Monday, October 17, 2011

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The week post Long Beach was pretty low mileage because of my little trip to the cardiac floor. Did you miss that? You can get the report here.  I don't think I will make it as a storyline on Grey's Anatomy with this one!!!  Thank you for you kind comments on my race report, for those who asked, yes of course there will be follow ups with the Dr.  I don't have a choice.  Did I mention what Bill said when the nurse rolled me in my bed to go say goobye to the kids before taking me to the cardiac unit?  No, not "Love you".  No, not "Hang in there it will be OK" No, not "Dont worry about anything"  No he said " NO MORE RUNNING".  Yep.  
So after the cardiologist said I did not have a heart attack and that I could go home, I asked her to write on a paper that I have persmission to run to show Bill.  So yeah follow ups, he is on it.  I gotta go.

I did run a little

Wed: 3 miles
Thu: 4 miles
Sat: 3 miles
Sun: 6 miles
Total: 16 miles

This weekend I have a 10k race. 
It is The race for Recues a great cause and I love animals and so I cannot not do this one.  It is at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, I have done a few races there and I love the course.  This is where I got my one and only AG top finisher medal and no I was not the only one in my category. :)

Race for Rescues benifits 10 non-profit animal rescues.

This is the host:

Yes Terzah, I will tell him you said hello!!!
They will have a best dog costume contest and they have celebrity judges like a real Bond girl:

So this should be a fun one!  The kids will love to see all the dogs there! People can run with their dogs!  Maybe I could bring Maggie with her Halloween Hat?

After this one I have another 10k in November and I was supposed to run a 5k in December but I decided to do the half marathon instead so I changed my registration.  I now need to tell Bill who does not know.  Whooopsy.


Teamarcia said...

Whoopsy! you're cracking me up! Terzah MUST get out there for Mario. Must!
What do you think about the Carlsbad Half on 1/22/12?
Take care of that ticker girl!

Kate said...

You are so funny. :) Bill's reaction is much like Jeff's would be. Every time I fall, he's all, "No more mountain biking". Eventually I hope he gives up, though I've never had a trip to the cardiac unit, so that might reaffirm his opposition.

Lots of fun stuff coming up! :)

Terzah said...

Oh my God I am so jealous! Will tell Mario that I am now his evangelist? I'm a librarian and yet I even BOUGHT the book! Maybe don't tell him about that hideous 80s photo I put up of him on my site the other week.....

Take care of yourself in that 10K, though! Glad the doc is on board with your running. :^)

Fruit Fly said...

I LOVE the race you are doing!! I keep seeing Oregon races benefiting animal shelters but the timing never seems to work for me. That's a cause I could really get behind!! Have fun at it!

Pam said...

Best race cause ever!!!

(I had the BIGGEST crush on Slater when I was a kid watching Saved by the Bell!!!)

Jill said...

Terzah should come out and have Mario autograph her book and show him her website, maybe she can get a bit of a profit, huh??

I'm thinking you'd better be baking some of Bill's favie foods before you break the racing news!!!! :)

Michael said...

Sounds like a fun race! But you better take it easy! Your Bill just worries about you, which is sweet. You might want to break your half marathon plans to him very, very gently!!

misszippy said...

If Terzah comes, she may push you out of the way to get to Mario, so look out! ; )

I'm glad you are cleared to run. Let's hope some good answers are yours soon.

Anne said...

J'suis un peu mère poule :) ...fais attention à toi et à ton grand coeur plein d'amour. Repose-toi bien, pas de concert la veille ;) beaucoup d'eau aussi!!! :) Bonne chance avec Bill!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Whoopsy!! BAHAHAHA!!! I have done more then one whoopsy in racing, I might do it Novemeber too

Christine said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Good luck with telling your!husband!!

Emz said...

Sooooo happy you are doing better.
Awesome running & what an awesome race for a great cause!! Excellent!!