Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lucky Week

I am having one lucky week.
I almost cannot believe it.

So it started Sunday with this

Ring! Ring!
"Hi may I speak with Caroline please"
"Yes this is Caroline"
"Hi it's Danny from the ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW!"
"I have 2 guarantee tickets for you for September 15 do you still want them?"
"YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!"

Going to the Ellen Show is like going to a party,  it is so fun!  I have been lucky getting tickets to go a few times already.  It helps to be local to get them I think and also knowing when to request the tickets is key!

Monday I find out that I won a NUUN giveaway on Kerrie's blog!

And now today...the big one.
This morning I went to the hospital for my 6 mos scan.  For the new readers, the short story, I have a tumor in my left kidney and I have to have scan every 6 mos to see if it grows.  I do not know if it is cancer or not because they cannot do a biopsy on those tumors.  It has been there for 2 years now.
When I got back I went for 3 miles run.
It went great.
When I got back I checked my email and I had one from the Keith Urban fan club saying this: 

CONGRATS! You've Won Our Keith Urban "Feet Up On The Dashboard" Street Team Contest!‏

 The prize is 2 Backstage pass to go Meet Keith.  

I could not believe it!
For the contest we had to email a picture of what we like to do during the summer time.
Most people sent pics of themselves relaxing by a pool and a lot of folks took pics of themselves with their feet up the dashboard of their car.  They went with the title of the contest! I decided to send this picture:

I said I like to spend my summer time running a half marathon by the ocean and listen Keith's music in my ipod while I do this!!!  Who knew running would get me to meet Keith again!!!  I am really happy but I also have a huge problem now.

I get one pass. I have another one for a guest.
I have 2 sons.
Now if you read my posts you know they both LOVE Keith.  For new readers who don't know the story it is here

How do I pick? One will be jumping of joy and one will be heartbroken.
I think mini Urban should come with me for this one.

Yes that is Keith on the cake.
Remember the little video we made for Emz 24h marathon run? It was him in the back singing and playing air guitar with a piece of paper!

For now he has the lead....they dont know about this yet...concert is in 2 mos I still have time to think about this.


Lisa said...

Wow, have you considered buying a lottery ticket???

pthomas said...

I know it is a long shot but I would ask them if there is and way possible to get one more backstage pass. You could explain it is so you can take both sons to meet Keith and even send them a copy of what you wrote in your blog about their love of Keith. The worst they could say is no!

Kate said...

SERIOUSLY!? That is GREAT luck!! The Ellen show is going to be SO much fun! I adore her. Tell her hello for me :)

Kate said...
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Kate said...
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runnergirl training said...

Wow, how exciting!! Congrats!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Wow! I think you should ask for another pass. How can you choose?

Cari Mugz said...



I love Ellen and Keith!!! I am soooo jealous!

You deserve it!!! LOVE IT!

RockStarTri said...

You are on a roll. Keep it going. What's next?

Teamarcia said...

Wow! Tons of fabulous stuff! I say come up with something equally awesome for your other son. Tough but you have to.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I am in awe of your luck! Ellen and Keith! Good luck with figuring out who to take with you to Keith. I won some shot bloks today..YAY. Almost as cool...

Chris K said...

You must be throwing out some awesome energy into the universe. You deserve every single thing you got.

middleagedrunner said...

WOW! What a week! I second the lottery ticket idea- clearly, there is some sort of karmic good luck in the universe for you right now....

Jenn said...

Lucky week is RIGHT!! OH-that is a serious dilemma with the tickets. I have no idea how in the world I would make that decision!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

How cool!! Lot's of neat things happening for you!

Jill said...

Wow girl, you need to buy a lottery ticket, you are on a freaking lucky streak! VERY COOL!! I would have a hard time picking which son,'ll have to treat the other one to something special too.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You must be in mini heaven with all the luck you have with Eleen and Keith

Nelly said...

What an awesome week! I'm with pthomas, try to ask if they could spare another backstage pass. They might depending on the circumstances. Enjoy all the fun!

Darlene said...

Buy a lottery ticket!

RoseRunner said...

what an understatement. I've never heard of something this uncanny, it really does make me believe in luck, or karma, or somehow you deserve this all!! I'm so happy to hear you are healthy. what a huge relief that must be!

Laura said...


Julie said...

WOW Lucky Lady!! I need some of what you've got :-)

That is some Keith Urban dilemma, though :-(

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

AHHHH YOU DESERVE THE BEST WEEK EVER!!! KEITH AND ELLEN....I am SO JEALOUS!! Love that picture of your running!

Terzah said...

That's AWESOME! So happy for you, and it speaks well of the Keith contest folks that they picked you. Of course running while listening to him is way cooler than sitting by the pool. I don't know how I'd handle the kid choice--mine do everything together--she even goes to all-boys' parties w/ him and vice versa. Let me know how you decide what to do.

Colleen said...

Oh my goodness... you are EXTREMELY lucky. Go buy a lottery ticket! :)

You can take me to the Keith Urban meet and greet so that your kids don't get jealous. I know, I know... so nice of me to offer and take one for the team! :)

Fruit Fly said...

Wow! You are on a roll .... let's keep that lucky streak going!!