Saturday, June 22, 2013

Visiting The Capitol - Injury uptade...starting to jog

This week the PT gave me a schedule to try to introduce some kind of running back in my life.  It is not much but it is a start.
A 5 week plan
3 days per week max.
No back to back days.

Week 1: 20 min : 3 min walk-1 min run
Week 2: 30 min : 3 min walk - 1 min run
Week 3: 30 min: 2 min walk - 2 min run
Week 4: 30 min: 1 min walk - 3 min run
Week 5: 30 min run

I went to the PT twice this week because of this new plan.  I would like to go down to 1 per week for PT because gets $$.

I can do most of the exercises at home and at my gym.
I would only miss the ultrasound and the stimulator.

So I did the 20 min walk-run twice.
I already broke one of the rule and did back to back days.
That's right I am a rebel like that.
No the truth is I was too busy with the kids activities and I did the first one Thursday and Friday I went to PT and did the second one.

It went good.  She told me that I had to stop if I felt any pain above 2, 2 being a very light pinch.
I did feel some little pinch here and there.  It was at random places around the knee.  It was VERY mild.
In 20 minutes there is not a whole lot of running.
The orthotics felt a little strange.  I did have some soreness on the outside of the foot and I also have a nasty callus that is pretty painful.
I did not feel the sharp pain in my knee on either days.

Today though out of the blue after doing absolutely walking or running...I feel a sharp pain on the inside of my knee.
I hope it is just a fluke from sitting with my legs crossed for too long...
It makes me a little nervous.
I will not do the run-walk tomorrow and wait another day even if all is good tomorrow.
Not taking any chances.

I want to walk a 5k with my kids for the 4th of July...waiting to see if this pain is going to go away.

Washington Day 4

We requested passes from our congressman for all the guided tours available in DC.  Unfortunately the White House is no longer offering tours but we got to visit the Capitol, the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court and the Bureau of Engraving.

Some of those tours were too long and had too much talking from the guide for the kids so we cut them short and visited on our own.

The Capitol was by far the best tour.
We had a great guide who knew everything about the American History.
We had headphones to hear him and that helped a lot.
What a beautiful building and so much to see inside as well.
The kids were very impressed by what they saw.

Helen Keller Statue...boys did not know about her one more thing they learned.

Inside the Capitol is an exact replica of FREEDOM (statue that is on top of the dome)

Next we went to the Library of Congress.
Very impressive place also...I thought we would see books and be able to touch them but no no...we did not get anywhere near a book..well except for children's books.
It is beautiful inside that building.

Signing the guest book

In front of the library:


Jennifer K. said...

You didn't miss much by not seeing the White House. The tour only went through some ceremonial rooms. You basically see furniture and portraits.

I'm glad you're able to get moving again!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Glad to hear that you are slowly getting back into some jogging. I am also glad to hear that you are not in pain. I has some weird pains here and there when I first starting running again but nothing major. Those are some great pictures! I am thinking about the 4th of July 5K.

Kate @ Life on the Pavement... said...

The White House was cool, but not THAT cool. LOL

The Library of Congress was my FAVORITE! It is so beautiful inside!

Keep taking good care of that knee!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Glad you are back to jogging! Being patient with a recovery is so hard!

I am really hoping to get to DC someday and see all of that stuff! said...

Glad to hear you bring a little jogging back! My favorite part about the Capitol tour was when you exit you have an amazing view of the mall.

Michael said...

Glad to hear you are doing some running again - even if it's just some gradual run/walk. Hope the knee pain you were having after doesn't persist!

I need to schedule a capital visit the next time I'm in DC. I haven't done that yet.

Anne said...

Lentement, mais surement, tu reprend la suis contente pour toi! J'espère vraiment que la douleur que tu as senti n'est pas revenue et que tu as pu continuer ton programme. Comme ça doit être frustrant :( Je t'envoie un autre gros câlin du Québec pense à toi!

Black Knight said...

Glad that you are "coming back to life". Don't be in hurry and enjoy your progress in running.
Beautiful pics of the Capitol. I was there long time ago, in 1999.