Saturday, July 13, 2013

Looking for the know running shoes..for my orthotics

I am at the place again.
Looking for running shoes.  I have been happy with my Ghost for a while and I was not planning on changing model anytime soon.

Sadly my Ghost 5 (or 4) are not perfect with my orthotics.  Feels to snug and I get pain on the top of the foot and also still have callus.  So I went to Dicks to try a bunch of shoes with my orthotics.  I was planning on taking my sweet time but the guys working in the shoe section were really annoying...every 3 min "can I help you with anything ?" "Still doing ok?".... At the 5th time I snapped a little "Like I said the 4 previous times..I am good and I will tell you if I need anything..and I am really close to leaving now because you refuse to leave me alone". He was overweight and wearing VANS so I assumed he was not a runner.  I could be wrong of course.

Anyway.... I tried these shoes

Brooks Ghost 6
Mizunos Wave Rider 16
Saucony Kirvana 4 and Guide 6
New Balance 1080 v3

I did not like the Saucony.  
Mizunos were OK not great.
Ghost 6 feels better than the 5 so that is good..more room at the toe box.
New Balance surprised me...feel like slippers....very comfortable. Those are pretty pricy for me at $134.99!

I did not buy any just yet.
I was hopping to try the new Mizuno Sayanora...have you heard of them?!! Just kidding. You would have to not be on Instagram or Facebook or any running blog to not know about these shoes... I went to 3 stores and nobody had them so no luck there.

Makes me nervous to change shoes especially since I have been happy with my Ghost but I also need to run with less pain and right now I am not pain free.  I don't have knee pain but my feet are not happy and neither is my hip.

On the recovery progress now.
I have not been to the PT in 12 days now.  I did not have enough free time to go and have my visit there be worth the $40 I have to pay each time.   I will go back on Wednesday.  I am wondering if I should still go.  I am better but not 100%. Far from it.  I don't want to keep going and paying if I can do all the PT here at home.  

I have been running with walking intervals every other day.  Right now I am on a 3:1 ratio.  I have very minimal pain in the knee...I do have plantar fasciitis that came back. Boooo
I am listening to the PT and I am not doing more than what she said is OK.
My fitness is still horrible...this is a hard pill to swallow.
I get tired very quickly and welcome the walking breaks...:(
But I am doing some running so that is a huge plus.
I noticed that the distance I cover in the time I am allowed to do gets longer so that is good also...less grandma running :)

I am now in the danger zone.  The place where I am making real progress and could get carried away and do too much too soon.  I don't want to be stupid and I won't be. I cannot wait to see at least a 5 for the distance....:)

One week from today I am going to a concert! We are going to see Matchbox 20 and the Goo Goo Dolls and I cannot wait!  It is an outdoor concert so it should be great!  I love both these groups ..I have seen the GGD once and they were fantastic. 

The week after that I will go see John Mayer and Phillip Phillips with a friend because Bill does not care for John Mayer... 

How about you? Any summer concerts on the agenda?

Watched the first episode of Scandal on the TM today...and I am HOOKED.  I get why it is so popular.


Jennifer K. said...

New Balance originally made their name by designing and marketing for women. They have extra space in the toe box because women's feet tend to be proportionally wider than mens. That may be why your orthotics work. There's just more space inside the shoe.

Good luck with your serach!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I don't like to change shoes either! It is a tough call because until you run in them, you don't really know if the shoes are going to work for you. I am glad to hear that you are running pain free in your knee but I think the foot pain can be fixed with the right shoes. Have fun at the concerts. I have no concert plans for the summer.

Boston Bound Brunette said...

OMG you let those pushy salesmen have it! I am dying laughing!!

macnic said...

My first loves were NBs. I also have orthodicts. I currently run in Brooks. I'm going to see Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson in August!

Linda W. said...

I've worn orthotics for over 7 years. I used to run in Brooks Defyance but switched to Asics three years ago and never looked back. I like Asics much better. Their toe box is wider and I hardly ever get blisters anymore. I run in Asics Cumulus. You might give the Asics brand a try. A lot of runners run in them. Just my 2 cents.

bobbi said...

good luck in your shoe quest - it's so stressful to consider switching...

I saw matchbox 20 and the GGD last week and they were AWESOME! what a great show!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Love Scandal! Kind of liking a new series, Mistresses too, just started this summer.

Hey- the Saucony Guide 5s has a wider toe box that I didn't like, but might be good for you. If you can find them, they're probs on sale...

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who hasn't seen Scandal? Ooppss!! Well, I replaced tv with blogging and reading and I really don't miss it.

Nelly said...

lol on the comment to the salesman! Though should you try buying running shoes at a more running specialty store? Maybe they could help with answering your questions about wide toe boxes? First thing that comes to mind is that minimal shoes generally have wider toe boxes. Have you tried on Newtons?

Awesome on Matchbox 20 and Goo Goo Dolls, I'm a fan of both of those, and have seen Matchbox 20 live - they are great. Also awesome on Philip Phillips! I'm going to SF Outside Lands in August, that is next for me.

Whatever you do, I would follow the doctors orders to a T.

Black Knight said...

Difficult to find a new kind of shoes especially if you find a salesman like that.
My latest 4 pairs are (were) Asics Gel Cumulus.
Don't be in hurry and follow the doctor advices.
Enjoy the concerts.
On 28th I will go to the Roger Waters' concert "The Wall".

Anne said...

Mes plus récents souliers sont des NB et je les aime vraiment. Vu que je m'entraîne pour un marathon, j'en ai deux paires identiques (sauf pour la couleur :)) que j'alterne!

Lâche pas Caro...tu vas trouver ce qui fonctionne pour toi et la forme va revenir. Bon courage chère amie! xo

JgAbaba said...

The Orthotics helped me out with my problem with my ankle that has pain for almost 2 years. Good thing I went to the right podiatrist that gave me the right Orthotics for my foot. It really helps and very effective and has good price.

ropadedeporte said...

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