Saturday, April 16, 2011

Who will be #100?

I cannot believe this but I have 99 followers!
Thank you all for following me and my journey!

It is HOT here in Southern California! Over 90! I do not do well in the heat.  I went for a 4 miles run this morning, it was already 85.  This was a 4 miles PACE, I went maybe 15 sec faster.  Tomorrow I have 11 miles for my long run, after that one I will have one more long run on Easter day and then taper, race is in 2 weeks.  I bought a new belt and I tried it today for the first time; tomorrow will be the real test.  So far so good.  Much better then my other one. 

New one: it is that color also.
Old one:
I took 1 salt tablet, that was not enough so tomorrow going with 2 and will bring 1 with me with 1 liquid shot and water.

I finished that book:

I LOVED it.  Great story.  I will go see the movie even though I think it will be impossible to do the book justice.  I can see the Twilight dude (Rob something don't remember, yeah I am one of the rare ones who have not read those books or seen the movies) as Jacob.

I leave you with this interesting article my husband found on Yahoo! today. 
He is now very sorry he told about it!!! (He is a California boy)
Who is number 1? Numéro 1?
Oh Canada!!!!!
2. Bermuda
3. South Africa
4. USA
5, Australia

You can read more here



(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Hey, I just got "Water for Elephants" from the library on CD to listen to and from work. I'm glad you recommend it.

You poor thing with the heat. I am so appreciating Oregon spring weather these days.

Danielle said...

We have had a couple days over 90 here in Texas. It has been HOT. I think I'll go find a copy of Water for Elephants and check it out!

Amanda@runninghood said...

I've got to get caught up on here again...sorry. ;) Love the green color...I have that exact pack in orange that I just did my 21 in. Love it!!!

Darcy said...

I just looked at a similar belt at our Dick's sporting goods store! Is it the Nathan belt? I've tried a handheld a few times but I do not like carrying something. Hope it's cooler for your long run tomorrow!

Caroline said...

Darcy: yes Nathan. not the speed the trail. speed has velcro and this one has a buckle

Anne said...

C'est vrai qu'on est "friendly" au Canada - surtout au Québec :)
Thanks for telling us about that book, I'm always looking for a good read!

Julie said...

ME!!! I'm 100... I thought I was already a foller but guess not!

Like the new belt!

Kate said...

I LOVED that book! Loved it. Good choice.

And here I see you're already up to 100. :)

I was all jealous of you guys and your heat, and then I ran on our first 80 degree day and remembered it's not all it's cracked up to be. Ugh. Time to get acclimated to the heat again...but not too quickly because my marathon is in Wisconsin in two weeks...and they just had SNOW yesterday!! :-/