Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Humility 101

I have not been a good blogger lately.
I feel disconnected.
I don't like it.

I read blogs and I feel like I am out of the circle...everyone is running and I am falling behind....

Poor me...ok enough of that.

I am on week 3 of the running diet.
So now I do 30 minutes...2 min walk- 2 min run.

As far as knee pain goes...it is much better.  It is not zero pain all the time but most of the time for sure.    I have developed painful calluses.  They are on the ball of the foot where the pinky toe is.  I think it is because of the my orthotics...not sure.  The Top PT said I needed shoes with a bigger toe box.  He tried to convince me to get some New Balance shoes.  I am not sold on changing shoes.  Not even a little.  Takes time to find the one.  I think I have the one.  Maybe I could try 0.5 size bigger...I run in Brooks Ghost.  Right now I have a pair of 4 and 5.  The 6 are already in the store but I have not tried them on yet so I don't know if the toe box is different..sure hope it is not narrower.. that would be a problem.

So the running "comeback"...that is a major wake up call or what I like to call humility 101.  So the fitness is GONE.
All of it.
I am starting over.
It sucks.
It is hard.

When I started the 2 minutes intervals I could feel it.  Not my legs the problems...that is fine..but the cardio....wow...I suck.
Lots of work to do before I can go back to where I was.
It is so frustrating.  If you have had an injury...you know.

Are you running a 4th of July race?
I signed up for a 5K.
No I have not lost my mind.
I signed up with my kids.
It will be their first 5K and they cannot run this distance so we will run/walk.
I will start them on 2:1 intervals for the first half and then we will see if they can do 2:2
This will be fun!
I have ran that race twice before and it is not a very serious race...they time it with a stop watch!  So it is more for fun and to help the local cross country youth club.

Happy 4th to everyone!

A note regarding Google reader's death...I am still following all your blogs on bloglovin.  It works great.  You can find me there as well!!


Cotter Crunch said...

i've been there. no running for 8 months. but it comes back. and you will appreciate it even more!

Gracie said...

I'm there with you, but it DOES come back!

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

Coming back is tough, but you can do it. Just makes you appreciate running that much more.

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Coming back from an injury is frustrating but it makes you fight harder. When you want it more, you work harder for it. I am considering the same 5K but have not committed yet. Have fun with the boys!

giraffy said...

It will come back faster than you think!! Be patient, and understanding with yourself, you won't be as fast, you won't be as strong, but letting yourself go through the re-training will make you a stronger runner in the end!

Have a fun race with your boys!

Redhead Running said...

Chin up darling, it could be so much worse, you could still be not running at all!

I think I'm at 14 weeks over here of no running (well I did run like 4 times before I realized I wasn't healed up yet) and keeping my fingers crossed I only have to go 2 more weeks before I get to start over again, again. Ha!

I'm walking the 2 M Independence Day run that I always race the 10k, going to walk it with all the kiddos that are at our family reunion. I will be thinking of you and hoping you and the boys have a blast!

Lisa said...

Ugh, been there on both fronts...

Hard to keep up and stay in the loop due to busy schedule/work/etc and then add injury - blech.

Sooo hard to feel like you have to start over. Any time I start losing motivation, I remember how sucky it feels to start over. So, I guess I'm just saying, you're not alone. But you will be back!!!