Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"You are NOT doing this!"

A friend of mine recently completed his first Ironman.  His wife put a picture on her Facebook wall and I showed it to my husband since he also knows them.

First thing he said " You are NOT doing this!"
First: I never said I wanted to do an Ironman.
Second: Don't tell me I cannot do one, I will go sign up for the next one in Southern California!

OK seriously, I was mad when he said that.  Last time I checked I was 43 and my one and only dad is in Quebec.  It is not like Bill to tell me what I can or cannot do.  He knows me better than that.  So I asked where this was coming from after I gave him the "I cannot believe you just said that" look .

He said that since Long Beach he gets worried when I do the longer distances.  Remember Long Beach when I ended up in the hospital after the race?  That story is here.  So I was not really expecting that, but I get it

I asked how he felt about me doing a Marathon.  He said not comfortable.
Here's the problem....
I have my eye on this:

The picture of that race is on our refrigerator. It has been there for a year.
If I ever get the courage to run a marathon it would be this one: BIG SUR.

I don't want to give up on a goal like that, on a dream of becoming a marathoner some day but I have to respect and listen to my husband's feelings.  Right?
I don't want him to always be worried that I will collapse on the course.
He said he hates to see me dry heaving at the end of most half marathons and there's Long Beach and my visit to the cardiac unit.  But I am FINE.

So I said that Ironman is not something I think about doing so there is no need to worry about that one but marathon...I want to re-visit this topic later. 

All right on to other stuff...

Shoes: I realized that I ran over 600 miles with my shoes...maybe that has something to do with me having foot pain recently.  I don't know.  Good thing I had a new pair of the same shoes here already so I changed right away.  I am in Mizunos Wave Inspire 7 now.  Do you wear stability shoes?  What kind do you like?  Do you use more than one pair for training? Are they different brand?

I have had very little pain since my last half marathon, I hope it stays that way!

Game 1 for the new basketball season was Sunday.  I am not coaching this year and I am terrible at being a spectator.  I coached basketball for 18 years, from pee wee to College level, I cannot watch a game and keep my mouth shut.  This is hard.  I keep telling myself they are little, they are having fun, Will is doing great.  I sit away from the players bench.  That is my strategy for now!  I do love to see my sons play that sport that has been such an important part of my life for so long.

Go Cougars!!!

Ovo was GREAT!  Magical! Spectacular!  What a treat to go see this.  When we arrived on the site, first thing I saw was the Quebec Flag!  Everything was in French (and in English of course) that was very special for me.  My boys LOVED it. 

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Elle said...

I love the drive through the Big Sur area... on a lovely day!

Yup, that's the one to dream about, all right.

Emz said...

"Don't tell me I cannot do one, I will go sign up for the next one ."

are we sisters?;)
loved that.

If you'll let me............I must run your first marathon with you.
I'd freaking love it.

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I was wondering when you were going to take on the marathon!! You can totally do one! The Ironman scares me but it has crossed my mind!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I often keep my hand over my mouth at A's games. And sit far away from the bench, good planning! They need to listen to their coach, not their parents.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I want to do that race someday now too just by seeing those pictures. i can totally picture that look by the way because I think I give it to my husband now and again too.

Teamarcia said...

I'd be right there signing up for whatever somebody told me I couldn't/shouldn't do too. Ha! Big Sur is an excellent choice. Hard, but excellent!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

ha! I've done the same thing, don't tell me I can't!

Though when I asked for swim lessons for Christmas I got the "um you know how much running + your injuries have cost us?" look. So yeah I get it!

Tiffany said...

I used to live out there, my family still lives there Big SUR is really cool. I want to run that race too, I am shooting for this year. My first Marathon was Denver's Rock 'n' Roll

Jen said...

that race looks beautiful! My hubby has said the same thing to me about Iron Man ;) lol they know we are goal setting- challenge facing women!

Jill said...

I did the Big Sur Marathon in 2008, it was drop-dead gorgeous! Also one of the most difficult I've ever EVER done! I hope one day you get to do it!!!!

Love your pictures of the boys, they are awesome!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Seriously..go Cougars! Awesome. Staying out of the Ironman thing.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Sorry to hear what the husband said

Rebekah said...

April 2013 is the goal! I'm looking forward to it!! Maybe it will help him to know you won't be doing it alone! :-)

J. L. said...

Big Sur would equal amazing...proving your husband wrong would be even better. I understand what he's saying, though. I understand your perspective, better. One of my really good friends is struggling with stomach issues right now. Your blog is sure helping her realize that she's not alone.

macnic said...

So, Big Sur is now on my list too. THANKS!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Big Sur looks so beautiful!

Kate said...

My husband told me that he'd leave me if I ever got a tattoo...which of course made me immediately want to go out and get a tattoo. However, I don't really know what I'd want on my body permanently, so he's safe for now. But it ticks me off every time I think of it, so I totally get you.

Maybe once you're able to get the nutrition/hydration thing down (which seems like it went better this last time?) and aren't so miserable after your races Bill will be able to relax a little bit. I guess that's the plus side of my husband never going...if I collapsed on the course he'd never see it. "How was your race?" "Awesome."

It took me to the last year to not want to jump out onto the floor every time I watched one of my boys' basketball games...I guess what helped was getting to play again myself. Now J has started up. This is going to be fun. :)

Jen said...

PS; Tag you're it! Check out my blog post!

Christine said...

I can understand his concern, since I'm sure it was a scary moment after Long Beach. Maybe you can convince him that you will train smart and you can do a marathon.

Colleen said...

Ahhhh... Big Sur would be amazing to do! On my race bucket list for sure!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I tagged you to participate in the "11 Random Things About Me" meme!

Darlene said...

My husband said I shouldn't run a half marathon. In hindsight by am I glad that I didn't listen to him. Now he says I should forget about ever running again. I said "We'll see." But that means NO WAY (until I can't.)

Black Knight said...

Better your husband doesn't ask anymore or you will do the IM.
Big sur is also my dream, but for me it is impossible because too far.
At the moment the brand that fits for me is Adidas, the shoes are the Cumulus. Yes I use 2 different pairs for my workouts but always Cumulus with a different mileage done.
The Ovo's show was in english and french but ... "infiniti" is an italian word.