Friday, August 26, 2011


That is the number I saw in my car yesterday and no it was not my was the temperature: 110 at 5 pm for soccer practice! It did not affect Jonathan who kept coming in first and jumping over his ball!!!

Today it is much cooler with 105.  I went running at the GYM.  5 miles Speedwork 8x400.  Last Speedwork before the race.  Tomorrow I have 12 miles on the plan as my last long run but it is supposed to be just has hot.  This morning it was over 90 at 7 am.  That is hot for 12 miles!  I don't know what to do.  If it is super hot I might do 9 instead.  I will still go outside for sure but over 90 maybe I will run less.  I would hate to get super dehydrated and get muscle cramps and have a hard time recovering from a LR so close to my race.  I have ran double digit LR for the last 4 weeks I feel good about that.   I looked at the forecast for the Half far projecting a freezing 78 degrees.

Bill's health update....see here if you missed the breaking news (He was FORCED to stay home...a whole day)
He went back to work the next day....I know shocker...and he came home at 9 pm....clearly he learned NOTHING from his little set back.  The good news is that his boss realized that maybe Bill has been working too much this summer...You think????

I think I finally answered all of Will's questions about 9-11 the best I could.  For now anyway.  Thank you to the ones who gave me advices for this after reading my last post.  I tried to focus on how brave people were and how people helped each other through this tragedy and shift HIS focus away from "the bad guys" and the why and him wanting to see the planes go in the towers (2 classmates saw clips of that on youtube and of course they told the whole class).   We have to take planes to go see my family and I would hate for my kids to be scared of flying because they now know that one dark day some really bad guys were on planes with some other people who were very nice and something terrible happened.  Jonathan who is 5 asked if there were kids on these planes and I told him the truth, I honestly don't remember if they were kids on board.  He said :"Well I am sure there were no kids because otherwise they would have not done what they did."  "Right" I said.  The longer he believes in that, the better.


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

110 is way to hot for soccer practice I would have died of heat stroke, what a little trooper!

Michael said...

Wow 110!! We have FINALLY gotten a break from the heat here and it's wonderful. Only temps in the upper 80s. Still humid, but I'll take it for sure.

I love that you didn't correct Jonathon about the 9/11 should still be able to believe that something like that couldn't happen to them.

Anne said...

That is HOT! Phew...don't stress about today's run, you're already ready for your half :)

I like your answer to Jonathan...he needs to keep believing this for a while longer. You truly handled this whole thing wonderfully.

Emz said...

Omgosh you in az?
Hot sucks.

You rock with your answers on 9-11

Chris K said...

Hope you got through your 12 miler. Maybe just slow it down, hydrate, and zip up your man suit?