Monday, August 22, 2011 Disney

Less than 2 weeks to go.
I finished week 10 of my training plan with 30 miles.

Week 10
Mon: 3 miles
Tue: 5 miles
Wed: 5 miles Speedwork: 6x800 @ 4:30 it was HELL.
Thu: 3 miles in 96 degrees heat..:(...Ready for winter over here!
Fri:  Rest
Sat: 11 miles
Sun: 3 miles recovery
Total: 30 miles!

All my runs were in temps over 90 except speedwork (always on TM) and my long run.
I had to wear my compression socks a lot to help with my varicose vein..those are ugly and painful.

My long run went pretty well.  I had 3 running buddies with my again this week.  I have to say they are the best part of my training.  It is so much easier MENTALLY.  I don't focus on how many miles I have left.  I just talk to them.  I do worry about 2 things though.

#1: for the race they will not be there and I will be on my own with my's Disney so I am counting on the distractions a lot. :)  I am very good at being my worst enemy.

#2: They are all faster then me.  The 2 gals are in their 20s, one is not interested in racing for now and is coming along for exercise, the other one is Rebekah and she will run Long Beach with her dad who is my 3rd running buddy.  He can run the half under 2 hours and I am not there.  I hope we can do the LR together for a long time but I worry that I slow them down and I will understand if they decide to go faster.  When that happens I will try to keep up and see how that goes.

Sunday I went for 3 miles recovery, a dog decided to follow me.  It was fine except he wanted to run between my feet so I kept hitting him and I almost fell twice!

Went for 5 miles this morning.  Was feeling BLAH. Pace was OK but I have a nasty sore throat and I was not 100%. 

It does take me a couple days to recuperate from 10+ miles run.  I burn over 1200 calories and I cannot replace them in one day because I don't eat enough.  I try but it's just not possible for me to do that.  If I replace 1/3 of it, it's pretty good.  Anyway, this week is my last full training week.  I got less reps on the speedwork and  12 miles  this weekend for my last long run. After that: TAPER....I hate taper.

I feel pretty good about this 3rd Half. I have not missed one run so far.  I had good long runs.  Now all I need is to stay healthy and NO HEAT.  I am paranoid about getting sick.  I am sure I am driving my kids and Bill nuts.

My kids will run the kids run at Disneyland.  That is on Saturday.  My race is on Sunday.  I can pick up my packet at the Expo on Saturday but I don't know what to do for the boys.  Expo opens at 9 am on Saturday and their race is at 10 am.  We are staying in Anaheim Saturday night.  I don't want to drive there on Friday after school, I would be stuck in traffic on my way back thank you.  Expo opens at noon on Friday so I cannot go while they kids are in school because Jonathan gets out at 12:35 and it takes about 45 min to get there.  So do I take a chance and go Saturday morning early to be the first one in to get their bibs and run to the starting line? This is when I wish my parents were closer!!! 

One last thing non running related....yesterday my younger son read 4 books on his own for the first time.  I was jumping like a cheerleader "you can read! you can read!" he was like "Mom, RELAX, those are not Diary of a Wimpy kid books!!!"


Jen said...

sorry you're not feeling 100 percent but seems like you are right on track for a great race at Disney!

Carla said...

I do not know how you take the heat! Ugh. Good job on getting your miles in!

giraffy said...

Hopefully the not feeling well disappears in the next 13 days!

Congrats to the new reader!!

SupermomE12 said...

There will be TONS of distractions with the Disney race. Promise! And people are super friendly. :)

Feel better and good luck with the logistics. If I lived closer I would just pick him up from school for you so you could go on Friday! :)

Jill said...

You're going to do awesome at Disney, just gotta trust your training and believe it's possible and all will be good.

Very cool about your son's 4 book - yahoo!!

Kate said...

I'm so impressed with you getting in all those runs in the heat. I ran 9.5 yesterday when it was 89 and was super slow AND spent the next hour or so trying not to throw up. :-/

If you're running faster than your pace and keeping up ok, maybe your pace is faster than you think it is? :) Having some faster run buddies is awesome. I did last winter. It was great for my endurance...they'd wait for me at turns when I got behind, and then when I caught up, they'd take off again. :) They were all rested, and I had to keep on slogging.

Teamarcia said...

You are killing the training, girl, heat and all!
Yay for 4 books--awesome!

XLMIC said...

Really, I am super impressed with how consistently you've been training with the heat and husband away a lot. Kudos, Caroline :)

I think Disney half will go very well for you!

And awesome about your boy reading :)

Nelly said...

Sounds like your training is going well! Good luck at the half marathon!

That is crazy that you were at the WTC on 9/11/00. That is really eerie. That is great that you are doing that race on 9/11/11 - I wish I could do something similar, but I'm injured.

Terzah said...

GOOD LUCK with your taper. Get lots of rest and eat well.

I have another book rec for you--my book club just read it and I think you'll like it a lot: The Story of Beautiful Girl. Give it a shot...since you'll have taper time for reading now. :^)

Julie said...

You're going to have such a great time!!!!

Your son cracked me up at the end :-)

Black Knight said...

That is a very good mileage, appropriate for the race you are going to run.
Enjoy your tapering time.

Fruit Fly said...


Sorry - had to get that out of my system. I hope we have a lot of on-course distractions. I've had one thing after another derail my training, so I'm pretty much throwing myself into this completely unprepared. Fun is the name of the game this time. I think you'll be freaking awesome!!