Friday, March 23, 2012

Run Fatty!

Run Forest Run! You know that famous line right?

Yesterday I went for 5 miles run.  I run on a fairly busy street that has a lot of shops and traffic lights.   Sometimes people I know honk at me, some people men stare and  yesterday some punk yelled out "Run Fatty".  If you are my Facebook friend you know this already because I put that on my status. 

Most of my friends commented that I am not fat.  I know  The reason I shared that and I am posting this now is to show people are mean.  For no reason.  It is pretty sad.
Those were 2 young punk driving an old Camaro.  Their moms did an awesome job raising them obviously. 

Here's the thing, yesterday it did not bother me in a way that it would hurt my feelings.  It bothers me to witness that kind of behavior towards anyone.  Recently I saw an interview with Julia Roberts and she was saying that she does not like the Internet and the social networking websites like twitter and facebook because people can be mean and say all kinds of crap and hide.  She is right.  These guys were not really hiding because I saw them in their car but they drove away in the opposite direction and clearly I was not going to run after them.  I was tempted to show them how long my middle finger is but I did not...that would have give them the satisfaction to get a reaction out of me.  Bottom line is mean people are cowards.

Yesterday "Run Fatty" did not bother me. 
But 3 years ago it would have.

If that guy had said "Run Fatty" to this gal in the pictures.  She would have been crushed and humiliated and she would have not returned running "in public".  I am pretty sure this is what would have happened.  It is likely that I would have given up.

If there are women, or men, out there trying to change their lives for the better and some morron yells something mean like that to them it could send them back to square one.  That is sad and depressing

Tomorrow: Race Day! 
5k Susan G Komen.
My goal is to beat last year's time.
This is a tough course for a 5k.  There is a nasty hill in the first mile.
I pulled something in my groin doing the myrtl routine yesterday so I am going to be careful.

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Elle said...

Yeah, stupid comments coming from thoughtless kids. They thought they were just being smart... and I am sure never gave really hurting your feelings a real consideration at all.

I am glad you didn't react. That could lead to trouble and best to not let them even know you heard them, I think.

Love the new header on your blog.

SupermomE12 said...

That is terrible and I am really sorry it happened. I don't understand people and it makes me crazy when people are mean to each other for no reason. I am glad you were able to not let their random meanness hurt you. You are beautiful and fit!!! :) Hugs!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I have had some weird things yelled to me too. People are weird and all they want is a reaction out of you. That was obvious by calling you fatty! You are far from that!!

Jenny @ simply be me said...

I run on my lunch break during the week, which is also the lunch break for the local high school. Even though I am in my 30s there is something about a group of teenage boys that intimidates me. Thankfully, no one has made any comments as I run by but the thought always crosses my mind.

Annet said...

They are obviously jealous of your awesome fitness!! But I agree how easily that could derail a beginner...

And best line in the post? "Their moms did an awesome job raising them obviously." Almost made me spit out my coffee.

Terzah said...

You already know what I think of those idiots!

GOOD LUCK in the 5K tomorrow! I'm looking forward to (hopefully) meeting you next month. That weekend was supposed to be my big spring half-marathon, but meeting my baby niece and meeting you will more than make up for having to miss the race.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Enjoy the race tomorrow!

The Unexpected Runner said...

Good luck in the race!

People can be thoughtless and mean. Good for you not letting them get a rise out of you.

And I LOVE the new header!

Jill said...

It's so senseless that people have to say such harsh things. The only reason they do that is because they feel so bad about themselves and have to bring others down with them. You look amazing, Caroline. I think people who have lost so much weight as yourself are a bit more sensitive to the words....but you look fantastic and I'm so proud of all you've accomplished!

Good luck with the race tomorrow - have a blast!

Julie Arts said...

It just breaks my heart to read this. WHAT is wrong with people?!?!

Once, a friend of mine told me about running and some guys called her fat and threw a big gulp at her and hit her!

It is beyond me to understand how someone can be so unhappy with themselves that they want to harm the self esteem of perfect strangers.

lindsay said...

That is ridiculous! Mean people suck. I mean, what is the point of saying this? Def cowards bc they could drive off in a hurry. I hate when people yell things or honk horn when I'm running. Josh (husband) gets riled up when they honk - I'm trying to get him to "be the bigger person" and keep a certain finger to himself.

On the Right Track said...

It's a mean cold world out there are an inspiration to all of us and a real testiment in showing us how you can and will get to where you want to be and reach your destination.
You look fabulous!!!

Nelly said...

I don't understand it, you seem to get some really bad comments from anonymous bloggers, and now you get people yelling at you from their cars. I'll never understand why guys seem to yell at girls running. When I ran with my friend who is a girl occasionally, some cars would drive by and yell stuff. I wished the car would stop so we could confront the car to tell them they are idiots.

People can say whatever they want in life, but you need to back up what you say to people. If those guys are going to say that stuff, they need to say it to your face and get out and give you the opportunity to respond. If they did get out or something, I would went off on them. Cowards.

RunningOnCoffee said...

It is sad that they would yell that! A simple honk or "whooo" yelled out the window would have been just fine :-P

One of my former (overweight) coworkers had decided to do something about her weight a few years ago. She changed her eating habits and started to walk and even ride her bike. While she was riding her bike a car drove by and people yelled some things at her. (Also, another coworker thought she was joking and and questioned "YOU rode a BIKE!?" Not the support she was looking for, she was definitely discouraged, not wanting to be laughed at.

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Sorry you got to experience rudeness firsthand. You are a beautiful person.

Showing them how long your middle finger is, is an expression I have not heard before. That's funny.

Hope your 5k went well.

Jenn said...

I'm behind again! I hope your race went well yesterday! Yes, there are surely some punks out there. Punk kids who turn out to be punk adults....Cowards.

I hope your groin is feeling OK. Look forward to reading the RR!!

Pam said...

*sigh* The world is full of assholes.

And people wonder why I prefer the company of animals. lol

Denise said...

I hate hecklers when running- it doesn't happen to me so much in Rancho but when I run on my lunch break in Diamond Bar I've had a few rude encounters.

And you really are absolutely stunning in person so those kids were looney!