Friday, August 19, 2011

I am a boob expert

I can only imagine the kind of search keywords this title will get me!
Oh well...we will see how that goes!!!

So I won the boob game over at XLMIC's blog. 100%.  That's right ladies...I know YOUR boobs and I am not even ashamed of it.  Only Marjorie could come up with a match the boob game!!!! 

Rest day today....yikes....I rest because I have to and I am old and it is what the plan says and I follow the rules BUT I don't like it.  I feel tired and just blah plus well here's too much information for you my readers...I have varicose veins.  Were you able to read that? Aren't those 2 ugly words...fitting to describe something pretty ugly if you ask me.  I have both my parents to thank for this.  BOOOO HOOO Genetics..... It is not too bad (yet) and I only have one (for now) that is a real one and can cause pain sometimes.  Running helps A LOT with that.  Heat is the enemy.  So on a hot resting is not good for me.  Adding to this is my volunteer work at the school, most of it done standing up...not good either. 

Every Friday I spend 3 hours in each of my boys classroom to help the teachers with anything they need.  In the K class it is more hands on with the kids, helping them with writing their names or do projects.  It is only week 2 and the trouble makers are known and  our teacher  will need A LOT of patience to deal with those 2 clowns.  In all the years I have coached and helped in the classrooms I have never seen kids misbehave the way those 2 are.  The teacher has a chart with the goals for the year, what they need to learn, and when they reach a goal the kids get a sticker on the chart.  I was happy and proud to see that Jonathan is following on his brother's footsteps and is leading the board with one of the girls.  In the 2nd grade class I prepare all the paperwork for the following week and the homework for the week also.  

This week we also started AYSO soccer.  Both boys are playing this year, Jonathan is in the SHARKS and Will is in the ELECTRIC FEET.  That means 4 practices and 2 games per week.  Yeah for me who does all of it ALONE.  Still on single parent mode over here.  We had the meetings with their coaches, they both needed referee, team parent and assistant coach.  Of course nobody wants to do any of it and of course I said yes to both coach to be the team parent. 

Tomorrow 11 miles on the menu.  Going early again because as I type this it is 101 here.  I am so ready for the winter.  I am meeting my babysitter who will do 9 miles.  I am so happy she comes with me for the long runs.  I have decided to have my Garmin beep if I go faster than my target pace for my half marathon.  I want to be better at how I start the race, in the last 2 I started way too fast only to either hit the wall or run out of gas before the end.  

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO LEFT KIND MESSAGES ON MY LAST POST REGARDING MY SCAN RESULTS.  I appreciate all of them.  I just want to clarify one thing about cancer.  My situation is that I don't know if it is cancer or not.  That is my main problem right now.  Because the tumor is inside the kidney the Dr cannot do a biopsy because the potentially cancer cells could spread and that would be a tragedy.  The only way to know is to remove the tumor and that means another surgery.  I have had 4 in 6 years and that is more than enough for me.  We have decided that if a scan shows that the tumor has grown..even if it is just 1 mm...I will have the surgery.  I would not be able to live with this fear and stress.  So far so good.


Kate said...

Congrats on your boob victory. :)

I have a bad, ugly vein on the knee I had surgery on. :( It gets very achy and looks so gross. Maybe someday I'll look into vein surgery or something.

I feel for you on the soccer. When I was a single mom I had that same thing going...and of course practice was on the same nights! I bounced back and forth like a pinball.

So cool that you help out in your boys' classes. I have two awesome aides, but sometimes I need about six more sets of hands! So far, so good this year. Keep your fingers crossed!

Jenn said...

Congrats on the Boob game!!!

Awesome for helping out with your boys' teachers in their class!! Oh, the clowns. So tough when you get in a class with a couple of those!

I hear you on being ready for winter and I live in MINNESOTA!! 101 is pretty extreme though. I can't say we get that hot often but the humidity is what kills me. Hopefully your 11 miler goes AWESOME!

I missed commenting on your last post. So glad to hear the scan came back good. Have a great weekend!!

XLMIC said...

You are the Boob Victor!

Hope your 11 goes well :)

Jill said...

I'm wondering what kind of career a boob expert will get you in life....mamogram technichian? :)
Congrats on the victory, regardless!!

I'm still smiling about the tumor, as I know you are too!!

Jill said...

Oh dear god...I do know how to spell technician!!

Anne said...

Congrats to the boob pro! You must be French Canadian ;)

You sound like the kind of parent I was, always involved with the kids in some way. You won't regret any of it, I can promise you that.

misszippy said...

I've gotta get in on this boob stuff!

Best wishes with your scans. Waiting and wondering is a terrible game. Fingers crossed.

Colleen said...

I love that you know who's boobs go with who. :) That's fantastic knowledge to have! HAHAHA!

Kudos for being so involved with your boys. My parents were always super involved and I can never repay them for that... I appreciate it so much!

Keeping you in my thoughts with the scan. I'm sure it's a little unnerving.