Thursday, March 1, 2012

Change of Plan

People don't like changes.  Well some do of course and they embrace it even but most don't.
My next Half Marathon is the Hollywood Half Marathon.  This is a brand new race.

So far they have been doing a great job at keeping people informed about everything concerning the race on their Facebook page and on Twitter.  They had several promotions also and I used one when I signed up and save a lot of $.

They asked people input for the shirts, the medals and for other things.  Of course when you ask hundreds of people for their opinions you will get it all and you will not be able to please everyone.  I think they were going all out to try to please the majority and make this a great event and that they really have the best intentions.

So it was "marketed" as a Hollywood event, with red carpet at the finish line and a "Run with the Stars" theme with big finish at Universal Studios.  (They never named anyone famous who would be running this event. ) I signed up because it looks like it will be fun and it is close to where I live and it was pretty cheap at $50.  Cannot beat that.

The course was to take runners from Universal Studio down to Hollywood, on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame Blvd and Sunset Blvd and back up to Universal Studios.  The course was a loop with one big hill in the second half of the course.

Yesterday, the race director made an announcement and posted that the city has decided to modify the course and presented an alternate route which eliminates the hill at the end.
This is the new course

  • Point to point instead of a loop.
  • Downhill course.
  • Shuttle will be needed to get back to Universal Studios.
The race director is very upset by all this.  The race is in a month.  This change would mean increases of fees on road closures, shuttle buses, gear check, finish line decor in 2 places because they would still keep the big festivities they have planned at Universal Studios but also offer the choice to the runners of getting their medals on the red carpet at Universal Studios OR after they cross the finish line.

People went nuts on Facebook.  Of course they did.
A lot of complaining.  "It is not Hollywood anymore"  " I want the hill"  "I don't want to get on a shuttle after the race"  "I want my money back"  "I  don't have time to wait for shuttle after my race"  "If I wanted to run LA I would run LA!"  "I am training for hills, now what am I supposed to do?"  "This is not right"  "Who will pay for my hotel room that is at the start" (really?) "I will not do the race if it changes BOO" "No hill? that is stupid" "I want to run Hollywood because my work is there"...and much much more.

I feel so bad for the poor race director.  It is all out of his hands.  Nothing he can do about it.

Me I don't really care.
I am happy that I get to do it.
I am happy that I get to do any race actually.

The truth is I would have signed up if they had presented the 2nd course to begin with, it still goes on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and at Hollywood and Highland and the medal is really nice.   And who knows who I will be running next to....or after?!

People don't like changes and people LOVE to complain.


Jason said...

LOVE to complain.....LOVE IT!

Drives me f'n nuts.

Terzah said...

Yeah, people do love to complain and I feel bad for that race director too. Send him your blog post--it will make him feel good.

Life is much easier if you go with the flow unless you absolutely shouldn't.

L Finch said...

I totally agree with the post above me - send the race director your blog post!!! It WAS out of his control

Tricia said...

People just love to complain -- that's all there is to it. Like the race director planned this to torment people.

Grump grump.

I ran a small 10k last summer up here put on by these guys -- and it was lovely. They are so nice and personable and I loved that race (hope they come back up here this summer). I was hoping to come down there to do this one but it was not to be (and now with this darned foot probably best I didn't sign up). I saw what was happening on FB an felt so bad. Stupid city of LA and stupid complainer.

Neon Blonde Runner said...

OK a couple things...

FIrst of all, I LOVE your response. Everyone should feel lucky enough to be just plain running!

Second of all, that "anonymous" person is shouldn't look like you're dying during a race. I believe that a good race is well paced and it's not good if you look like you're about to keel over!

Teamarcia said...

I cannot imagine the PIA this is causing the race director and crew. As if they didn't have enough to worry about already. Sounds Iike a cool race however it plays out!

The Unexpected Runner said...

You got that right!!!! People are always quick to complain & rarely take personal responsibility. Drive me nuts. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control. Deal with it. I hope you enjoy your race:)

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I am kind of happy about it. Under my current condition, a flatter course is more promising and easier to do. I feel for the poor race director too. People will complain no matter what and it's really sad. I hope I see you there :)

Stacey (aka UltraPrincess) said...

I would be thrilled if I was told that a big hill was being omitted from a race........ just say'n.

Gotta run.

Tammi said...

Completely agree with your post!

Social Media has made complaining even worse! After running the Rock n Roll Half in Vegas this past December, I was appalled at how rude people were on the Facebook page.

Yes, the race had its issues and I know some people had some troubles, but what a blessing to BE ABLE TO RUN at all and what a treat to run on LV Blvd at night.

Black Knight said...

I am with L Finch, the race director would like to read your post.
However sometimes we have to complain especially when they change to save money and we have already paid the fee.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Rule # 1 - If you give a group of people a reason to bitch, they always do.

And another thing....I'm pissed because it passes really close to the original Batcave without actually going there, so not cool.

Just kidding.

Ali Mc said...

You;re right give most people something to complain about and they will. I'm so sick of negativity. One reason I love this running/foodie community is everyone is so happy, tackling their goals and such :) LOVE IT!

and wooohooo who cares if the race is changed when you could be running by those hotties. If I were you I'd be practicing my paparazzi photos while running ...just incase ;)

Cotter Crunch said...

well you know my opinion. Races can change at any given moment. haha. It's not about the hollywood, its about YOU and the race itself. yes?

Colleen said...

People are such babies. It drives me batty that people could complain about things like this... things that the race director can't control. I remember when REV3 went through this in Portland and they got huge backlash. The people that did the race... loved it.

I love your attitude. Just run and enjoy it!

Superhero Events, LLC said...

Thank you all for your pleasant comments here. It was really difficult dealing with the hundreds of negative comments that we received during that ordeal. A lot people understood that the change was beyond my control, but many attacked us as if it was our decision to create a logistical nightmare for ourselves and participants.I had to call in favors from political friends. I'm so glad we were able to convince the city to change their decision. Now we are looking forward to having an amazing race that starts and finishes in Hollywood (with a few minor changes) which will be finalized after my meeting with the Dept of Transportation, LAPD, and City Council.

See you all in April!


Darlene said...

Oh I wish I lived in Cali. You have such a great selection of halfs.

Anonymous said...

So true!! People will always find something to complain. Last august there was a hurricane supposed to come by here and instead of a 4 it was "only" category 2. Afterwards people were complaining it was only a 2. I was freaking out. People should be happy, better safe than sorry!