Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunday fight

I finished week 7 of my Disney Half Marathon training. 
I am not sure about how to run this thing yet.  For fun and take pictures along the way with the Disney characters or run it like a regular race.  I have the Long Beach Half  just a month after and this one could have been the race to chase a PR but I know I will be really tired come race day.  We will have a really busy Saturday that weekend.  We have to get to LB for the kids race and then hit the Expo to get my race packet and hopefully meet a few of you.  In the evening, we have to head to LA to go see this guy play at Staples Center (I know poor me).

Paso Robles, June 2010
After the concert,  we will drive back to LB and spend the night there.  All this with the boys of course, cannot go see Keith without the boys, I don't think  my 5 yrs old son would ever speak to my again if I went without them.  So Disneyland may be the race to pick to chase the PR for me and do my best in LB and if there is 2 PR than even better!

Week 7
Mon: 4.5 miles tempo
Tue: 3 miles easy
Wed: 3 miles
Thu: 5 miles. Speedwork: 11x400 @ 2:10
Fri: Rest
Sat: LR: 9 miles
Sun: 3 miles recovery
Total: 27.5

Sunday we had crazy rain here and thunderstorms.  I had to wait to go for my run.  Finally around noon it stopped and I was able to go.  I had looked at the weather...90 degrees and 90% humidity...yeah! That was fun.  Not really.  Good thing I only had 3 miles to do and that I brought water even for this short run.  I feel for you guys who have been running in humidity.  It is HARD.  On my way back I saw that there was a guy with 2 dogs ahead of me on the trail.  I knew I would catch up with him.  As I got closer I could see that his 2 Rottweilers were NOT on leash. Now before I continue with this I want to say: I love dogs.  I have a dog and I adore her.  There she is, the queen of my house:

Ok so I was not too happy to see that they were not on leash.  On that trail ALL dogs are supposed to be on a leash.  There's 2 sections on the trail: dirt and pavement.  I was on the pavement and same for this guy and his dogs.  As I got closer I realized that unless I completely stopped I would have to pass him.  He had no clue I was coming behind him.
Then one of his dog decides to stop! Crap.  The guy does not see his dog is not following and me well I froze.  I have to say that when I was about 8 I was attacked by a Rottweiler and so I do not like them very much.  I am sure most of them are great. 
So I yell "Hey!" to get this guy's attention and he turned around.  He did not say anything.  I don't know like "Sorry, he will not hurt you".  Did not put the dogs on the leash that he had in his freaking hand either!  So I said in my normal voice, not my angry voice "You know they should be on a leash here" and he said " You are a F#$%ing Bitch!" Wow thanks... (clearly he was not Canadian cuz that was not very NICE).  I cannot have someone call me that and not say anything back...  That's just not me.  I said: "Well aren't you a nice guy.  You also do not own this public path."  And again he showed what a gentleman he was "Run away F%$#ing Bitch!" And I did because well I was alone and even though I was WAY taller than him, he was a lot heavier than me plus he had the dogs, but I showed him how tall my middle finger is before I left him.
I know, I know. Very stupid.
I just cannot stand people like that. 
I confessed my crime when I got home.  I started like this "Now I have something to tell you but before I do you need to remember that I could have easily decided not to say anything...."  Bill knew it would not be good right then.

To continue with real nice folks..what is up with anonymous people email bloggers just to be mean? Do you get those sometimes?  I got an email yesterday about this post here.  Some nice person emailing me to say
 "At 5"11" you must look like an moron at the start of a race.  Real runners are not that tall."
Lovely right?  This had to come from a world class runner because clearly they know their running facts.
I know I need to ignore this BS.  Poor little sad sad anonymous man or woman.

I am having a great week so far as you can see...or read.

Did speedwork yesterday 5x800 at 4:30 and 4.5 miles today in 95 degrees that was harder I think than the 800s.



pthomas said...

I'm sure the anonymous person that emailed you is just bitter because they are only five feet tall and can never see anything going on at the starting line.
I'm with you, I love dogs but if your dogs are off leash you should have complete control over them and put them on a leash if others are around. Even if your dog is usually mild mannered, if a stranger comes running up the dog may get defensive and aggressive. Glad everything worked out for you!

Emz said...

Holy crap what a [****** *******].  I hate mean people.
[insert "awwwwwww"]

Mandi with an "i" Runs said...

What a mean person. Mean people suck.

I am always scared to pass dogs, even if they are on a leash, I was bitten when I was younger and I just am not a fan of doggies I don't know. --Always happy to get to know a puppy if the parents are around and NICE.

giraffy said...

Wow. What a punk.

I can tell you from running Disney World earlier this year, it will be HARD to PR at a Disney race. Even if you're not stopping, a LOT of other people are.

I'm planning on running Disneyland as a fun run, and will be training and RACING Long Beach :)

Kate said...

Wow, what jerks! And what an idiotic comment. It's bad enough when people you encounter are mean, but when someone goes out of their way to be nasty...I just don't get that.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Where was the rain? I waited for it, it never came here (HB)...

And what EMZ said except all on one line.

Nelly said...

That sounds like a tough schedule for the LB half. But I'm with giraffy, it will be tough to PR at Disney, my guess is that there will be a lot of traffic from people stopping along the way. Maybe treat Disney like it's a fun run, and just do as best you can for LB? Being that busy for LB probably won't be the best setup for a PR, but you never know.

Enjoy Keith Urban!

I'm no dog expert, but is that a golden retriever?

That guy with the rotweilers sounds like a complete moron. 1 rotweilers off lease on a trail is a huge violation. Bummer a ranger wasn't there to cite him. He just sounded like a volcano ready to erupt at anything.

And that anonymous email that you got is bad, the person doesn't even have the courage to reveal themselves? If you going to say something like that, at least don't do it anonymously.

The battles back in the day between Sampras/Agassi were awesome. Sampras and Graf are my favorite tennis players ever. I haven't read McEnroe's book, I might have to pick it up!

And I also like Maria Sharapova, haha

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Wow??? "Run away effing b???" Or what dude? Before you get too mad, are you COMPLETELY sure he wasn't talking to one of the dogs? I hope one of those dogs bite his nuts! What a real man, huh! And seriously, who emails anonymously? All I get is spam and that's really annoying! Man, I feel stupid now because I always considered you a REAL runner. I knew you were tall & all, but now I've really gotta reevaluate you.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I just don't get people today. I guess with the guy on the trail you might say you were lucky to get away from him. You never know if you could have been a victim. And really anonymous emails about posts? There was a blogger who was leaving messages on a very nice quiet couple's blog about his hatred for American Women. Truly bizarre. He left the comments off on his posts though!

Terzah said...

I LOVE your spunk! I know it probably wasn't safe to stick up to that guy, but since it worked out I'm so glad you did. What an a--hole, and he's probably used to getting away with it, so I'm glad you called him on it. And as for the anonymous nasty-gram in your email...I wouldn't bother with such people. Obviously that person is a coward--and jealous because you are tall and willowy!! Run strong (and I'll have some recommendations for you in my next post :^) ).

Terzah said...

P.S. BOOK recommendations, I should have said.

Average A said...

HEY! Thanks for stopping by my blog -- I definitely need to peruse your blog as we have a lot of similar followers. :) LOVE your banner photo... what a lovely family you have! :)


Tricia said...

Wow, you've had your share of mean people/comments. I'll never understand that mentality at all.

I had planned on running Disneyland fast but all your commenters just reminded me about the other's there who will be stopping for pictures. I was sort of hoping that they'd corral similar to the RNR folks and while that still makes for a busy start, it puts the runners up front but I've not idea if that really will happen. So now I'm right with you -- what to do?, what to do??

Caroline said...

they do have corals at Disneyland. the question is do people sign up with the time they think they will do or with their best time...that makes a difference.

Anonymous said...

Wow, people suck! The guy who wins most of our local race is 6'8" and fast as all get out, so I'm not really sure where that troll gets off. And that guy with the dogs sounds like the type to have trained vicious attack dogs, so I don't blame you for being scared.

Jill said...

YAY - happy you're having such a great week!! And wth with the anon. blogger - totally ridiculous. I don't get them (at least not yet) but once I got a very hatred comment from my then-trainer's girlfriend. Bahahah...loser!! :)

Colleen said...

I seriously just want to give you a hug. First off, I hate when people hide behind their comments by being anonymous. Own up to your stupidity people! :)

Second, that guy with the dogs was wrong and he knew it. He couldn't say anything else you to so he cusses at you. Good for giving him the finger. Eh, I would have put both up!

Margs @ Faster Bunny said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment and following :).
And it's almost hilarious what that mean reader said. They have got to be really angry about something in their life! Maybe they were born with two heads and want to take it out on everyone else? :)

Black Knight said...

Anonymous insults come from coward people.
Sorry for the owner and the dogs. The dogs are dogs (and you have a queen at home) but the worst beast is the rude owner. Sometimes I have problems with unleashed an solitary dogs but, luckily, I am safe again.
Enjoy Disneyland and take a lot of pictures, you have plenty of time for another PR.
Have a good week end.

Black Knight said...

Unbelievable, we were commenting our posts each other in the same moment!