Friday, August 5, 2011

Boys of Summer

Well summer vacations are almost over.

This morning we went back to school for Jonathan's Kindergarten orientation.  
We found out he was chosen to be in a K-1 combo!
I am VERY happy about that.  I was afraid he would get bored and get in trouble.  Being with 1st graders will be great for him.
Later this afternoon we go back to see where Will is going to end up and who will be in his class.  He should keep the same teacher he had last year and I am very happy about that also.

After that we had to go to the lab for blood tests. All 3 of us.
Yeah that was fuuuuuuuun.
Not really.

Yesterday the kids had their last day of camp.  Meg, their camp counselor was so sad that they were not coming back next week.  She was the best!  She made my day by saying this "Your boys made my days better this summer!" Ah! I almost cried in front of everyone there.  For any parents nothing is better than hearing things like this right?
As stay at home mom, it makes me feel like I am doing something good, it is like my paycheck in a way!!

So summer 2011 is almost in the past.

I always try to make the summer fun for the kids so that they have good memories.
Today I asked them : "What will you say on Monday when your teacher asks what you did during the summer?"

Jonathan: "That I did a race!" (Race is tomorrow)
Will: "That we went to see Cars 2 and the Smurfs!"
Me : "I see,  and did you forget we went on a trip?" (May 26-June7)
Jonathan: "Well Mom,  that was not summer, that was SPRING!"
He is 5.
He told ME.

Today is rest day....I always feel yuk on rest days...I have aches and pain for no reason.

Tomorrow: 5k race and 1k kids race!  My goals:  to have a PR, run neg splits and finish with a sprint, all that without dry heaves.

Sunday 10 miles on the menu.

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SupermomE12 said...

You are an AWESOME mommy!!! Have so much fun at the race... sounds like a blast (and sorry about the lab... we had three kids needing blood draws this week and I know that is NO FUN). Can't wait to hear the family race recap. :)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Good luck tomorrow. Kill that 5k.

Kate said...

Good luck on your race! I love that your son is pre-excited about telling his teacher about his race.

It looks like your boys have had a wonderful summer. And I agree, there is no joy like seeing your children appreciated for the amazing people that they are. Such a great feeling. :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Good luck tomorrow girl! And so wonderful that you try to make summer memorable! I try gets hard to break the monotony of the days so I sign up for lots of stuff...gymnastics, dance, etc. Btw, I did answer your questions the end of one of my posts...I'll go back and find the link...You had good questions.

Jenn said...

You should be a proud mama there girl! You're obviously doing a great job raising those beautiful boys of yours!!!

Best of luck tomorrow! Go get that PR!!! You have it in you FOR SURE! Have a blast celebrating with your family! Thinking of you and cheering for you!

Terzah said...

Sounds like a great summer! And yes, having your kids complimented like that is the best.

Have fun tomorrow! And good luck to you and your son.

Emz said...

Ya you don't like in AZ.....your kids know the seasons!!?! Cracked me up. I asked the pita the difference between autumn & fall last year. [wish I was kidding]. Here it's either summer or NOT summer.

Have a blast tomorrow!!
Rock it!

Emz said...

*live* not like. [ugggg - fat fingers on iPhone]

Jill said...

I dislike how fast summer goes - not fair!!

Good luck to the kiddos in the race tomorrow, sounds like so much fun!

Carrie said...

Have a great race tomorrow! We still have 4 more weeks until school starts. I always find that weird just the next county over.

XLMIC said...

Go grab that 5K PR, Caroline... it is YOURS.

Your boys are such sweet, good kids. I do believe it is a direct reflection of the parenting they get :)