Friday, October 7, 2011

The big weekend is here

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Our big wekeend is here!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been talking about it since forever and now it is here.
I am getting a little nervous about it all.

Tomorrow on the menu
  • Drive to Long Beach
  • Get Will's bib
  • Will's race, his first 1 miler and alone.  They have 2000 kids running this race so they ask that the parents don't run with their kids.  Makes sense to me.  It looks super organized.  They have several waves by age group.  I am looking forward to this.
  • See if hotel is ready.
  • Hitting the Expo to get my race packet hopefully meet with Marjorie aka XLMIC.
  • Caro must take a nap, kids will go to Aquarium with dad.
  • Early dinner.  I will have to bring my own food I think.
  • Going to Staples Center in Los Angeles
  • Meet and Greet with Keith Urban...I cannot wait to see Jonathan's face!!!
  • Concert
  • Driving back to Long Beach
  • Bed

Start is 7 am for Elite and then they have self seeded wave every 5 min.

Rebekah will be there running her fist half marathon!
She reads my blog so wish her well! I know she will do great! 
I am proud of you Rebekah!!!

So my goals for race #25 and Half Marathon #4.

Finish part 2 of the Beach cities Challenge and run a decent race. 
Low expectations? Yes it is.  Here's why:

I have a cold, sore throat and congestion for now.  (thank you Bill for that, this is what happens when someone works 7 days a week and 18+ hours a day, they get sick and they get their wife sick). 

I have pain in my right leg.  Painful vein and sciatica.  I can run.  I went yesterday.  I get pins and needles sensation in the legs and that is annoying.  The pain from my vein is not worst when I run.  I will have to wear compression Capri pants I think.  It helps.  The only problem is if it is really hot.  It has been pretty cool, even cold (50s) the last 2 days BUT it won't be that cold on Sunday. 
So I have to decide between less pain in the leg and maybe being hot or maybe more pain and no over heating.  I don't know what to do.  The capri pants are thin, they are the Nike Pro ones.  It does help to not have the sun directly on that vein but getting hot leads to major other problems for me.

So because of that I have been sleeping terrible this week.  I will have very little sleep on Saturday night.   This is why I am going into this one with lower expectations.  Do I want a PR...? YES I DO.  Am I going to be super disappointed if I don't get one? NO.

We will have a great weekend no matter what my time is.  I will see my kids watch their IDOL sing.  I will see one of my kid MEET his Idol.  I mean not everyone gets to do that.  I am very lucky.  I will complete my 25th race in 18 mos.  It's all good.
As long as my cold does not get worse between now and Sunday 9:30 am, after that I don't care!!!! Well I care less....

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend..Long Beach, Chicago and all the other races!



(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Wow, 25th race! That is so great. Good luck and run smart.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

GOOD LUCK CAROLINE!!!! Have fun, run hard, savor the accomplishment of your 4th HM!

Elle said...

Ah, have a great time. Long Beach should be a beautiful flattish route. I love sea level runs.

Laima said...

Good luck to you and Will!!

Jill said...

Good luck, have a total blast, and hoping your legs feel great on race day! Yay! I'll be thinking of you out there on the road as I do a half that day, too! :)

And hope your son, Will, has a fantastic run also!

Kate said...

Good luck Caroline!!! And Will!! And Rebekah!!

I hope that things go great for you guys at the concert and races. What an exciting weekend! :)

And I held out for AGES before reading Twilight. I'm not sure how I got sucked in, and then bang. Quicksand. :)

Michael said...

Sounds like a magical weekend!!! Have a wonderful time and make lots of memories!

Terzah said...

It all sounds wonderful (except the cold)! You boys are adorable--I hope Will rocks his mile. GOOD LUCK in the race. I will be thinking of you and can't wait for the report on all the weekend's events.

Glenn Jones said...

Have fun in Long Beach. It's more an event than just another race.

Jenn said...

Thinking of you this morning and hoping your pain subsides and the race goes awesome for you!!!!!

The Unexpected Runner said...

Good luck & I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend with the family! Go Will!!!!!

The Unexpected Runner said...

And Happy Thanksgiving!

Rebekah said...

Thanks for all your love and support. wouldn't have done this without it. Bummed we didn't get a picture together though :(

Black Knight said...

I hope you have run a very good race despite the cold and spent a wonderful week end with your family. Ciao.

Fruit Fly said...

This does sound like the mother of all weekends! I can't wait to hear how it all went!

Christine said...

What a fun filled and exciting weekend!! I hope you had a great time and the race went well!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I hope you had a great weekend and race