Friday, May 24, 2013

No running diet sucks, DC here I come and my kids are pretty awesome

I am not a fan of the no-running diet,
It sucks.
It makes me very impatient and grouchy.
I am loosing fitness every time I blink.... That is the worst part.  After working so hard to get there...I will have to start all over again....
I do my PT religiously.
A lot of core work, balance and working on quads, calves, hips..
Not a lot of cardio... This is hard.  I went to my gym to swim over the weekend,  I did 60 laps. I cannot remember the last time I did that...

 I had the pool all to myself!....need a new bathing suit...this one is way too big...

As far as the pain is weird.  I still have pain that is for sure.  The weird part is that is moves.  It is not always on the same spot where it started; the inside of the joint.  Sometimes it hurts where the quad attached at the top of the knee.

I got my orthotics Wednesday.
I have decided to trust my PT on this.  I have read pros and cons on them.  I discussed my reservations with my PT and she explained why she thinks those could help me.  She have been wearing orthotics herself and it has helped her.
The plan is to wear them 1 hour the first day, 2 hours the next and so on...
Once I get used to wearing them we will add running.
1 mile at the time.

Yesterday was my second day wearing them.  It feels strange for now.  They are not causing me any pain so that is good.  The idea is to make my foot roll inside to relieve the pressure on my joint that is causing me pain.  My legs are like the image on the right.

We are leaving Saturday very early for our trip to Washington DC!
I am looking forward to this, it will be our first trip that is not to Canada.
The boys are super excited to go visit all the museums and monuments!

Speaking of my kids....
Yes yes bragging section of this post ...skip if it makes you barf....It's all good...
Summer vacation is here already.
School ended Tuesday.
Monday we had the third trimester awards ceremony and it was a good day to be the mom of those 2 boys who are MY sons!
I am so proud of them.
They did awesome this year .
Both are the the top reader of their grades.  At our school it is a big accomplishment.  Will has earned this award for the third year in a row now.  He got the second highest score in the whole school, only one 6th grader beat him.  That is pretty awesome.   They both got straight As in all subjects.  I could not ask for more from them.  They were both really sad that school was over.  I feel grateful that they love school so much, I was the exact same way.

This one, perfect's great only because it meant they were both healthy all year.  I am not a supporter of this award because some parents send their sick kids to school just to get this piece of paper and I think it is ridiculous.  Will has received this 3 yrs in a row now....I get asked how do we do it....I always say the same: lots of fruits and veggies, going to bed EARLY, no sodas and Canadian genes! Ha Ha!!

Will's baseball team beat the odds and made it to the championship.  They lost in the big game but that's OK, it was huge that they won the game before that to get to the finale.  They were the underdog from day 1.  Go Dodgers!!

I received this fabulous shirt this week.
All the proceeds went for the victims of the Boston Marathon.
Never Forget.
Boston Strong.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all of you reading this to the end!!!
Good luck to everyone racing this weeken!

Special extra good luck to my friend Sandy who is running the Ojai Marathon !












(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Have the best time in DC! I was there last Memorial Day weekend (for the first time ever) and it is so amazing to visit everything. It was very hot and humid last year, I hope the temps are cooler for you and your family.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

With all this swimming and biking while you are recovering, you might as well become a triathlete

Kate Geisen said...

I love Washington DC! Great place to take kids.

That's a great shirt.

Hope you're back to running soon!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I am proud of you! You are sticking to the plan and not running. It will pay off.. trust me! Swimming is a great workout so I don't think you are losing your fitness. Congratulations to your boys. Those are huge accomplishments and something to be very proud of as a parent! Have a great trip and enjoy it! Thank you for wishing me luck. I am super nervous but will definitely be thinking of you at those time when I want to quit. You are one of those people who always comes to my mind when I want to give up because you NEVER do! I hope the end result makes me feel like I felt on May 5th in this picture :)

Terzah said...

Remember what happened to me last year with my back! I didn't run a step for four months (just the recumbent bike) and I ran my fastest half marathon ever after that. It will be OK, I promise! It's not fun amid it, but you'll get through it by being diligent and doing your homework. Good vibes to you! You are strong and you can do this!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

It does suck, but like people keep the long run (no pun intended) you wso glad you stuck to it! I am hoping to start running next week, but I am making sure before I do that the quad will approve!

Have fun on your vacation!

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

Not running does suck, but you won't lose all of your fitness. Trust me. I couldn't run for 6 months last year. Keep up with your PT work and swimming. You can also aqua jog too. I did a lot of that. I will admit that I hated aqua jogging, but as boring as it is it does work.

Have fun in DC. Such a great city. Your boys are the perfect age to enjoy it!

Giorgio said...

Swimming gives you the opportunity to maintain your shape.
Have a great time in Washington!

Elizabeth said...

so proud of you for listening and sticking to the PTs plan. I KNOW it sucks. and your kids rock- brag all you want-you've done a great job!