Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Masterpieces, movies, running.

This week is the last week of the winter break....I am so sad happy.  I love my boys but I am not loving the fighting.  They are ridiculous.  The main issue: The %$##^ Wii remote.  Who will be #1 and control the game. I swear I am close to throwing that thing out the window!

I ran everyday this week so far.  This week is all at the gym except yesterday.
Today I did my first speedwork of the year.  10x400 at 30 sec faster than 5K pace.  It went better than I thought it would.  Yesterday I went for my run later than usual.  It was 4:30 pm.  I usually run in the morning.  We went to Pasadena and I could not run in the morning.  I don't want to run in the dark like some crazy people do.... yes, you: XLMIC. Different crowd on my trail at that time.  Like for example...guy with his pants hanging down to his that look by the I am kidding, if I ever catch my sons with their pants down I will drag them home by the ears..does not matter how old they are. So this fine dude was walking on the trail and he had one hand in his pants..not in the pocket, the pants.  He was going opposite direction as me and as I got closer I kept wondering what was going on...A) He has a GUN or B) He is having a good time with his hand..... Either way it was not great.  I crossed him, turned around and had to pass him and have him walk behind me.  That, my friends, will make me run pretty fast!!  I almost set a 5K PR. For real. 
I tested my new running skirt.  Yep, I got one of those fancy thing.  It is OK.  I wish it had a drawstring.  It moves at the waist.  I did not know what size to go with S or M.  On the chart they had small as size 2-4 and Med 6-8.  I need a between those 2.  I am size 4 or 6, not 2 for sure, I have zero size 2 anything.  I am also 5'11" and almost 43 (tic tac tic is coming up way too soon) so I don't like super short shorts or skirt.  All this to say I got a medium and it is perfect for the lenght but a little big at the waist.  It would be OK for a 5 or 10K but not for a Half Marathon.

I have seen a few movies during the Holiday break.
Went to see New Year's Eve for my friend's birthday: I liked it.  It is a light movie with a huge cast.  It will not get any Oscar nomination but it made me laugh and I did not guess all the story lines so that is good.   Zac Efron was my favorite in it. 
We went to see Tintin and Arthur's Christmas with the kids.  I LOVED both.
I grew up reading Tintin's books. I read them all (in French of course). 
The movie is great.  My boys loved it also. 
We also rented some movies:
Midnight in Paris: I liked it.  It is different and I liked Owen Wilson in it.
One Day: Ah...I read the book and the book is better than the movie.  Movie is OK.
The Beginners: LOVED it.
Something Borrowed: is better than the book I think.

Next up Crazy Stupid Love on DVD and Sunday I hope to go see MI 4 for early bday date (real bday is during the week and on basketball practice day so cannot go out).

Yesterday we went to see the Rose Bowl Parade Floats in Pasadena.  It is fantastic to see them up close.  Those are masterpieces!  All the work that goes into building the floats is impressive.  Seeing them close and in person is a must, if you ever have the chance to go I highly recommend it.  I took an insane amount of pictures and here are a few of them:
Honda float, the biggest one.
This is Roy Rogers real horse and dog.

One of my favorite
See the bike?
Dancing in the street!
This one for Kim!
Grease Car
My Favorite
One of the kids favorite


Anonymous said...

I thought Tin Tin was awesome too. Leaving the guy on the trail thing alone, though.

Jenn @ A Runner's Road said...

Yikes! I don't do night running either...we have a few of those guys around here. Gun or playing....both are sketchy! Looks like you had a great time yesterday. I have 1 running skirt. Never been worn. Waiting for the right race I guess!

Kate said...

I like night running. Well, sometimes it's night run or no run. Lately I've done a couple night trail runs, but always with company. I'd get lost!

Goodness you've been busy! I hear you on the wii remote. My 8 yr old is a pain with that. My husband and I couldn't care less, but when the teenagers fight with him over it...sigh.

I actually went back to school Tuesday, but now I'm off the rest of the week bc my 17 year old had surgery today (cyst removed). He's staying in the hospital tonight bc of the pain. :(

Laura said...

Please tell me you don't pronounce it TinTin the English way..but TainTain right?
We saw MI4 over the holidays and liked it..same premise as the other ones but good.

Carrie said...

I LOVE the Rose Parade floats. We went to see them once. I love that you have a picture with my city's float (the one with the bike).

I'm with you on enjoying the kids being home to a point. I hate the fighting. Yuck.

I'm not a night runner. Too freaky. I used to hate even walking my dog at night when we were apartment living. I honestly thought my poop bag was protection.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Dang on the running skirt. Girl, I'm a medium, you are a small! Next time we discuss waist measurements (privately) so I can help you out more. Shoot.

Thanks for the Rose Bowl float picture. How fun for you to live so close and get to see them.

Terzah said...

Ooh, I hate passing creepy guys running. Makes me go faster too....But I don't mind running in the dark too much.

My kids are still home with us four days a week (preschool the other three) and I'm always SO ready for Monday when they go back. I don't know how I'll handle it next year when we have long breaks for holidays and the summer....

Shawn said...

Dear Caroline,

Thank-you for your shout out to me...we Canucks must stick together...always.

I too have an issue with butts in the wind...I make extra belt holes for my boys belts to make sure that never happens.

As far as the pervert goes...jeez, what do you say to that? FREAK!!! I guess.

Hang in there....your boys will never forget the parade...honest!!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Along with the Adventures of Tintin, we also read Lucky Luke, not sure if I've seen that in stores nowadays, one of my favorites!

Cotter Crunch said...

running everyday, good job! Speed work is not on my agenda yet, maybe soon.
Looks like the kiddos are enjoying home (minus the fighting).

Cheers to good runs!

you won my wild kiwi t-shirt giveway!! Email me your size and which one you want.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am more of an early afternoon guy myself. congrats on the almost PR

Giorgio said...
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Giorgio said...

Beautiful photos of you with your family! Congrats for your speedwork, I'm sure you'll be ready for a 5 km soon!

I liked "Midnight in Paris" too :) where Owen Wilson plays an American writer who goes on vacation with his wife and her parents. It's Woody Allen's 47th credit as a director!

I used to follow the adventures of TinTin, of course with French pronunciation :)

misszippy said...

Wow on the guy with the hands in his pants. That's the kind of thing that makes me know I made the right decision not to go down onto the trail in the woods while it was still dark today!

I have the same issue w/ running skirts and them falling down...not sure how to fix that?

I just watched One Day--what a heartbreaking story! Now I want to read the book. I agree on Something Borrowed--the movie wasn't so bad, the book, meh.

Rach @ Girl on the Run said...

night running scares me in the dark.

great parade photos...looks like so much fun!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I would love to see that parade in person! I hate watching them on TV.

I forget and can't find it, but what skirt did you try? I love my Lululemon ones the best. The running skirts brand does not fit me well, either too small or too big. bleh.

Black Knight said...

The guy with the hands in his pants, I am sure he didn't find anything of interesting ..... joking apart better to take care. We never know who are going to meet.
What a wonderful parade. Nothing of similar here, thanks for sharing.