Saturday, April 14, 2012

Caro and Terzah!

This morning I drove to beautiful Pasadena to meet one of my blogger friend! 
I met Terzah!
She blogs over at BQby40.

I am so happy we were able to meet in person!
We met at a great Coffee place in Old Town Pasadena. (Thank you Terzah's brother for the suggestion!)

My kind of place, reminded me of Quebec!
They make good AND pretty coffee there.  This was my cup:

Terzah is fantastic!  She is just like I thought she would be.  I knew I would like her and I do.  We stayed at the coffee place for over 2 hours and we talked about everything.  To me it felt like I had known her for a long time!  She is so nice and really interesting.   I sure wish she lived closer! 

I have to say that this blog thing is pretty great.  I think of several of you guys as my friends.  For real.  To meet in person is so nice!  Thank you Terzah for including me in your California weekend!   It was lovely to meet you! :)


XLMIC said...

I love this! So glad you two got to meet...and such lovely smiles :)

Teamarcia said...

Such a fun meetup! Pretty girls AND pretty coffee.

Christy MyDirtRoadAnthem said...

I wish I were sitting there with you! How fun and what a great picture of you both!

Terzah said...

Your camera is MUCH better than my iPod! And that tasty looking as well as artistic....I may have to go get some when my brother wakes up!!

It was an absolute pleasure "faire ta conaissance!" (is that correct in the least???) I can't wait to hear your final marathon plans, and you really have to come to Colorado sometime. I think our kids would like each other too. :^)

Lisa said...

How cool! I consider myself still somewhat of a blogging rookie (not quite a year at this), so haven't gotten so far to actually meet anyone.

But I too feel like I've made real friends through this medium :)

The Unexpected Runner said...

What a great thing to happen! I am so happy you guys had fun!

Now, will you be in Quebec for your whole trip, or will you be traveling any closer to Montreal, Toronto or Ottawa????

Kate said...

So cool that you guys got to meet up!

Elle said...

What fun! And your coffee isn't nearly as beautiful as your happy smiles!

Black Knight said...

I am very glad that you got to meet Terzah. It would be wonderful to organize a "total meeting" somewhere!

Kathy said...

So great that you guys got a chance to get together. Terzah is absolutely one of the nicest and beautiful friends one can ever hope to have!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for a blogger meet up! I got a chance to meet a blogger and run a half marathon with her and it was amazing! I also felt like we know each forever! :)