Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pay attention

Pay attention.
To your body.

OK so you know I had a little health scare after Long Beach.  It had a OK ending, I cannot say happy because well I had to stay at the hospital but in the end I was OK.  The thing is though this could have been something a lot more serious than what it was.  It could have been a blood cloth or a heart attack, even if I am in pretty good shape and in good health.  We went to the hospital even if I had other things to do and I did not want to go waste my day in the ER.  That was the right thing to do and I am glad that I went. 

These things do happen to healthy fit people.  Tennis player Serena Williams had a DVT earlier this year.  In recent marathons, Montreal, Chicago and Toronto, men have died on the course. Young healthy men, they were 30, 35 and 27 yrs old, two of them had heart attacks and for one the autopsy was inconclusive.  This is scary and very sad.  I cannot help but wonder..did they feel something was off during their races or was this sudden?  What is our first reaction if something is not right? IGNORE IT right? For the majority that is what we do especially in a race.  I did not stop in Long Beach.  Looking back that was really stupid.  Is a half marathon worth me being in a hospital and not be able to take care of my kids? NO.

Yesterday, we got one of those calls you never want to get.
A close friend of Bill has cancer.  A rare form of Lymphoma.  He is 39 yrs old.
Bill grew up with him and his older brother.
Again we were reminded that we cannot take life and our health for granted.  Two years ago this friend developed some weird rashes and he ignored it and thought it was nothing serious and never got it checked.  Recently he got another rash near his groin and he thought it was from his jeans and never got it checked.  That rash got worst and he got small lumps...again no trip to see the Dr.  When the lumps became the size of grapes he went to see the Dr.  It turned out to be very serious.
Now he is waiting to see if the cancer has spread. 

Why is it that we tend to think it is nothing? That it will go away with rest? A lot of times it is nothing and it does go away with rest.  Isn't it better to have a Dr tell you it is nothing serious? A real Doctor who sees you,  not WEBMd. 


Pay attention to your body. Do it for your kids and for the people who love you.

Today I scheduled my yearly mammogram.  Are you a gal over 40?  Then you need to do the same.  TODAY.  Are those fun? No they suck and it hurts a little but nothing compare to what my friend who is a cancer survivor had to go through at only 36 yrs old.  CALL YOUR DOCTOR TODAY.  Mine is November 1st at 9:20 am.  When will yours be?


I ran every day this week. 
Yesterday I did my 3.7 miles for the Virtual race "The cupcake classic" in honor of Jess at Run with Jess birthday! No Cupcake for me :(. Happy birthday Jess!


Elle said...

You are so right!

I have been having a yearly mammogram but for no good reason, I haven't done it this year. Thanks for the reminder that it is important.

Glad your scare was not serious too.

XL said...

Some very good reminders, Caroline. Thanks!

Terzah said...

I'm not in mammogram territory yet (still have 1.5 years), but I am in skin cancer territory for sure. I just had a check done and while they didn't find anything truly bad, they did give me a couple of tips and places to watch. Thanks for the reminder!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Too many damn reminders floating around lately, right?! Sop thankful you are okay--thanks for the reminder on the Cupcake Classic!

Fruit Fly said...

Yes, yes, yes!! I agree with this all! It is so scary how things can just sneak up on you. My kindergarten BFF has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. He went in for something minor and they found his entire body is filled with cancer and is in his brain. He is only 33 years old with 3 little babies at home! Things like this just aren't supposed to happen to any of us!

I admit I am one of those who would want to ignore little signs, but the more I hear of things like this the more I realize I shouldn't be totally oblivious -- just in case!

The Unexpected Runner said...

Amen, Sista!!!! You are SO right we need to listen....and we women are not superhuman and invincible (but don't tell my husband I said that!). I, too, have put off my mammo appt....I promise to fix it! Thanks for the kick in the butt :)

Michael said...

Great reminders! I'm not over 40, but with a history of breast cancer in my family, I've already had mine for the year.

Anne said...

Absolutely! I tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to my health considering all the issues I've had. This is a very important post and thanks for caring Caroline.

p.s. Je m'en vais à Québec pour trois jours au début de la semaine prochaine (mon mari a un congrès et j'y vais pour une petite pause) vais penser à toi. En passant, y a-t-il un resto que tu adores et que tu recommanderais. :)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

What a great reminder. I actually did mine this summer for the first time. It's not so bad...

Jenn said...

Good post!!! Really good post and such a great reminder. I'm only 36 but had a mammogram last year and was sent to a specialist. I think 35 should be the new 40! So glad to hear you're OK.

Nice job on the virtual run!

Black Knight said...

You are right, I agree. I learned this lesson in 1991 after I discovered a skin cancer on my shoulder.
Thanks for reminding.