Saturday, June 15, 2013

Washington DC Day 2 and injury update

Oh I am behind on my posting...I had a busy week , including a 5 hours trip to the dentist chair that left me in pain for the rest of the week including right now as I type this....and also felt a little discouraged by my lack of progress to get back to running this week...

Ok Day 2 in DC.
It was Memorial Day.  What a special place to be on that Holiday. 
We headed back to the National Mall to visit more museums.
First up was the National Air and Space Museum.
There is so much to see there.
History of Apollo to the moon, The Wright Brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, WWII aviation, modern planes, several pieces from the Apollo missions including Buzz Aldrin Space suit.

Amelia Earhart's Plane:

Wright Brothers Plane:

Spirit of St Louis: Lindbergh's plane:

We got out and there was a Memorial Day Parade passing on the Mall:

We did a little dancing in the street:

We went to the National Museum of Natural History
This is where you can see the famous HOPE DIAMOND

We also walked to the Federal Triangle and saw Benjamin Franklin statue and the Old Post Office Building.

We also saw Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center:

Injury update:

I feel like I did not make a lot of progress this week.
I went to the PT only once because I had dentist and doctor appointments this week.
I walked about 2 hours in top siders without my orthotics and I paid for it the next day...lot of pain in my knee all day.  The next day (yesterday) was my 4 weeks follow up appointment with the orthopedist.

I went there with my list of questions and concerns hoping for good news.
I do like this doctor.  He has excellent bedside manners and he listens to me.
My main questions/concerns were about my orthotics.  I wanted to know if they could cause me to have other problems in the future with my hip or my ankle.  He said not likely but that pain in the feet is common and when that happens the PT adjust the orthotics.  I have no pain in my feet, the orthotics actually help with plantar fasciiatis and I have had no problems.   I told my doctor that I felt the best during the week in DC where I walked a lot of miles every day.  No IT band problems during that week also.  I told him that I feel worst since we have been back and I have been less active.  My IT band is on fire.  He examined my knee..pocking on spots where I used to hurt and also on the patella.  He says that it looks good.  He said that if I walked without my orthotics I should expect pain.
He also said that with time it is possible that I will be able to stop using the orthotics. 
He said that I need to always do strenght for my quads and calves even once I am done with PT.   I asked about the pain/soreness on the inside of my knee and if was caused by the tear and he said yes.

That part I have trouble with.  I told him that I hate knowing that another doctor said I needed surgery and that I wished I had come to him first.  It's always in the back of my head that this other doc wanted to go to the OR.  What if I am wasting my time all summer long?
The doctor told me that if he took all the runners or gymnasts in the OR for every injury some people would get dozen of surgeries!  Of course I prefer to not have a surgery. 
He said that he does not want to do a quick fix and that he wants to get me back on the road for a long time.  I like that plan of course

So the conclusion of this visit is....another 4-6 weeks of PT maybe just once a week (because at $40 per visit it is getting pricy) and 4 times at home or the gym for all the core and strenght work. 
Add more walking and elliptical and short runs.   No back to back elliptical or running days. 
It is the only way to know if I am getting better.  I agree.
I am dying to know if the orthotics work for running.
I am also scared of trying.  I don't want to regress.  That is the last thing I want.
Doc said I don't need to come back and see him if I am getting better so right now I don't have a follow up appointment.  That feels strange because I am not even close to being 100% better but I will go with it and hope that working with the PT will do the trick.

So this is where I am at.

I saw Spirit of the Marathon 2 this week.  Did you see it?
I loved it!
Of course seeing those 2 crazy cousins run made me believe that I could do it too.
The oldest one is 72!
Team Mimmo all the way!!!
There is a guy in the movie that was my pacer for 2 half marathons.  It's David.  He is the fiance of Julie who is the runner from LA who ran 52 marathons to raise money for pancreatic cancer.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads reading this!


Jennifer K. said...

The Air and Space Museum has got to be one of the greatest museums ever! Sooo much fun! I'm glad you're getting some encouraging news about your injury. said...

Slowly catching up on blog reading and I'm sorry to hear you are still struggling with your injury, I hope you start feeling better very soon!

Anne said...

Je penses très fort à toi Caroline...j'espère toujours voir du millage sur DM avec un bonhomme sourire. Ça doit être tellement frustrant de ne pas voir des progrès plus rapide. Bon courage chère amie. Tu es forte et déterminée...tu vas y arriver!!

Ils sont tellement beaux tes garçons :)

Coy Martinez said...

I had to laugh looking at that photo of your boys with the band in the background because we were RIGHT ACROSS the street from where you guys were. Sigh. Small world.

I hope your knee heals up. I hate that you have to go through this. Two years ago I went through more PT for my knee and IT Band than I care to remember. Finally after 3-4 weeks of just resting and doing nothing I started to get better. I hated not running. I loved swimming but really hated not running.

I wanted to see that movie but missed it. I can't believe I didn't go!

Elizabeth said...

continue to listen and be patient-sounds like you are being so smart. I can't to back to back workouts right now either. i love, love, love how you continue to educate your kids, while on vacation, trips, etc.