Sunday, June 2, 2013

Back from DC, a DNS and the knee situation

We are back from a wonderful vacation in Washington DC.

I have a lot to say about Washington.
All of it is good.
I LOVE that city.
I was so impressed with everything I saw.
Everything was better than I thought it would be.  Well except the humidity!
I took more than 900 pictures. :)

I will post a few of them this week...

I am very behind on blog reading and commenting....I am sorry.  I will catch up.
If we are friends on instagram than we are good.
Do you have instagram?  If we are not friends...let me know how I can find you.  You can find me there: carotabi. 

Back to DC....there are a lot of runners in that town!
At any hour of the day you can be sure to see some in the streets, even in the crazy hot and humid weather and most of them did not even carry water....CRAZY folks.
Every time we would pass one I said the same thing "It should be ME".
I will not lie, it was very tempting to cheat and try to see if I could run.
But I didn't do it.

We did a lot of walking during our vacation.
If you have been to Washington you know that its a place to visit on foot.
We did not rent a car.
We walked 7 to 8 miles per day. 
My kids were awesome.  Zero complaining.
They walked like champs!
We went everywhere and we saw as much as we could see.

I wore my orthotics 4 out of the 5 days.  The first day, I was very sore.  I wore them for half of the day.   I felt the most pain in my right hip (the knee that is injured is the left one). 
For the rest of the days I wore them the whole time.  I did not have pain in my knees but my hip was sore and I also had back pain.  The PT did say I could have back pain.  Maybe I wore them for too many miles...I am not sure.  Going to PT tomorrow.

Yesterday I got on my treadmill.
Just to walk.
I figured it is OK, I walked every day last week so I should just keep it up....right?
I walked just 3 miles....I almost ran....almost...I took 2 steps...and I stopped.
I thought karma would come back to hit me in the butt....if I don't listen to the Dr and the PT.
I decided to follow orders and wait for the OK.
Last time I saw the PT, she said that I should be able to run one mile when I get back from my trip.  That is this week. 
I am nervous.
I want to run. I do.
I am afraid that it will still hurt.  I know I will be waiting for the pain to show up.
I know that I will not know if I am OK without actually trying.
I know I am not making any sense...I want to run but I don't want to try...
Here's the thing:  I want to run and know for sure it will be pain free.
What? Too much to ask?

Yesterday I had a DNS.
My second one.
It sucked.
This was supposed to be my PR race.
I was a little grumpy in the morning....

On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

 WWII Memorial (Lincoln Memorial in the background)


Anonymous said...

I am now following you on instagram! I am kpeters2001.

I loved DC when we visited. Did you get to go to the Library of Congress? That building is so beautiful and it was my favorite!

Raina said...

What a great trip you guys were able to make! I hope my guys can do the same when they are a bit older.

Good for you for listening to the DR. I hope the back/hip feel better soon.

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

I am glad that you had a such a great trip to DC. I think that DC is one of the coolest cities to visit. Especially if you are a history geek like me. :-)

Michael said...

I love DC. It's such an awesome town! Everyone seems so fit and active.

Hope you are feeling better.

Black Knight said...

I also spent good time in Washington DC some years ago. Glad you had good time too.
I hope you feel better soon and you can run as you like.

Coy Martinez said...

I still can't believe we missed each other but we both had great trips so that's a plus! I was happy to follow along on Instagram!

Hoping that you get to run soon! We did so much walking last week that I hardly even noticed that I wasn't running. I was so worn out! HAHAHA.

Redhead Running said...

Good girl listening to the doc's orders. Seriously, you do not want to mess with it and end up out longer than you've already been. It's just not worth it. I learned that lesson with my last stress fracture when I didn't just rest and kept doing ALL THE THINGS that my doc said was ok. It took 9 months to heal that one. This go around I took the stupid 6 weeks off and I'm back building up the miles again.

As for DNS, those too will become less painful, I think I had 5 in 2011 and thankfully only one this year, the other I was signed up for I just dropped down to the 5k and walked. You just have to keep reminding yourself that there will always be other races to run, including the one you missed, another year.

Keep recovering smart and shoot me a message anytime you need to vent the frustration! Hugs!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Looks like you had an amazing time on your vacation. Those boys of yours are such troopers to do all of that walking and never complain. You are truly being smart and I totally agree with Redhead Running. It is never worth pushing it or you just end up back at square one. Hang in there. It will continue to get better. Hope to see you this weekend!

Terzah said...

I loved seeing your trip pictures on FB, and I meant to comment that a trip to Lincoln's boyhood home when I was 10 set me up for a lifetime of obsession with Lincoln (just like your son!). It's a good obsession. :^)

Remember on the PT.....patience patience patience. You *will* run again, for real, real distances, when the time is right, if you are patient now.

Elizabeth said...

what a fun trip!! and, a DNS is better than surgery! hoping this is all working for you. hugs!