Monday, March 19, 2012

Following the pack..and a curse on Duke

Following the pack.  I have never been a follower of what is popular or "trendy".  As far as fashion goes..forget it.. I am in Levis and T-Shirt since High School.   Music..pretty much the same thing..I cannot stand rap and hip hop for the most part.  I still listen to Bruce Springsteen and well that Keith guy because my kids did convince me he is pretty great.   So I broke my usual habit with the Brooks Pure Flow.  I did follow the pack.  I read so many great reviews on these shoes that I convinced myself that they would be MAGICAL for me too.   Turns out they are not great for EVERYONE and that is true for ALL running shoes out there. 
This day 4

It still hurts a lot.  I still got my long run done yesterday.  10 hard miles.  Weather was perfectly cold but very WINDY.  My knees hurt, you cannot see on the picture, but I have bruises all around  the red parts.   I finished the week at 30 miles, I am happy.

So my weekend started with this nasty fall on Friday...and later that day..I watched my beloved Duke fall apart in round 1 of the NCAA tournament.  ROUND 1!  LEHIGH University....seriously....I put a black shirt over my Duke shirt and went in mourning...LEHIGH University...................depressing.

It is pretty clear to me that EMZ put a curse on Duke...I see no other explanation to this fiasco.

I watched a lot of basketball this weekend.  Duke, Georgetown, Michigan and Missouri made my brakets bleed all over.  Yikes.  Last year I finished 2nd in my pool of over 150 people, not going to happen this year...although my pick to win it all is still alive.  The best game  of the tournament so far for me was Marquette vs Murray St.  What a great game that was..very physical.  My favorite player: Marquette #32 Jae Crowder, I now call him the BEAST.

This coming Saturday I will run my 3rd Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in LA.
This marks 2 years of running for me.  The first year I ran it for my friend Shana.  Last year I ran for her and Bill's step mother Laura.  This year another name added to my list, Jane the wife of Bill's best friend.  I hope that next year there will not be a 4th name to add to my list.  Enough already.   Shana and Laura are cancer free.  Jane is at the beginning of her fight, she had her first chemo 3 days ago.  If you want to join my team or donate to the cause please go here

I added a tab called RACES.   I listed all the races that I have done so far (this weekend will be race #34!) with links to Race Recaps.


Kathy said...

:( Duke!!!
You are welcome to join the Izzone and be a temporary MSU fan until next season!!!
Still running on those knees? Ahh, what am I saying, I'd be doing the same thing!
My cancer list keeps growing too, makes me crazy.
Great job this week!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Those knees look pretty bad and it takes a while for them to heal. I love the new look of your blog. I have been trying to figure out how to do the tab with the links to the race reports. You are going to have to teach me! Sorry about your team!

giraffy said...

Ouch :(

I can't make it to run with your team this weekend - PCRF commitments. But I donated in honor of my aunt, who passed 4 years ago next month from breast cancer. Thank you for running!

Jill said...

Oh no!!! I'm so sorry about your knees and the fall! I'm also sorry the Flows didn't work for you :(. Maybe the lower heel drop is probably causing you to not pick up your foot as much?!? I love them...but they did take about 2 runs for my Achilles to accept them. I hope your nasty bruises and scabs heal soon!!

Sorry about Duke, too. ugh. It just wasn't your day! I think you need a do-over! :)

Terzah said...

I love the races tab...when I saw your 2012 list I thought those were the ones you'd already done! Then I looked closer. :^)

macnic said...

OWWWW! I can see those bruises! I don't follow March Madness, but heard on Sportscentre that it was a weekend of upsets for everyone.

On the Right Track said...

Your blog looks great!!! I love the new look! I can't believe duke lost either...but as a Louisville fan...I'm pretty psyched...I cheered there in college many many years ago ;) LOVE march madness!!

good Luck in your run...cancer sucks! Lost my mom to it!

Kate said...

I know we already commiserated on facebook, but my poor bracket...bad, bad. Like I said, I'm particularly sorry for you guys who are true fans as opposed to me just wanting my random bracket to do well.

Hmmm...what size shoes do you wear? ;-)

Jen said...

Wow - between the knees, your bracket and Duke it sounds like a pretty painful weekend!

Good for you for getting your 10 miles in despite the discomfort.

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Rach @ Girl on the Run said...

I hope your knees heal soon! Looks like it was a very scary fall.

Lily on the Road said...

Holy Ouch!! I can see the bruising on your knees. Yikes, mine are sympathy aching just looking at that photo!

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

I am so sorry for your knees but good luck with your race. What a great cause!

ajh said...

Ouch! Your knees do look sore. I have scars on my knees from my own falls. Heal fast.

Caratunk Girl said...

OUCH!!! Those knees look so sore!! That sucks. Good luck with your race, what a great cause for sure.

I am so jealous you got to meet EMZ!!!

Karine said...

Sorry about your fall. Sorry about Duke.

But the picture of you with Emily..........makes me happy and I smile everytime I see it.

Black Knight said...

I am sorry for your knee, I hope that you heal very soon. My next race, even if slowly, will be the Race for the Cure in Rome on may 20th. I want and I must do it: I am a cancer survivor too.
Great picture with big smiles (I mean you and EMZ).