Sunday, April 1, 2012

Letting go and Winner {s}

Went for my last long run before the Hollywood Half Marathon.
10 miles.  It was rough.  I have a sinus infection and it is kicking my ...derrière..

I saw the Dr Friday to get lab results and I am so frustrated with her I think I will change Dr.  I feel like I am an experimental project and she does not know what she is doing. Here's an example:  A month ago she prescribed meds that were supposed to clear a fungal infection in the stomach that she does not know if  I have it or not.  She had given me other supplements to take and also increased my thyroid meds so I decided not to take the meds for fungal infection.  I hate to take meds and if it is for something I may not have, well not thanks.  So when I went in Friday she tells me my thyroid is still not good and I need an ultrasound and than she starts asking me if I drink more alcohol now...hmmm NOW?  NO I don't drink at all.  I have not had a drop since 2009 and even before then I hardly drank anything.  So I asked where this is coming from and she says something with my liver and does not really explain.  Then I tell her I did not take those meds for fungus and she says "Good, don't take them, would not be good for your liver!"  WTH? WHY DID SHE PRESCRIBE THIS TO ME THEN?
I was a little frustrated.  I asked what is wrong with my liver.  "Oh nothing, don't worry I am sure everything is OK"  What? She had just told me about not taking those meds and now it is all OK... my head was spinning....
She looked at my throat and nose and said I have a bad sinus infection.  That I knew.  She gave me Prednisone.  I hate to take it but I don't have a choice if I want to get better.  She also gave me Singulair.  Never taken that one before.  I don't like trying new meds.  I am one of those people who reads the fine prints about all the side effects.  I have not taken it YET.  I will today though. 

Ultrasound for my thyroid is Friday.  After I get the results I might just look for a new Dr.  Nothing worst than not trusting your Dr and this is where I am now.   I am also thinking of trying acupuncture.  I have never tried.  I feel I have nothing to loose.  Do you do acupuncture? Does it work for you? 

A friend of mine is having a huge yard sale for a family in town who lost their mother.  She was diagnosed with uterine cancer and passed away 3 days later.  No warning, nothing.  She had 2 young kids.  It is very sad.

I wanted to give things to help out and so I decided it is time to LET GO of the old me.
If you read this blog you know I have lost over 70 lbs.  I still see me as the old Caro.  I kept the clothes in case I would gain the weight back.  It's looking like it won't happen.  I cleaned my closet and decided to say goodbye to my old clothes.  I tried some on for fun and to show my kids.

This is a skirt size 14.  Not even the biggest one I had.  Will said "No offense Mom but I think you need new clothes!"  No offense?  He is 7 yrs old...where did he learn to say that I don't know.

These are pants size 12.  I had some that were bigger also.

Looking at all the clothes it felt really strange like this part of my life is so far behind.  For me it is hard to believe that I used to wear that stuff and that it was fitting me.
Anyway....I am dropping 4 huge bags off today.
I hope it will help this family a little.

The winner of my Boston Marathon Book Giveaway is.....TERZAH!!!!!
Terzah and I have a rendez-vous in Pasadena in 2 weeks and I will get to give this to her in person!!!!
I  cannot wait!!!!

If  you did not may have another chance later today.  I am going to go see if I can find another copy for a third winner. 


Annet said...

You could almost fit a second you in that skirt!! Purging a closet is very cleansing. Makes room for shopping too :)

Jen said...

Wow - Good for you for letting go of those clothes! I let mine go long ago too!

Definitely, please, s'il vous plait, get another doctor. I wouldn't trust her either. She might not even be that bad but it sounds like her communication isn't the best and that is grounds alone to move on.

Anonymous said...

No way you will get the weight back. You are an addicted runner :) You should keep one pair to always remember how far you have come!

Michelle Dragoo said...

sending prayers for your health to get back to normal, and keep us posted on the liver and thyroid. As we get older its best to keep a close tab on that sort of thing.
And lastly, you look AMAZING! You should be so proud of yourself!

Elle said...

Yes, good to get rid of those 'insurance' clothes... to me that is like giving yourself permission to gain the weight back!

And good that they can help out someone else now.

Hope you have good results with your test and finding a new doctor, too. Yikes!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I sure hope your health is fine. Your doctor seems to be all over the place and that can be frustrating! You look great and have lost so much weight!! That's great!! Good luck at the Hollywood Half I think I am going to sit it out :(

Jan[et] Cicelia said...

Have you been taking anything with Tylenol in it? That apparently affects your liver in the tests they do relating to thyroid. My doctor didn't tell me either, just said it was off. Turns out when I stopped taking Tylenol the liver tests returned to normal.

And yes, find another Dr. They don't call it practicing medicine for nothing, but you have to trust the person who is prescribing things to alter your body chemistry.

Lily on the Road said...

Definitely time to look for a new Dr. Jeezzz

feel better soon and have you tried Hydrasense? It is a saltwater nasal solution, it is what I used to help my bronchitis / sinus infection earlier this year.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Time to embrace you small, missy. Good grief!! You are tiny.

Terzah said...

YAYYYY!!!!! And a giveaway delivery in person--awesome! Thank you!

Those pants...yeah, Will is right! And I'm sorry about your doc. That's so frustrating, but hopefully you'll find the right person for you.

brg said...

yay! so glad Terzah won! You'll love her in person - she's so great! I didn't know about the 70lbs. I thought you had always been a thin super duper runner chick - so amazing and I'm SO glad you are getting rid of those clothes!!!

Black Knight said...

Congrats to Terzah!
I hope you find a new doctor, better if he/she is also a runner.
You are really fit.