Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thank you Oiselle

I couple weeks ago I won a OISELLE Fast Friday Giveaway. 
You should follow them on Twitter and be on the look out for these fantastic Giveaways... 

Thank you OISELLE!

This was the Giveaway post from their Blog HERE .

On their post the price was announced as  "We will giveaway a race day kit to two lucky PainFest winners (spike bag, armwarmers, tee, shorts, lip gloss), because even if you're in pain your outfit shouldn't be." 

I won with one of my trademark dry-heaving race picture

Yesterday I received a package from Oiselle!
My first bird mail ever!  I could get used to this....with NO PAIN !!!

I received the shorts, the T-shirt and the lip balm.  I also received their new orange shoe laces (instead of the arm warmers and spike bag I think) with some stickers and mini buttons.

My favorite thing is the shirt.  I LOVE LOVE it.  It says  "Je m'en vais".  It means "I am leaving".  I love that it is in French..it could not be more perfect for me of course!!!! (if you are new here.. I am French Canadian). You can see it here on their website, it is called "Here I go".   I already have one Oiselle Tee that I got when we went to visit their offices with the NUUN Hood to Coast team and it is one of my favorite shirt!

The shorts are their LORI Running Shorts.  Mine don't have the new zip pocket they now have inside but if you add these to your Santa list you should have the hidden zip pocket in the front.  Looking forward to try them on a future run!

If I was making a Santa list this year, Oiselle gear would most definitely be on it.  Unless things change soon in the job hunting department, I will be skipping Santa for this year and focus on the kids.  I think it is the last Christmas that Will is still going to "BELIEVE" and I want it to be special for him and his brother....If one finds out the truth about Santa it is pretty much over for the other one right?
Thank you OISELLE for this fantastic price!!!
Put a little sunshine in my day! 
Happy Turkey Trotting to everyone!
I am going to run a 5K on Thursday even though I hate that distance.


Amanda@runninghood said...

Ah, LOVE. Super jealous of the Oiselle winnings but I guess I should enter more contests. ha! Love their stuff. The shirt I have from them is my favorite! My next running purchase besides shoes will be some of their shorts and another shirt.

brg said...

so glad you got such nice stuff - so perfect it's in French. i love oiselle!

Elle said...

How sweet! Try to enjoy your 5k on Turkey Day!

Christina Williams said...

What a lovely win! I love the Oiselle line although I don't have any of their pieces yet. I need to keep my eye out on their giveaways. Congrats!

Giorgio said...

When I ran 5km races I always made the same mistake: I ran too fast the first km after I had crossed the starting line.

Good luck on your 5km race and enjoy it!

Raina said...

That's a nice package!! Have a great 5k and a wonderful thanksgiving!

Terzah said...

Beautiful stuff and you so deserved it! Happy Thanksgiving, Caroline! Enjoy that 5K!

Noel Nelson said...

Amazing stuff! I like the collection especially the T-shirt.All the best for your 5k and Happy Turkey Trotting too!