Thursday, January 19, 2012

The secret to running faster

So I found the secret to how to run faster during my morning runs.
I am telling you it works.  100% guaranteed.
Are you ready?

First, you need to be a parent.  This will not work if you don't have a kid. sorry.
Second, kid (s) need to be in school.

So once all that is in place, you leave for your run after dropping the kids at school.
This morning, I had a 5 miles run on the program.

My cell phone was buzzing....not good.  I answered:  "Hi! this is Mrs xx the NURSE from Deer Canyon, crap, Jonathan just threw up so he will need to be picked up" Crap!

So I ran back home as fast as I could.  That lead to negative splits and maybe my fastest 5 miler in training.

So getting a phone from the school nurse...THAT will make you run faster.
I am thinking of having her call me at mile 9 at Surf City half marathon.

I showed up at school to get my son.  He was looking normal, all smiles.  Turns out he threw up a little bit like he said.  He is the star of the week this week and they get to share items they like everyday.  First day he brought the Country Weekly magazine that has our family picture with Keith Urban.  2nd day he brought the guitar pick that Keith gave him in October. Today he brought his "Paper Jam Guitar" -those are great by the way-.  See a pattern here?!!  He had been waiting to be the star of the week since August, poor guy.  So this morning, he announced he would play and sing and I said "I want to come see you" and he said "NO!" WHAT? I got a NO! He is 5!  So I said OK I will not come.  I guess he got anxious about all that and that did it.  So he had to post pone his big performance to tomorrow, I told him I am sure even Keith gets nervous before he gets on stage.  His teacher wanted to keep him but the rules are the rules, if a kid throws up, they gotta to go home.  I get it.  For that week we have to make a poster with lots of pictures.  This is really fun for the kids.  On Friday the family comes and say nice things about the STAR!  He is doing just fine now so it is looking good for tomorrow! Keeping my fingers crossed!
This is what I made for his poster, I printed each of these in 5x7 at home and I glued them on the poster and added stickers and he was happy! You can see the Paper Jam on the first one, he is holding it.

(I used the software that I reviewed before Christmas here to make these.  You can still get it using the coupon that is on the right side of this blog.)

***I am having troubles commenting on some of your blogs, I dont know why.  Stefano, Super Kate are some I cannot comment on.  I tried on the other computer and still no luck. :(


Jen said...

I've had the nurse call me too! It will definitely pick up your speed :) I like the idea of her calling us at mile 9 in Surf city!! haha…

Congrats on your little super star - sorry he got some performance nerves!!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Hope the little guy feels better ... but if you want to really impress me you would have ran to the school! Good job though I guess - ha!

bobbi said...

I am having commenting troubles too :(

I hope his rescheduled performance goes off WITHOUT anxious tummy troubles! He is the cutest!

Laima said...

I hate seeing the school phone # come up on my phone...hope he feels better - yay for a speedy 5 miles:)

Frenchie said...

HA! Your comment about having the nurse call you at mile 9 made me giggle. Great idea. :-)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

hard to believe my son will be in school in 8 more months and that could be me!

Love all the great pictures!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I laughed out loud about you having the nurse call you at Mile 9Can you have her give me a call at Mile 20 please!! Hope your son is feeling okay. Love your pictures!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

No kid here! But I've got other reasons a nurse calling might speed a guy up! ;) haha

But no, I totally understand that causing you to speed up. And that was a good call saying that Keith totally gets nervous himself.

Colleen said...

Definitely one way to get faster!!! Ugh... poor guy was just nervous! Hope that the performance went well! :) And love love love the posters!

Michael said...

That is false advertising Caroline. You know I'm slow and I was ready to learn your secrets ;). Hope Jonathon is feeling better! Great pics!

Black Knight said...

That is a very good speedwork.
Great pictures and your posters are pure art.
Don't worry about the comments, often it also happens to me: blogspot is crazy.

Christine said...

Hahahaa, nice tempo run! Glad your boy is ok. Love your posters!!