  I think I will alternate 400s and 800s on my plan.  There's no 800s on my plan but  it will be good for me to add that.

Tomorrow, I have decided to rest  as planned.  I have a 10k race on Saturday.  I expect it to be hard.  My allergies are really bad, I still have severe congestion according to my Dr.  It is very hard to breath.  It will be hot.  Not as hot as it is where I live though.  Supposed to be 96 here and where the race is it shows 80 and some clouds.  I love clouds! Bring on the clouds!!!  My babysitter is going to run this with me.  I expect her to go faster then me so I will try to stick by her as long as I can!
Q&A Part 3.

Answers to part 1 are here
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So I got a few of you asking for a video so you can hear what I sound like. I must have lost my mind and I did make one.  Clearly I have no ego.  OK be kind   It is even bilingual.  Are you impressed?

I answered Anne 's questions:

Kate asked

What about your husband's job requires such insanely long hours?  He is a Plant Manager for a company that makes plastic containers for places like Costco.  They run 24/7 all year long.   They recently added new lines and increased the volume of production and in the manufacturing world it usually means lots of problems.  The company head quarters are in New Jersey and that is where all the engineers are also so the support for the California plant is limited.

Is your husband a big supporter of your running or does he just tolerate it? He is a big supporter of my running.  He comes to all my races and he brings the kids with him.  After I got sick in 2009, he got very worried about my health because I had lost so much weight and had 2 surgeries.  The focus was all on my diet and how frustrating it is  to live like that.  When I started running the focus changed and that was a good thing for me and he is happy I have something that is just for ME.  Did not make me gain a pound though...:)

Something that surprised you about being a parent? How HARD it really is to be a decent one.  That I don't have all the answers.  That my mom sacrificed A LOT for me and my brother. 

Jill asked

Don't you wish Chris K would go on probation? Who is that again?? Just kidding, just kidding. Hmm some days yes like when he puts ME on probation... but most no because he does amuse me..I mean the guy refers to himself as swell and manly..Swell that is a funny Who says that "I am swell!"?

Why did you leave Canada and move to California? I left because I met my husband and he was from California.   To have a life together,  one of us had to move.  He did not speak French, he had a better job and he was not willing to move to a place where the winters are over 6 mos long!

How do you juggle family, training, and life? Ahh the million dollars question.  Family is first.  My job is to be a full time parent.  That comes before anything else including training.  When I have my kids with me, I go to the gym and I run on the TM.  At my gym, they have a kids gym and that is where the boys go while I do my run.  On the weekend, I run outside.  I get up very early to be back for breakfast.  This year, both my sons will be in school.   My youngest will go for the morning in Kindergarten and it will allow me to run outside a lot more.  The life part...if you mean socializing with friends or going out... I don't do much of that.  My boys are in sports so I have to take them to practices 4 times a week plus games on Saturday and I volunteer at their school 2 days a week.  So no time left for social activities for me for now.

Colleen asked

Do your boys speak french and will you raise them to speak it? Answer in my video blogging debut!!

What's your favorite way to unwind after a long day?
A cup of herbal tea and TV.

Jim ... 50after40 asked

Do you miss the Montreal Expos? Do you have any idea who that is? Yes of course I know who they are! PLEASE! I have seen them play many times.  I even had a friend who was a player on the team.  He is now a sportscaster for the ESPN of Quebec.  Do I miss them? Not really.

Why does my wife think she's always right? She does not think she is always right.  She KNOWS she is.  There's a big difference and your problem is  you think she thinks she is.  Here is the thing Jim...she is a woman.  You have no chance in this debate.  When you went to husband school didn't they teach you the classic :" Yes dear"???

What's your favorite Keith Urban song? So many good ones.  OK I have to say Better Life because that is the one that started our family "Urban Story" and You'll think of me because it is the one that my son Will was singing when he was a mini part of Keith's tour. My boys they love Days go by.

I thought part 3 would be the last intallement but I have more questions to answer and I don't want this post to be too long and to bore more to come in part 4!

Thank you for the great questions and for reading the answers!!!



Anonymous said...

Ha! Love reading these. And the banter between you and Chris. Swell is a funny word. I have made fun of him before for his "nifty" vocab. So great that your husband supports you! And even better that you son is getting better. Scary. 5days!! As Always, great to catch up with you. Good job on the workouts!

Emz said...

Swell? Seriously? Swell?
Freaking. Old. Fart. Talk.

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Love the video. Your accent is awesome.

And your answer to Jim about being right is 100% perfect.

Adam said...

Dang, the video isn't working for me. I'll try again tomorrow after I restart my computer.

800s are a BLAST. They are tough, but a great workout for sure.

XLMIC said...

OMG... you sound EXACTLY like I imagined you would! Awesome!

Chris K said...

Please tell your friend in Arizona that there is this little thing called sarcasm. It's a form of humor. Maybe she's heard of it.

Weird, I don't hear an accent at all.

Kristin @NyceLife said...

Stinking iPad and it's no flash video, damn you steve jobs... But loved the rest of it! Will check out the video tomorrow on the laptop :)

Kate said...

You a very lucky to have a husband who's a fan.

Great answers to interesting questions. Looking forward to pt 4. :)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I love your accent, what a cool little video you did!

Black Knight said...

I like your answers.
The intervals and the speed-works are always hard, but you did it.
Good luck on the 10 k tomorrow.

Anne said...

Ahhh...merci Caroline! C'était vraiment super d'entendre tes réponses :) I loved this and it's great to learn more about you!

Colleen said...

Ahhhhh - you are so cute! I love the accent! :) Thanks for answering my question on the video! :)

Nelly said...

I think Chris K needs to be put on probation =)

It was great to hear you speak French!

Hopefully your kids and your husband can learn French, I think that would be really awesome, especially when you go back to Quebec. Kids learn languages easier when they are young, so maybe they could catch on now.

And your proposal about people always having to circle swim when in a public pool is a great one! I'm surprised that this isn't a rule already at pools! That idea is genius!

Caroline said...

Nelly got it right people, I am a genius!!!

Cathy said...

Great questions! I'm so jealous of you...running the Disney half marathon. I'd love to do that in the next few years!

800s? Wow! I love 400s and it never occurred to me to not stop after the first time around! Good for you!

Teamarcia said...

Dammit I can't see the video. Good luck at your rave tomorrow!

Michael said...

I love your accent!! It's awesome! I also love your response to Jim's #2 comment. I have been trying to tell him that for years, maybe now he will get it :)

Kristin @NyceLife said...

You are so cute! You sound exactly like an old friend of mine Helene' who was from Quebec ;) I worked in a research lab with her, she was trying to figure out how to put vaccine (like for people) into a tomato plant, ha ha. But I digress...