Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to School

The 2011-2012 school year has started.
Jonathan was so happy to go to the big school with his brother!
My baby is in Kindergarten! Will in 2nd grade.
When they came home they had lots of stories to tell me. 
I asked Jonathan how was Kindergarten and this is what I got:

Nice tan right?

Yes, I do feed him.  He is a tall stick.

So I guess that meant something like GREAT!!!!

The night before we did this to celebrate the last day of summer vacation and look who was there for 10 minutes on a weekend...yes I recognize him it is Bill...who is still working insane hours...last week his shortest day was 16 hours and his longest 21.

I completed week 8 of Disney Half Marathon training
Week 8:
Mon: 5 miles: speedwork: 5x800
Tue: 4.5 miles
Wed: 3 miles
Thu: 3 miles tempo
Fri: OFF
Sat: 5k race: report here
Sun: 10 miles.
total: 28.5 miles

Yesterday went for 3 miles recovery...it was not great...my legs were super tight from my 10 miles run the day before.  Today went for 5 miles and it was better.  It is still very hot here. Now I run outside after I drop the kids and it is almost 9 when I start so the sun is out and it is over 90.  There's no shade on the trail by my house.  I do the distance and I slow down if I have to.  Yesterday I got dehydrated and that brought a lovely migraine..not just a headache. Boo hooo.

Tomorrow it is my 6 mos screening for my kidney tumor, then I get to wait one long week for the results.  I usually don't think about it too much but during the days between the screening and getting the results I do think about it.  And I worry.  And it sucks.  Hopefully the Doc will say that it did not grow and we screen in another 6 mos.



Terzah said...

Good luck with the screening and congrats to you and your boys on the start of a school year. Next year mine will go to kindergarten. We will try to enjoy our last "baby" year as much as possible!

Oh, and I owe you two titles since you had already read two of my suggestions. I hear Unbroken is *awesome*--it's on my list. Have you read Born to Run? I'm guessing yes, but if not get that one. It's great! Meanwhile, try Major Pettigrew's Last Stand (Simonson) and People of the Book (by Brooks).

Colleen said...

You have such darling boys! :)

Sending good thoughts for the screening! xo

Christine said...

Sending tons of positive thoughts for the screening. I know how it feels and even if you tell yourself not to worry, you do worry. Hang in there and I'm sure all will be fine :)

Becky said...

Fingers crossed for a good screening result! Let us know!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Back to school already?! Gosh, our summer just started (it seems). We don't go back until after labor day. I hope your results come back good Caroline!

SupermomE12 said...

I have a "stick" kid too. :)

It seems so early for back to school. Crazy!!

you will be in my prayers for good results for the kidney scan and peace while you wait for news.

Anne said...

Je pense à toi pour le "screening"...bonne chance!

School already...they start back early in CA! Those boys are so adorable :)

Jenn said...

Back to school!! We have another month of summer! Your boys look so cute in their little outfits! Yes, you have a skinny little stick there! A cute one though!

Great training week and I will be thinking of you with your screening tomorrow. Also, the entire week as you await your results.

Laura said...

Sending best wishes on the screening.
...you boys are so cute!