Sunday, August 28, 2011

Work is done. TAPER time (yikes)

Week 11 is done.  In one week at this hour I will have ran my 3rd Half Marathon.  I feel good about how I trained but now I am nervous.  Was it good enough?  Will I be able to last in the heat without hitting the freaking wall?  It has been very hot here.  Compare to other states right now I know it is nothing to complain about.  I do CRAPPY in the heat.  My body shuts down even if I drink a lot and take salt tablets, I still loose a lot of salt and get dehydrated.  That is what happened yesterday for my long hot run.

I ended up doing 10 miles.  It was hard, really hard.  Sun was out at 6:05.  It was 88 and humid when I left at 6 am.  It was really hot 10 miles later...Heck it was hot 2 miles later!!!  My running partners did not come with me so this was also a big mental test for me.  I guess it was good because, well they are not running the half marathon with me!  I wanted to do double digit no matter what,  I needed that to be confident for my race.  I went slow and I drank a lot.  I took salt tablets before I left and at mile 5.  I should have taken some earlier and then again during the run.  People have said you cannot do well at Disney because of runners who stop to take pics along the way, but I have talked to others who ran it last year and 3 of them got a PR there so I am going for it!!

Friday I will drive to the race Expo to pick up the race packets for me and the boys.  Saturday it is their race and Sunday the big day!  We will stay there  Saturday and Sunday! WITH BILL.

This was week 11

mon: 5 miles
tue: 3 miles tempo
Wed: 3 miles at race pace
Fri: 5 miles speedwork 8x400
Sat: 10 miles
Sun 3 miles recovery
total: 29 miles

Mon-Tue-Wed-Sat-Sun: All in the heat :(

Tomorrow I start TAPER.  I do not like Taper.  I feel like I loose my mind and my fitness.  I know it is not true but I still feel that way.  I also question everything regarding the race and how I train.  I drive myself completely MAD.

Mon: 3 miles
Tue: 3 miles at Pace
Wed: 3 miles easy
Thu: 2 miles easy
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest

Because I have to drive to the Expo Friday, I won't be able to help both teachers in the morning...I will have time for just one class.  I feel bad about that.

Congrats to everyone who ran HOOD TO COAST!  I cannot wait to read all of your posts!


SupermomE12 said...

Congrats on getting to taper!!!! I hate it too (although at least for a half it is just a week!) I am so excited for your family and your races. I totally think you can PR at a Disney race. Lots of people stop for pics but you don't have to and people are pretty considerate of those who are running. It will be a blast! And how fun we are racing on the same weekend. I am hoping for COOL temps for you!!

giraffy said...

I am REALLY hoping for cool temps by next weekend. This heat is awful...

I'm not going for a PR at Disneyland.... I'm focusing my PR attention on Lomg Beach!

Enjoy your taper, I always have a tough time too!!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I hate taper too, I keep thinking I need to be doing more than I am. Enjoy your taper may it be cooler! Good luck in Disney land.

Anne said...

I haven't started tapering yet and I'm already wondering if I did enough to run a marathon :) Have a great time in Disney with the boys and Bill!! Just enjoy your taper now.

Tricia said...

Oh shoot! I hadn't thought about the weather. I've been running in the am's and up here it is 60ish. The lows are 62 so I'm hoping that stays around for the race? Has there been that lovely marine layer?

I'm going to go for it on the run as well...I've never done a Disney run but it has a corral start like the RNR runs and when I did San Jose RNR last year, that corral start really helps mitigate the problem of so many people in a race. You start with folks running just like you are so while crowded it is manageable. This is my 3rd Half as well -- and I'm excited (except for that taper part cuz yeah, taper means panic). :)

Caroline said...

60? Not here! I wish! Where do you live Tricia? For now forecast is high 80s

Michael said...

We have been dealing with that crazy heat and humidity all summer. But you will be ready for Disney that's for sure!! It's finally cooling down a bit here in the mornings, but the humidity hasn't really given up yet. Soon enough we'll be wishing for the heat again though!!

Good luck at Disney!

Carla said...

I get the tapering blues too! Good job on getting your runs in during the insane heat, and good luck at Disney!

The Unexpected Runner said...

Good luck! I will hope some cool Canadian breezes come your way for the race!

Nelly said...

Good luck on the run! Hopefully the temps isn't insanely hot on race day.

Fruit Fly said...

I am just like you with the heat. Perhaps if we both cross our fingers and wish on stars and do whatever we can .... well maybe we'll get nice cool weather for Disneyland.

Have a happy taper --- and an even happier race!!

MCM Mama said...

Good luck on the race!

I think I'm the only weirdo who likes taper LOL.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Just now catching up ... sorry! I didn't know it ever got to 88 anywhere in CA! That's pretty warm to be running! Don't be nervous - you'll be awesome as always in this thing! If it's hot, SLOW DOWN!!! It may ruin your pace plan, but you'll finish a lot stronger! Good luck! Be great today (in a few days)!

Black Knight said...

Enjoy your tapering time. Rest, take care and save energy for the main event!