Monday, October 24, 2011

Race for Rescues 10k race recap

Yesterday I ran the Race for Rescues 10k race.
This race was at the Rose Bowl and I like to race there, it is close to home and spectators friendly,  a huge + for my family.

I did not have any goals for this one.  This is 2 weeks post Long Beach so I cannot say that I trained for this 10k.  I have 2 10k in my training plan for the next Half Marathon (in 45 days from today) and this was one of them.

  • I ran with Rebekah.
  • The course is nice, a couple of hills and the rest pretty flat.
  • It is close to home.
  • A great cause: Saving animals
  • The Expo was really good for a smaller race and an outdoor Expo.
  • They had the BEST food after the race: Apples and Bananas, Many kinds of Bars: Cliff, Larabar, KIND and no limits on qty, FIJI water, juice boxes, powerade, coconut water.  Even the kids got anything they wanted! 
  • I finished 10/133  in my AG.  Bill called that the Golden Age group...charming especially since he is older than me.
  • Lot's of dogs everywhere and several of them in costumes!
  • LAKERS Girls were there. That is a good for my boys (see below).

Mile 3

Mile 3 waving to the boys

Almost done here

Do you see my calf? I got muscles now I guess!

  • I had no race plan and I left my brain at home.
  • It was hot. AGAIN.  Enough to get sunburned...:(
  • I went out too fast...again...I even hit 7:52 pace...for me way too fast.
  • That lead to me starting to panic and getting scared that what happened in Long Beach would happen again.  If I had been running this thing alone I would have had freaked out for real.  I am scared of having a repeat of LB and I obviously don't want that to happen.
  • I got the mother of all side stitch before mile 3.  It was pretty bad.  I tried changing my breathing and slowing and it did not work.  It was really painful going all the way in my collarbone.  Had to walk to try to make it go away.  Made me MAD.
  • Double loop course: It has the one positive of me seeing the kids at the half but other than that I am not a huge fan of the double loop.  This race had a 5k also so at the half way most of the runners were done and we kept going.
  • Lots of walkers and lots of dogs.  OK I knew about this and I was not upset or anything but it can be a pain to pass so many walkers.  We ended up passing A LOT of the 5K people even!
  • Mario Lopez, who was announced as the host, was a NO SHOW. Booooo.  Dot Jones from GLEE replaced him.  She was pretty nice actually!
And the really really really UGLY

I don't get it.
It was not THAT hot.
Wear a freaking shirt.
He is at all the local races. 
I have never seen him with a top on.


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

the really ugly about made me snort my muffin through my nose, wear a shirt indeed!

Great job on the run, side stitch and all!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the race

I admit, I am extremely jealous of your boys in that first pic

I dunno, that guy is scary, but I still think the hairy man with the ultra short shorts AND THE HEAD BAND from a finisher photo of you, still takes the cake

Teamarcia said...

I had lots to say but I'm overcome w/disgust by that last pic. Get that guy some Nair! Do they even make that anymore??
Boo to hot and bigger boo to no Mario!
Yay for a great cause and your kiddos are the cutest with that gaggle of Laker Girls!

XLMIC said...

You are such a racing machine! That guy has no shirt on because his built-in sweater keeps him toasty :P

Adam said...

GAHH!!! I think you have a very strong contender for the nasty blog pic 'o the day.

Nice work out there!!!!

Tricia said...

Golden Age group -- I like it! Congrats on a great race!

Christine said...

Good job on racing just 2 weeks after LB!!

Once I almost past out during a race and since then I'm worried this will happen again. Whenever I feel it might happen, I take a sip of water and a deep breath, this helps to calm me down and the feeling goes away.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

If I had a physique like that I would go bare-chested all the time too! Nice back hair ... you can actually see it from 50 yards away! Awesome! And the picture of the playa's ... I mean boys, with the Laker girls is hilarious! Man, you race a lot! I know you always have a "bad" section ... but I think you are great! Good job on getting through another one ... I think 10th out of that many folks is AWESOME!!! Especially in your golden years - ha!

Emz said...

"wear a freaking shirt"
My. Exact. Thoughts.

Awesome run! You look better than the laker girls, for sure.

Terzah said...

Laughing out loud--why does THAT guy have to be the one who shows up at all of your local races????

So mad about Mario! I'd boycott his book, but it's still really working for me.

Great race for you and awesome pictures as usual!

Black Knight said...

Congrats on the race, 10 of 133 is a very good score!
The ugly is too ugly and I am sure that he thinks to be good-looking and fit!!!!
I also hate the double (or more) loop races.
Great pictures.

Anne said...

Bravo Caro! Malgré le point, tu as quand vraiment bien fait...10/133 c'est fantastique!!! :)

D'accord avec toi, "wear a freaking shirt" incroyable!

Laura said...

Congrats on the race but ....ewwwwww... that is just so wrong. Doesn't he have a mirror?

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Ewww, hair! Gross!

I love that you ran this race for the rescues!!! I wish something like this was near me--I've always thought about running/raising money for the humane society!

Meaghan said...

OMG, I just almost spit out my water.. The really ugly picture is just perfect. Agreed - put a freakin shirt on. Too funny.

Congrats again!

Kate said...

Woo 10, baby! Well done! You're definitely picking up speed. That first mike would've kicked my butt for sure.

So envious of your family support. Boo to side stitches, but a big yea to staying out of the hospital.

Jill said...

That's just WAY too much hair to be showing off in public. Barf!!

Cute pictures, girl!! I think I have those same shorts in my Nike Tempo Short collection :).

Congrats on the race and an awesome AG placement!!!

misszippy said...

That last picture, seriously, so, so funny! What is with that?

Congrats on a good race on a hot day! You looked great too--I love those shorts. Well done all around!

Laima said...

Hilarious hairy dude picture :) Glad you had a great race without the extra excitement afterwards!

Fruit Fly said...

That man. Oh. My. Gosh. Imagine being his wife!!--- I trust this isn't your husband! ;)

I'm glad you finished your race without an LB repeat. Phew! I can totally see why you would be worried. Sounds like it was really fun overall, and what a great cause!

And let's get to the really important stuff ... you have a killer calf muscle! NICE!